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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Got this from twitter!!! WorstPickUpLine(s)

nuelzgotgame: #WorstPickUpline f I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

nuelzgotgame: #WorstPickUpline Can you give me directions to your heart? I've seemed to have lost myself in your eyes. #lightupnigeria

geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline- I dropped a tear in d ocean, d day I find it is d day I will stop loving you! Hehehe!

eldeethedon: RT @geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline-I blive it was socrates dat opined “knw thy self",well I already knw my self,how about I get to knw u?«LMAO

geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline- I dnt knw but I tink I love you already. #lightupnigeria

geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline-I blive it was socrates dat opined “knw thy self",well I already knw my self,how about I get to knw u?

geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline- How much did it cost u?{What?} The surgery dat made u so hoott! #lightupnigeria

harmonycla: #worstpickupline girl, can i talk to u a min. i just need a girl i can travel with.if ull b my girl we can go to> [cant remem vacation spot]

harmonycla: #worstpickupline u have beautiful hair.can i touch it?
harmonycla: haha ive heard that 1 @TRINIGODDEST #worstpickupline is ur legs tired? no y? cuz u been running thru my mind all day: lame ass JJ Evens

geeforestt: Hehehe!RT @yilz: RT @geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline-Hi,d voices in my head told me to come and talk to u!>must b a scitzo

stevegranelli: @ScorpioSwag Wrong. #worstpickupline I wanna pay for your abortion

RicDizzle1: #worstpickupline : the only thing ur eyes haven't told me is ur name..

realz88: #worstpickupline " I'm jumpin like a monkey swingin frm a tree" D'prince Mohits - Bananas #lightupnigeria so we can c a way towards d future

Jumy09: RT @geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline- U r so hottt, u melt the plastic in my underwear, lwkmd!

geeforestt: WorstPickUpline- xcuse me,am a lil short on cash,do u mind if we share a cab home 2geda.

Jumy09: RT @geeforestt: #WorstPickUpline- R u frm Tennessee? Cos u r d only Ten I See,lol- #lightupnigeria

 ojia: Ahhhhh RT @j_divaa: #worstpickupline-The word of the day is "legs." Let's go back to my place and spread the word

MiszFolake: RT @j_divaa: Worstpickupline-Would you be my love buffet? So I can lay you out on the table and take what I want? *DEAD*

exschoolnerd: #worstpickupline Is der an airport nearby? or is that just my heart taking off.

FaeeMsBee: RT @gigachic: #WorstPickupline: stop thief!..*running towards her* she just stole my heart!**ewwww!!lmao**

AJabshire: #worstpickupline the time-is-a-ticky, and you can't-be-picky... lol

djules: #worstpickupline i want u o be my baby daddy! *blank stare*

RaychelsWorld: #worstpickupline u stickin around?,ya r u,ya mayb we can stick around together get sticky icky 2gether,lol, c u around,ok? Lmao

napalm84: I heard if people simultaneous tweet the same word 70 times it becomes a trendy topic!!!!!!!!! So #worstpickupline go for it
5 days ago from UberTwitter

napalm84: #worstpickupline I'm lost.. Can I go home with you???
#lightupnigeria ! jare

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