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Sunday, November 22, 2009

TWILIGHT 2: NEW MOON. Finally......fREE WATCH onlyn

Because i choose to be extrememly nice you can watch twilight 2: new mooon free here: Watch twilight 2 freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Saturday, September 19, 2009

This promises to be fun.4pm prompt.Music,Comedy and Life changing speeches. We need to continue lighting up Nigeria #lightupnigeria

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Got this from twitter!!! WorstPickUpLine(s)

nuelzgotgame: #WorstPickUpline f I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

nuelzgotgame: #WorstPickUpline Can you give me directions to your heart? I've seemed to have lost myself in your eyes. #lightupnigeria

geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline- I dropped a tear in d ocean, d day I find it is d day I will stop loving you! Hehehe!

eldeethedon: RT @geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline-I blive it was socrates dat opined “knw thy self",well I already knw my self,how about I get to knw u?«LMAO

geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline- I dnt knw but I tink I love you already. #lightupnigeria

geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline-I blive it was socrates dat opined “knw thy self",well I already knw my self,how about I get to knw u?

geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline- How much did it cost u?{What?} The surgery dat made u so hoott! #lightupnigeria

harmonycla: #worstpickupline girl, can i talk to u a min. i just need a girl i can travel with.if ull b my girl we can go to> [cant remem vacation spot]

harmonycla: #worstpickupline u have beautiful hair.can i touch it?
harmonycla: haha ive heard that 1 @TRINIGODDEST #worstpickupline is ur legs tired? no y? cuz u been running thru my mind all day: lame ass JJ Evens

geeforestt: Hehehe!RT @yilz: RT @geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline-Hi,d voices in my head told me to come and talk to u!>must b a scitzo

stevegranelli: @ScorpioSwag Wrong. #worstpickupline I wanna pay for your abortion

RicDizzle1: #worstpickupline : the only thing ur eyes haven't told me is ur name..

realz88: #worstpickupline " I'm jumpin like a monkey swingin frm a tree" D'prince Mohits - Bananas #lightupnigeria so we can c a way towards d future

Jumy09: RT @geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline- U r so hottt, u melt the plastic in my underwear, lwkmd!

geeforestt: WorstPickUpline- xcuse me,am a lil short on cash,do u mind if we share a cab home 2geda.

Jumy09: RT @geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline- R u frm Tennessee? Cos u r d only Ten I See,lol- #lightupnigeria

 ojia: Ahhhhh RT @j_divaa: #worstpickupline-The word of the day is "legs." Let's go back to my place and spread the word

MiszFolake: RT @j_divaa: Worstpickupline-Would you be my love buffet? So I can lay you out on the table and take what I want? *DEAD*

exschoolnerd: #worstpickupline Is der an airport nearby? or is that just my heart taking off.

FaeeMsBee: RT @gigachic: #WorstPickupline: stop thief!..*running towards her* she just stole my heart!**ewwww!!lmao**

AJabshire: #worstpickupline the time-is-a-ticky, and you can't-be-picky... lol

djules: #worstpickupline i want u o be my baby daddy! *blank stare*

RaychelsWorld: #worstpickupline u stickin around?,ya r u,ya mayb we can stick around together get sticky icky 2gether,lol, c u around,ok? Lmao

napalm84: I heard if people simultaneous tweet the same word 70 times it becomes a trendy topic!!!!!!!!! So #worstpickupline go for it
5 days ago from UberTwitter

napalm84: #worstpickupline I'm lost.. Can I go home with you???
#lightupnigeria ! jare

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are we too technologically dependent?

I do not wish the above scenario for anybody(yes! even the devil). Sometimes i feel I'm too technologically dependent - CNN,facebook,twitter,WinMO e.t.c and i imagined a world without my mobile phone and notebook.
You really have to be careful what you wish for. A few weeks after the "thought", My phone got stolen and wasnt returned ( I live in Lagos, duuuh). I said to myself at least I still have my laptop. 2 weeks was all i needed, NEPA( PHCN wats the difference) sent us some mad voltage and my motherboard got burnt! I felt like a big fool throughout dat week - no NEPA meant no TV, excercise meant sweat till d evening breeze cooled you.
My life was literally in shambles so I found something worthwile and un-relying on electricity to do. SLEEP. Believe me it became fun to sleep I would wake up in the morning to have my bath, then sleep again. Before I forget the reason my phone got lost was because I could not charge it while there was power so the battery died and I could not even call it.
Sometimes, we should sit back and ask ourselves this question: What if someone plans and exexutes a firesail( that thing in die hard 4) and all communication and power and gas lines are down, Can we survive?

Please Do not forget to tweet #lightupnigeria today UP NEPA!

Friday, August 14, 2009


We need about 16,000 megawatts of electricity to sufficiently support the needs of NIGERIA's 140million people. We currently have about 2,000 megawatts, so(therefore) our NEPA/PHCN/wareva has 2 ration it.

Sometime ago we heard OBJ commissioned a contract to fix this problem.But its 2 years since OBJ left office and nothing (absolutely) nothing has been done! As i write this article i have to run on a generator.

I sat down to think about this. If the power problem is fixed, it means no generators, so generator and oil companies will have a drop in revenue.

These people will do anything to keep their businesses running so dey can make money..derefore they have to bribe PHCN officials and the necessary people so they can keep making money!


remember to tweet #lightupnigeria and don't forget to join the facebook group

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"Guys, I'm, shutting down and switching to small gen ooh, Print whatever you have to print now" I'm already getting used to that at exactly 5:00 pm everyday...nd I won't lie..its very ANNOYING! But thinking about it you can't blame the poor man (he works in admin and his job is to save the company some money). Diesel now costs about N120 per litre...assuming we use approx. 50 litres per day...dis amounts to N6,000 everyday 5days a week...spending 30,000 a week multiplied by 52 weeks a year is about 1,560,000 a year! Plus we emitt enough carbon di-oxide to kill the whole of Lagos if trapped.
NOTE: I did not even add the amount of fuel we spend on using the small generator.

I hope some1 in government sees this question. WHY DONT WE HAVE 24HRS ELECTRICITY IN NIGERIA!

Join the fight today
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