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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"Guys, I'm, shutting down and switching to small gen ooh, Print whatever you have to print now" I'm already getting used to that at exactly 5:00 pm everyday...nd I won't lie..its very ANNOYING! But thinking about it you can't blame the poor man (he works in admin and his job is to save the company some money). Diesel now costs about N120 per litre...assuming we use approx. 50 litres per day...dis amounts to N6,000 everyday 5days a week...spending 30,000 a week multiplied by 52 weeks a year is about 1,560,000 a year! Plus we emitt enough carbon di-oxide to kill the whole of Lagos if trapped.
NOTE: I did not even add the amount of fuel we spend on using the small generator.

I hope some1 in government sees this question. WHY DONT WE HAVE 24HRS ELECTRICITY IN NIGERIA!

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