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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Are we too technologically dependent?

I do not wish the above scenario for anybody(yes! even the devil). Sometimes i feel I'm too technologically dependent - CNN,facebook,twitter,WinMO e.t.c and i imagined a world without my mobile phone and notebook.
You really have to be careful what you wish for. A few weeks after the "thought", My phone got stolen and wasnt returned ( I live in Lagos, duuuh). I said to myself at least I still have my laptop. 2 weeks was all i needed, NEPA( PHCN wats the difference) sent us some mad voltage and my motherboard got burnt! I felt like a big fool throughout dat week - no NEPA meant no TV, excercise meant sweat till d evening breeze cooled you.
My life was literally in shambles so I found something worthwile and un-relying on electricity to do. SLEEP. Believe me it became fun to sleep I would wake up in the morning to have my bath, then sleep again. Before I forget the reason my phone got lost was because I could not charge it while there was power so the battery died and I could not even call it.
Sometimes, we should sit back and ask ourselves this question: What if someone plans and exexutes a firesail( that thing in die hard 4) and all communication and power and gas lines are down, Can we survive?

Please Do not forget to tweet #lightupnigeria today UP NEPA!

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