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Friday, December 31, 2010

Dr. Sid ft. K-Switch - Over The Moon[VIDEO]

New Video from Dr.Sid for Over The Moon. This is the 4th single off his Turning Point Album. The video features Tiwa Savage and is directed by DJ. Tee. Watch the vid and tell us what you think!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Greetings of the Season!

The year 2010 has finally come to an end. How do you feel? Are you thankful? Angry? Regretful? Well, however way you feel, I hope I can give you a little bit of hope by the end of this.
We at UPNEPA are rather excited to see the end of a year well spent. Not only in terms of our blog but in our personal lives. We have had success stories all year round and we want to sprinkle our joy on your hearts. Pardon my cheesy excitement, I just generally have a happy heart and I wish I could spread my joy to as many people as I can.

2010 was a year of great tidings, and bad news no doubt. So I won't be shocked if you said 'what's there to celebrate?' Trust me, I really wouldn't. But in our mourning, let us not forget that we are alive. We are alive to see this day and we are also alive to read this post. If there's anything we should be at least thankful for, it should be the gift of life. This is because of all the lives that were lost, the Lord said 'no, let me keep this special person' so be happy. Be thankful. Be grateful.

I had a lovely 2010. I wrote a brief summary of my year at The rare moment I sat down and thought about the life I've lived. My 2009 was clueless. I had no idea what I wanted in life and I saw 2010 and that changed. I went from the girl who had her head and heart in a polythene bag to the young woman who has her head on the game and is working her way towards it. I made a change and I'll be grateful if God gave me a chance to make an even greater change by this time next year.
What is your story of success in 2010? What do you want to achieve in 2011? How did you start your year off and have you made a change over 12 months?

We at UPNEPA started off this blog ... With no idea that we'd grow this much. We added up our blog statistics over the last month and we were excited with our results. Excuse my chitter-chatter. The point of the matter is that we have decided to diversify. In Business this is an economy of scale that is often classified as a risk. It is a risk on our side because we don't know how successful we'd be with our new plans but we are happy to let you readers know that by 2011, we should be more efficient and diverse with what we provide you.

Once again, think about your life and your pain and success stories of 2010. Yorubas believe that a disappointment is a blessing in disguise. Let us all step into the New Year with open hearts to receive what the Lord has put in stock for us. I'm not saying you should say 'new year, new me', I'm only saying we should be thankful for seeing a New Year. In Primary school, we sang a song that made us all understand how grateful we had to be to be alive praising God, because some people in the hospitals couldn't and those who have died cannot as well.
Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year from UPNEPA. We are grateful for your support. And we also hope this post changes the mindset of some people.


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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Facebook rolling out New Design of News Feed[PICS]

Facebook is rolling out a new way of filtering the News Feed. On the old news feed you saw what everyone did as they did it. Photos, videos, status updates, e.t.c. Now you can select which updates you want to see via a drop down arrow beside the 'most recent' tab. The arrow when clicked, revelas filters for Status updates, Photos, Links, Pages, Games and friendlists.

Over the years facebook has rolled out different desings of the news feed to help users view specific content updates.


The filters
On the Status Updates filter, users can see Status Updates in their feed like on twitter, The links filter lets users preview posted links they can read off the site, while the pages filter lets users view updates from pages they've liked.
Source:  Inside Facebook

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lynxxx - Change Ur Parade[VIDEO]

This is the official video for Lynxxx's Change Ur Parade. This song is off the album 'This is Lynxx' which launched over the weekend. Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comments section. Don't forget to share!

MTN what's with the in-call ads?

So I'm trying to call my mummy[this is when u say 'aww.... so cute']. I dial 0806************ and just before i hear her caller tune i'm hearing 'Its the yello bounty promo!'. I'm like what the hell? After all the bans on telecom promos and all the Yello Bounty ads that interrupt my radio and TV stream, I still have to hear these bloody yello ads while trying to make a call?

So Imagine there was an emergency. I'll be calling my mummy to send an important message, and i'll be hearing some utter BS about a stupid promo that they're using to rip people off by telling them 'the more you play the more your chances of winning?'.


So I've been reading a lot of Seth Godin recently.Seth Godin is one of the world's most successful marketing people and he's a really smart guy. Now in 'Unleashing the Idea Virus' Seth Godin says, companies should have realised by now that interruption marketing never works. People don't want to hear or see ads interrupting their service, especially when its paid for. companines have to do 'permission marketing'. using ideaviruses and idea sniffers and spreaders. Unleashing the idea virus is available for free download at the above link.

So I tried my mum's number again and moved the fun away from my ear for the first 30 seconds.Done! I didn't hear anything they said about their stupid promo and i don't use MTN anyway.

So MTN, There's seriously no need to piss off people who are paying for a service... this is not another to enrich lives.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

10 Most Retweeted Tweets in 2010

On monday we posted Top 10 twitter trends in 2010. Twitter continued their year in review with the most retweeted tweets this year. We've got @shitmydadsays, @rihanna @liltunechi, @kanyewest and the fake @alqaeda on the top 10 list. And they are:

10. Shitmydadsays Don't focus on the one guy who hates you. You don't go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog shit.

9. Rihanna Justin Bieber just flashed me his abs in the middle of a restaurant! Wow! He actually had a lil 6 pack! Sexy, lol! #Beliebersplzdontkillme

8. KanyeWest I'm sorry Taylor

7. Ladygaga I'm beautiful in my way, 'cause God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track, baby. I was Born This Way.

6. JoeJonas I cry because I love Justin Bieber!!!

5. alqaeda Just noticed Twitter keeps prompting me to "Add a location to your tweets". Not falling for that one.

4. JustinBieber Te quiero mucho mi amor.

3. liltunechi Aaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmm baaaaakkkkkkkkkk!

2. drakkardnoir We always ignore the ones who adore us, and adore the ones who ignore us.

1. StephenAtHome In honor of oil-soaked birds, 'tweets' are now 'gurgles.'

Monday, December 13, 2010

Top Twitter Trends in 2010

Out of the 25 billion tweets this year, twitter has published a list of the top 10 trends for the year. Twitter has also broken the list down into  top 10 trends in eight categories: News Events, People, Movies, Television, Technology, World Cup, Sports and Hashtags.
Inception tops the Movie list while Justin Bieber tops the People list.

The  Overall top trends are:

1.Gulf Oil Spill
2.FIFA World Cup
4.Haiti Earthquake
5.Vuvuzela 6.Apple iPad
7.Google Android
8.Justin Bieber
9.Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
10.Pulpo Paul

Head over to twitter for the top trends in the categories.

MTV Africa Music Awards 2010 WINNERS

Award season continues.Nigerians dominated the 2010 MAMAs, winning 4 out of 13 awards! The ceremony was held on the 11th of December at the Expo Hall, Eko Hotel & Suites.

And the winners are:
Best Anglophone - Daddy Owen (Kenya)

Best Francophone - Fally Ipupa (DRC)

Best Lusophone - Cabo Snoop (Angola)

Artist of the Year- 2Face (Nigeria)

Best Female - Sasha (Nigeria)

Best Male - 2Face (Nigeria)

Best Video - Fally Ipupa (DRC): "Sexy Dance"

Best Group - P-Square (Nigeria)

Brand New Act - Mo'Cheddah (Nigeria)

Best Performance - Big Nuz (South Africa)

Song of the Year - Liquideep (South Africa): "Fairytale"

MAMA Legend - Miriam Makeba (South Africa)

Best International - Eminem (USA)

The MTV Africa Music Awards will premiere on MTV base (DStv Channel 322) on Saturday, 18 December at 7pm CAT, and rwill be repeated on Sunday 19 December at 8am CAT and 2pm CAT.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Wikileaks US Secretary of State to US Emabassies in Nigeria Cables

After a lot of DOS attacks, server shutdowns and Interpol warrants, Wikileaks continues to run. Earlier last week, we found the wikileaks cable from Hilary Clinton to US Embassies accross the West African Region. Basically the US just wants to know everything about everybody sha. The document asks for Military formations, illegal drug trade routes, military factions, tribal factions, possibility of a coup, e.t.c

Our government(of course) hasn't responded to this yet. This proves that wikileaks has got 'spies' in our military and government offices. Because of this I take back my statement that Perez Hilton is the world's biggest amebo. No, it's the U.S Government! Read More about Wikileaks here.


INFO  LOG-00   EEB-00   AF-00    AGRE-00  VIN-00   AID-00   AMAD-00  
      COME-00  INL-00   DODE-00  DOTE-00  DS-00    EAP-00   DHSE-00  
      EUR-00   OIGO-00  FAAE-00  FBIE-00  VCI-00   H-00     TEDE-00  
      IO-00    LAB-01   L-00     CAC-00   MOFM-00  MOF-00   CDC-00   
      VCIE-00  DCP-00   NSAE-00  ISN-00   OIC-00   OMB-00   NIMA-00  
      MCC-00   GIWI-00  PPT-00   SGAC-00  ISNE-00  DOHS-00  FMPC-00  
      IRM-00   DPM-00   EVR-00   NCTC-00  CBP-00   BBG-00   R-00     
      EPAE-00  SCRS-00  DSCC-00  PRM-00   DRL-00   CARC-00  NFAT-00  
      SAS-00   DTT-00   FA-00      /001R

R 161417Z APR 09
INFO PAGE 02        STATE   037566  161435Z 
S E C R E T STATE 037566 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 04/16/2034 
REF: A. 08 STATE 124337 
     B. 04 STATE 179667 
Classified By: CATHERINE BROWN, DAS IPC.  REASON: 1.4(C). 
 1. (S/NF) This cable provides the full text of the new 
National HUMINT Collection Directive (NHCD) on the West 
Africa Sahel region (paragraph 3-end) as well as a request 
for continued DOS reporting of biographic information 
relating to the West Africa Sahel region (paragraph 2). 
A. (S/NF) The NHCD below supercedes the NHCD contained in Ref 
B and reflects the results of a recent Washington review of 
reporting and collection needs focused on the West Africa 
Sahel region (Ref A).  The review produced a comprehensive 
list of strategic priorities (paragraph 3) and reporting and 
collection needs (paragraph 4) intended to guide 
participating USG agencies as they allocate resources and 
update plans to collect information on the West Africa Sahel 
region.  The priorities should also serve as a useful tool to 
help the Embassy manage reporting and collection, including 
formulation of Mission Strategic Plans (MSPs). 
B. (S/NF) This NHCD is compliant with the National 
Intelligence Priorities Framework (NIPF), which was 
established in response to NSPD-26 of February 24, 2003.  If 
needed, GRPO can provide further background on the NIPF and 
the use of NIPF abbreviations (shown in parentheses following 
each sub-issue below) in NHCDs. 
C. (S/NF) Important information often is available to 
non-State members of the Country Team whose agencies 
participated in the review of this National HUMINT Collection 
Directive.  COMs, DCMs, and State reporting officers can 
assist by coordinating with other Country Team members to 
encourage relevant reporting through their own or State 
Department channels. 
2. (S/NF) State biographic reporting: 
A. (S/NF) The intelligence community relies on State 
reporting officers for much of the biographical information 
collected worldwide.  Informal biographic reporting via email 
and other means is vital to the community's collection 
efforts and can be sent to the INR/B (Biographic) office for 
dissemination to the IC. 
B. (S/NF) Reporting officers should include as much of the 
following information as possible when they have information 
relating to persons linked to the West Africa Sahel region: 
office and organizational titles; names, position titles and 
other information on business cards; numbers of telephones, 
cell phones, pagers and faxes; compendia of contact 
information, such as telephone directories (in compact disc 
or electronic format if available) and e-mail listings; 
internet and intranet "handles", internet e-mail addresses, 
web site identification-URLs; credit card account numbers; 
frequent flyer account numbers; work schedules, and other 
relevant biographical information. 
3. (S/NF) Priority issues and issues outline: 
This directive covers eight countries of Sahelian West 
Africa: Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Chad, The Gambia, Mali, 
Mauritania, Niger, and Senegal.  The coastal countries to the 
south (Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote 
d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, and Benin) are covered separately in 
the West Africa Littoral directive. 
I.  Regional Issues 
A.  Security 
1) International Terrorism (TERR) 
2) Response To Terrorism (TERR) 
3) Military (FMCC) 
4) Support for U.S. Military Contingency Planning (HREL) 
5) Insurgent and Separatist Groups (SRCC) 
6) Relations With The United States (FPOL) 
7) Drug Trafficking (DRUG) 
8) Peacekeeping (SRCC) 
9) GRPO can provide text of this issue. 
B.  Governance 
1) Leadership (LEAD) 
2) Government Stability and Support For Democracy (DEPS) 
3) Human Rights (HRWC) 
4) Political Opposition (DEPS) 
C.  Socio-Economic Issues 
1) Agriculture and Food Security (FOOD) 
2) Foreign Aid and Relations (FPOL) 
3) Criminal Activities (CRIM) 
4) Health and Infectious Diseases (HLTH) 
5) Population and Refugee Issues (DEMG) 
6) Economic Institutions and Initiatives (ECFS) 
7) Environmental Issues (ENVR) 
D.  Information Systems and Telecommunications Infrastructure 
II.  Country-Specific Issues 
A.  Chad: Sudan/Darfur Issues (SRCC-2) 
4. (S/NF) Reporting and collection needs: 
I.  Regional Issues 
A.  Security 
1) International Terrorism (TERR). 
--  Details, presence, and activities related to al-Qa'ida in 
the land of the Islamic Maghreb and other terrorist-related 
individuals and organizations. 
--  Plans and intentions for operations against U.S. or 
allied personnel or interests. 
--  Links to weapons of mass destruction or related 
--  Presence and activities of fighters returning from Iraq 
and Afghanistan. 
--  Information on organizations, leadership, personnel, 
tradecraft, intelligence and counterintelligence 
capabilities, financing, front companies, recruitment, and 
--  Weapons and methodologies, particularly for improvised 
explosive devices. 
--  Details about local support networks, particularly for 
--  Details about couriers operating in, or originating 
outside of, the region. 
--  Presence and activities of non-North African fighters in 
the region. 
--  Indications that international terrorist groups are 
seeking to take advantage of political, ethnic, tribal, or 
religious conflict. 
--  Health, biographic, biometric, and assessment information 
on leaders. 
NIPF Priority for TERR 
Chad: 1, Mali: 1, Mauritania: 1, Niger: 1 
NIPF Priority for Non-State Actors for TERR 
Al-Qa'ida and Sunni Affiliates: 1, Hizballah (Lebanese): 1, 
Jama'at Tablighi: 3 
HUMINT Priority for TERR 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, Senegal: 5H 
      2) Response To Terrorism (TERR). 
--  Capability, willingness and intent of countries to 
cooperate with U.S. counterterrorism (CT) efforts and 
policies, and to conduct counterterrorist operations. 
--  Details about CT legislation, organizations, 
capabilities, equipment, operations, tactics, and limitations. 
--  Data regarding the impact of U.S. and multilateral 
economic sanctions 
--  Policies, attitudes, and actions regarding U.S. and other 
western CT training. 
--  Military and security forces' attitudes towards CT 
training and operations. 
--  Interaction and interoperability of security and military 
forces with foreign CT forces. 
--  Public attitudes towards CT policies and activities. 
--  Plans to deploy biometric systems to enhance domestic 
counterterrorism efforts. 
NIPF Priority for TERR 
Chad: 1, Mali: 1, Mauritania: 1, Niger: 1 
NIPF Priority for Non-State Actors for TERR 
Al-Qa'ida and Sunni Affiliates: 1, Hizballah (Lebanese): 1, 
Jama'at Tablighi: 3 
HUMINT Priority for TERR 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, Senegal: 5H 
      3) Military (FMCC) 
--  Plans, intentions, status and details of the national 
defense policy and strategy. 
--  Military relations with other countries, including 
training exercises. 
--  Capabilities, disposition, vulnerabilities, and readiness 
of forces. 
--  Details about military personnel, units, equipment, and 
--  Plans and efforts regarding military reform, procurement, 
and modernization. 
--  Government cooperation regarding U.S. POW/MIAs and 
detained U.S. citizens. 
--  Evidence of coup plotting in military ranks. 
--  Evidence of criminal activity in military ranks and 
--  Extent and effects of ethnic, religious, and political 
factions within the military. 
--  Public attitudes towards the military and other security 
--  Details of covert arms acquisitions and arms sales. 
NIPF Priority for FMCC 
Chad: 3, Mali: 4, Mauritania: 4, Niger: 4, Senegal: 4 
HUMINT Priority for FMCC 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H 
      4) Support for U.S. Military Contingency Planning 
--  Plans, intentions, and capability of host governments to 
support evacuation or humanitarian assistance by U.S. forces, 
including host nations' ability and willingness to protect 
U.S. citizens and/or facilities. 
--  Internal developments that could prompt U.S. contingency 
planning for Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) or 
humanitarian assistance. 
--  Host government's emergency management capabilities and 
--  Details about infrastructure, medical facilities, and 
communication networks. 
--  Geocoordinates and description of third-country 
diplomatic, humanitarian aid, and non-governmental 
organization (NGO) facilities. 
--  Evacuation routes, including official/unofficial 
checkpoints, chokepoints, and potential impediments. 
NIPF Priority for HREL 
Chad: 3, Niger: 5 
HUMINT Priority for HREL 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, Mali: 5H, 
Mauritania: 5H, Senegal: 5H 
      5) Insurgent and Separatist Groups (SRCC). 
--  Plans, intentions, and capabilities of separatist, 
insurgent or radical opposition groups or organizations to 
influence or destabilize host country government. 
--  Clandestine efforts to subvert peace accords and 
reconciliation efforts. 
--  Plans and intentions relating to U.S. citizens and 
military personnel in the region. 
--  Leadership, organization, recruitment and training, 
tactics, sources of financing, and  Command, Control, 
Communications, Computer, and Intelligence capabilities. 
--  Goals and attitudes toward peace accords and 
reconciliation efforts. 
--  Links to foreign governments and non-state actors in 
foreign countries. 
--  Public support for groups. 
--  Links to international terrorist groups. 
--  Health, biographic, biometric, and assessment information 
on leaders. 
NIPF Priority for SRCC 
Chad: 2 
HUMINT Priority for SRCC 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, Mali: 4H, 
Mauritania: 5H, Niger: 4H, Senegal: 5H 
      6) Relations with the United States (FPOL). 
--   Plans and intentions of government and government 
leaders concerning relations with the United States, 
including plans and efforts to support or oppose U.S. 
policies and efforts in international fora. 
--  Decision-making, policies, plans, negotiating strategies, 
and efforts, particularly regarding Burkina Faso. 
--  Impact of relations with China on relations with the 
United States. 
--  Public opinion about U.S. actions in Africa, particularly 
regarding the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) and the 
Millennium Challenge Corporation foreign aid program. 
--  Response to U.S. policies regarding the Sahel region, the 
Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and the global war on 
--  Impact of trade relations with India and Brazil on 
relations with the United States. 
HUMINT Priority for FPOL 
Burkina Faso: 3H, Cape Verde: 5H, Chad: 4H, The Gambia: 5H, 
Mali: 5H, Mauritania: 3H, Niger: 5H, Senegal: 4H 
      7) Drug Trafficking (DRUG). 
--  Government plans and intentions regarding drug production 
and trafficking. 
--  Use of transportation networks for drug production, 
trafficking, or storage. 
--  Details about types of drugs trafficked and associated 
transportation networks and seizures. 
--  Details about front companies, financial institutions, 
and money flow. 
--  Links to international terrorist groups. 
--  Links to drug producers outside of region, particularly 
Latin American cocaine cartels. 
--  Links to regional or international drug distribution 
--  Law enforcement and judiciary capabilities to combat drug 
trafficking and production. 
--  Drug traffickers' efforts to corrupt or undermine law 
enforcement and government. 
--  Presence, use, or transshipment of precursor chemicals 
and associated equipment for drug production. 
--  Information about terrorist or insurgent groups' income 
derived from the drug trade, including drug types and 
--  Information on impact of drug trafficking and use, 
particularly on public health and crime, and supporting 
internal statistics. 
NIPF Priority for DRUG 
Senegal: 5 
HUMINT Priority for DRUG 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 4H, Chad: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, 
Mali: 5H, Mauritania: 3H, Niger: 5H 
      8) Peacekeeping (SRCC). 
--  Governments' plans and intentions to participate in or 
support peacekeeping operations and funding allocated/spent. 
--  Military and security forces' willingness and capability 
to train with other nations and participate in peacekeeping 
operations, and details of peacekeeping experience. 
--  Military and security forces' capabilities and 
willingness to accept international military assistance and 
joint training. 
--  Perception of troops' performance during peacekeeping 
NIPF Priority for SRCC 
Chad: 2 
HUMINT Priority for SRCC 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, Mali: 4H, 
Mauritania: 5H, Niger: 5H, Senegal: 5H 
      9) GRPO can provide text of this issue and related 
B.    Governance 
      1) Leadership (LEAD). 
--  Key issues of concern to national and opposition 
leadership, particularly dynamics and decision-making 
processes of key civilian and military officials and of 
ruling political parties, including coup plotting. 
--  Attitude toward political opposition. 
--  Personal financial resources, financial institutions 
used, and personal relationships. 
--  Biographic data, including opinions about the United 
HUMINT Priority for LEAD 
Burkina Faso: 3H, Cape Verde: 5H, Chad: 3H, The Gambia: 5H, 
Mali: 5H, Mauritania: 3H, Niger: 5H, Senegal: 4H 
      2) Government Stability and Support For Democracy 
--  Internal or external threats to government stability, 
democracy, or rule of law, including government efforts to 
address these threats. 
--  Government control over national territory and borders, 
including areas where government authority is weak or absent. 
--  Commitment to representative government and democratic 
reforms, particularly during election cycle. 
--  Laws, policies, and prospects for political succession 
and elections. 
--  Details on corruption and anti-corruption measures. 
--  Drivers of, and responses to, political instability or 
economic deterioration. 
--  Details on administrative, judicial, and legislative 
organs and related decision-making. 
--  Signs of ethnic, religious, or generational polarization 
and impact on decision-making. 
--  Political and social infrastructure development in remote 
NIPF Priority for DEPS 
Chad: 4, Mauritania: 5, Senegal: 5 
HUMINT Priority for DEPS 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, Mali: 5H, 
Niger: 5H 
      3) Human Rights (HRWC). 
--  Details of human rights abuses by intelligence and 
security services, military, paramilitary, police, or other 
officials, or by insurgent, separatist, or other groups. 
--  Details of government efforts and capability to prevent 
or respond to abuses. 
--  Government reaction to foreign and domestic criticism of 
alleged human rights abuses. 
--  Details of alleged disenfranchisement or enslavement of 
individuals or groups, including government complicity or 
--  Government relationship with international peacekeeping 
and aid organizations. 
NIPF Priority for HRWC 
Chad: 2, Mauritania: 5, Niger: 5 
HUMINT Priority for HRWC 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 4H, Mali: 5H, 
Senegal: 5H 
      4) Political Opposition (DEPS). 
--  Plans, intentions, and role of opposition parties in 
political system, including intention to use extra-legal 
means to depose government. 
--  Activities, plans, intentions, and sources of funding and 
--  Leadership, organization, agendas, membership, and level 
of influence. 
--  Plans and intentions related to the election cycle. 
--  Alliances, factions, and evidence of links to foreign 
governments or insurgent/separatist groups. 
--  Opinions of ethnic, religious, and other population 
groups towards the government and political opposition. 
NIPF Priority for DEPS 
Chad: 4, Mauritania: 5, Senegal: 5 
HUMINT Priority for DEPS 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, Mali: 5H, 
Niger: 5H 
C.  Socio-Economic Issues 
      1) Agriculture and Food Security (FOOD). 
--  Government plans and actions regarding agricultural 
output, food security, and food safety. 
--  Willingness to cooperate with U.N. and other donor 
agencies on food-related issues. 
--  Details about food prices and food trade and public 
reaction to increasing food prices. 
--  Indications of environmental factors affecting 
agricultural output. 
--  Government policies and initiatives to increase 
agricultural producer income. 
--  Status of, and prospects for, cash and subsistence crops. 
--  Indications of invasive species affecting food security 
or development. 
--  Details about manipulation of food aid by government or 
warlords to enhance power. 
NIPF Priority for FOOD 
Chad: 5 
HUMINT Priority for FOOD 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, Mali: 5H, 
Mauritania: 5H, Niger: 5H, Senegal: 5H 
      2) Foreign Aid and Relations (FPOL). 
--  Governments' and leaders' views on foreign nations and 
international organizations, particularly China, Iran, and 
--  Foreign alliances, aid, and activities, including those 
withheld from public view. 
--  Details on international trade issues and economic 
assistance needs and requests. 
--  Governments' actions and intentions regarding existing 
U.S. Status of Forces Agreements and the Rome Convention's 
International Criminal Court (Article 98). 
HUMINT Priority for FPOL 
Burkina Faso: 3H, Cape Verde: 5H, Chad: 4H, The Gambia: 5H, 
Mali: 5H, Mauritania: 5H, Niger: 5H, Senegal: 4H 
      3) Criminal Activities (CRIM). 
--  Details of corruption and cross-border criminal activity, 
including weapons trafficking, human trafficking, alien 
smuggling, illicit finance, and cigarette smuggling.  -- 
Government and law enforcement plans and intentions to combat 
criminal activity. 
--  Organizations, activities, methodologies, alliances, and 
--  Cooperation with terrorist or insurgent groups. 
--  Key investors, facilitators, beneficiaries, and corrupt 
HUMINT Priority for CRIM 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 4H, Chad: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, 
Mali: 4H, Mauritania: 3H, Niger: 4H, Senegal: 5H 
      4) Health and Infectious Diseases (HLTH). 
--  Details of infectious diseases and general health 
conditions, including number of cases, percentage of 
population affected, fatalities, dates, areas of occurrence, 
and impact. 
--  Government policies, plans, and efforts for disease 
prevention and identification. 
--  Nutrition-related health of population, including 
--  Vaccination practices, capabilities, and response related 
to drug-resistant and Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases, 
particularly polio and tuberculosis. 
--  Effect of  HIV/AIDS or other diseases on military, 
government, or economic performance. 
--  Public attitudes towards disease prevention and treatment 
--  Indications of infectious plant, animal, or zoonotic 
diseases (animal to human transmission) with potential 
economic or public health consequences. 
--  Details about contaminated food, water, air, and soil. 
--  Information on medical facilities, including capabilities 
and training. 
NIPF Priority for HLTH 
Chad: 4 
HUMINT Priority for HLTH 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, Mali: 5H, 
Mauritania: 5H, Niger: 5H, Senegal: 5H 
      5) Population and Refugee Issues (DEMG). 
--  Population movements in the region, and governments' 
involvement and response. 
--  Indications of actual or potential refugee movements 
within or into the region. 
--  Locations and conditions of refugee camps and informal 
refugee and internally displaced persons (IDP) gathering 
sites and transit routes. 
--  Government capability and willingness to assist refugees 
and IDPs. 
--  Health and demographic statistics of refugees and IDPs. 
--  Dynamics and impact of migration and demographic shifts. 
--  Efforts to repatriate refugees. 
NIPF Priority for DEMG 
Chad: 3, Mali: 4, Mauritania: 4, Niger: 4 
HUMINT Priority for DEMG 
Burkina Faso: 4H, Cape Verde: 4H, The Gambia: 4H, Senegal: 4H 
      6) Economic Institutions and Initiatives (ECFS). 
--  Policies, strategies, and efforts to improve economic 
--  Leadership views on economic, trade, and fiscal policies 
and regulatory enforcement. 
--  Identities and roles of governments' economic 
policy-making and regulatory bodies/officials. 
--  Macroeconomic statistics regarding trade, budget, balance 
of payments, and national economies, including reliability or 
manipulation of data. 
--  Public perception of economic conditions, including youth 
employment prospects. 
--  Nature and extent of underground banking systems. 
--  Details on economic assistance needs and partnerships, 
and effectiveness of aid. 
--  Financial data transmission systems and accounting 
--  Details of natural resource development activities, 
including financing. 
HUMINT Priority for ECFS 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, Chad: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, 
Mali: 5H, Mauritania: 4H, Niger: 5H, Senegal: 5H 
      7) Environmental Issues (ENVR). 
--  Details of plans and efforts by governments, NGOs, and 
others to combat deforestation and desertification, including 
the Great Green Wall project. 
--  Governments' willingness and ability to manage 
exploitation of natural resources and respond to natural and 
man-made environmental disasters. 
--  Capability and willingness to protect nearby sea lanes, 
and fishing grounds and other Exclusive Economic Zone claims. 
--  Negotiating positions at international environmental 
--  Government and public perceptions regarding environmental 
NIPF Priority for ENVR 
Niger: 5 
HUMINT Priority for ENVR 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, Chad: 4H, The Gambia: 5H, 
Mali: 5H, Mauritania: 5H, Senegal: 5H 
D.  Information Systems and Telecommunications Infrastructure 
--  Current specifications, vulnerabilities, capabilities, 
and planned upgrades to, national telecommunications 
infrastructure and information systems, command and control 
systems, networks, and technologies used by government, 
military, and private sector. 
--  National leadership use of, and dependencies on, 
dedicated telecommunications infrastructures and information 
--  Details about national and regional telecommunications 
policies, programs, regulations, service providers, vendors, 
and training. 
--  Details about internet and intranet use, infrastructure, 
and government oversight. 
--  Plans and efforts to acquire U.S. export-controlled 
telecommunications technology. 
--  Details about information repositories for Radio 
Frequency Identification-enabled systems used for passports, 
government badges, and transportation systems. 
--  Official and personal phone numbers, fax numbers, and 
e-mail addresses of principal civilian and military leaders. 
NIPF Priority for INFR 
Chad: 4 
HUMINT Priority for INFR 
Burkina Faso: 5H, Cape Verde: 5H, The Gambia: 5H, Mali: 5H, 
Mauritania: 5H, Niger: 5H, Senegal: 5H 
II.  Country-Specific Issues 
A.  Chad: Sudan/Darfur Issues (SRCC-2). 
--  Details about Sudanese-backed insurgency in Chad and 
Chadian-backed insurgency in Sudan and related population 
--  Indications of actual or potential refugee or IDP 
movements, especially Sudanese and Central African Republic 
--  Human rights abuses against refugees currently located in 
--  Government's political will and intention to engage 
Sudanese-backed separatists. 
--  Military capability to combat Sudanese-backed separatists. 
--  Role of international institutions in stabilizing 
domestic uprising. 
--  Details about Chadian insurgents' relationship with the 
Government of Sudan. 
--  Details about the government's relationship with Sudanese 
insurgents in Darfur. 
--  Presence or activities of international terrorist groups 
in insurgencies. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Remember when

I know all of you are expecting the continuation to the last one...all of your perverted minds wanting to know how Marc got to see my bum. I am sorry to say that it will not be happening in this blog. Instead I have typed up a letter I wrote to Marc during one Christmas he traveled and left me in Nigeria, for you all to see. This is in the hope that people would start sharing the love and just enjoy the holidays.

Remember when....

Remember got me roses even though it was not vals day. let me beat you at need for speed. held me when I felt down. made stupid jokes so that I would laugh. told me to shut the hell up when I was talking about getting surgery.

Remember when....I laughed so hard tears slipped down my face. came up behind me and kissed my neck 'cause you know I love it. smiled at me just before you kissed me
....and when you always stopped at kissing 'cause you know that I can't live with myself if I disobeyed God in that way
...and when you held my hands just to let other guys know that I am taken (don't think I didn't know that!)

Remember beat up those guys who were dissing me.( I know I said I thought it was uncivilized but I absolutely love you for it. held my tiny waist 'cause you know that I love the feel of your big hands against my tiny waist. got me into trouble by kissing me and then my dad walked in(Its hilarious though it wasn't in the least funny then.) behaved so well in the presence of my parents and became so naughty when away from their prying eyes. reassured me that my exams would be wonderful( remind me never to listen to you again!)

Remember when....we would watch TV late up in the night.
....when you ate eba in my house just because you didn't want to go home yet.'d smile at me over the dinner table, sharing our own private joke.
....when you'd let me cry on your shoulders and when I let you cry on mine( I thought that "what the hell? Guys are not meant to cry" but then I realized that it doesn't make you any less a man which is why I kissed you then.'d lift me in your arms and then carry me cause you know that that is what I want from you not your money.
...and finally I remember when you told me you liked me 'cause I liked you too.

This is for you to read during this Christmas. I want you to know that I will be thinking about you and all the great things you have done for me. I love you and miss ya!

So just go to facebook after you finish reading this and share this to your boyfriend or girlfriend that is at the other side of the atlantic or even one thats is at the other end of the phone. Tell them how much you miss him and love him because I'll be writing one too to Marc as I have developed the habit of sending him one of these during the holidays whether he is in Nigeria or not.

Banky W ft. M.I - Feeling it [VIDEO]

Filmed in South Africa, while they were attending the Channel O Awards, this is the video for Banky W's 'Feeling it'.

Directed by Jonathan Clarke.

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Facebook Revamps Profiles, Get it Now!

Facebook has officially announced that the new profile page for users has gone live and is available for everybody(yay!). We expected it to go live for everyone later this evening, but facebook has already done that! Facebook announced the arrival of the new pages  via twitter.To switch to the new profile page all you have to do is go to the official announcement page.

For more information, watch the video from Facebook belows, and don't forget to tell  us what you think.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Playstation Phone shows up on YouTube [VIDEO]

We posted a few details about the playstation phone sometime ago. Sony hasn't confirmed the existence of this phone yet, but videos of the device has hit YouTube. 

The phone runs on a 512MB Ram, a 1GHz snapdragon processor and a gaming touchpad. We aren't really sure what Android OS it runs on but we do know that the phone runs on android.

Source: Engadget

Nigerian Music Video Awards 2010 WINNERS

Award season continues, The SMVAs took place a few weeks ago, MAMAs come up in a few weeks. The NMVAs, Nigerian Music Video Awards was held at the Expo Hall, Eko Hotel & Suites on the 28th of November. 

The winners are:

2Face – “Only Me”

Dat N* Raw – “O Chukwu”

T.W.O – “I Need Someone”

Dekunle Fuji – “Funmilayo”

Sound Sultan – “2010”

BOUQUI – “Take You Away”

Fela – “Viva Africa”

Tosin Igho – “Don’t Leave Me”

2Face – “Only Me”

DIPP – “Pop Off Selecta”

J Martins – “Eva”

General Pype – “Champion”

Djinee – “Overkillin’”

DIPP – “Pop Off Selecta”

Kefee – “Thank You”

Goldie – “You Know It”

BEST R ‘n’ B:
Banky W – “Strong Ting”

Kenny St Brown feat. Da Grin – “Turn Me Around”

Solidstar – “One In A Million”

JJC – “We Are Africans”

Clarence Peters

Clarence Peters

Kennis Music

Frizzle – “Taka Sufe”

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Source: BellaNaija

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Social Network[MOVIE REVIEW]

Directed by: David Fincher
Jesse Eisenberg - Mark zuckerberg
Justin Timberlake - Sean Parker
Andrew Garfield - Eduardo Saverin
Joseph Mazzello - Dustin Mokovitz
Armie Hammer - The Winklevoss Twins
Max Minghela - Divya Narendra

The Social Network is a movie about the world's largest social networking site: Facebook. The movie starts at the inception of facebook and ends after the lawsuits from different parties.

The movie starts up in 2003 at Harvard. We see Mark Zuckerberg[Jesse] out with his girlfriend Erica Albright and he keeps going back at forth in his discussions.
He's talking about final clubs, then he's talking about IQs in China, then he's talking about Roosevelt, how his friend made $300,000 from meteorology and oil.Gosh he talks so much like dunni!!!!

So Mark starts up an argument about why Erica asked about the easiest final club to get into. He mistakenly disses her and she breaks up with him...Oops! Zuck gets back to his Kirkland House dormitory, goes up on his Livejournal blog 'Zuckonit' and he publishes a post about Erica.He was half drunk.He called her a bitch and told everyone her bra size.
Next he's going through the Kirkland house facebook, a directory of all the students staying at the kirland house. Then his friend billy Olson comes up with an idea to put the pictures next to farm animals and have people vote on who's hotter. So he goes on the networks of all the individual houses at harvard and downloads their pictures to his hard drive using scripts.As he downloads the pictures he updates his progress on his blog.

At 2:08am, Eduardo Saverin his friend walks and asks how he feels about his recent breakup[he read it on the blog]. Eduardo gives him the Algorithm so when any 2 girls are matched up, there's an expectation of who would win based on their current rating.Mark finishes the coding and calls it 'Facemash'. So they send it to a few friends, who send it to their friends and the whole thing goes viral. 22,000 page views in 2hours!The guys at the network center realise the harvard network is getting so much traffic and then the network crashes.

Mark Zuckerberg is then called infront of the Administration board for a breach in security and unlawful distribution of digitized images. He stands up and says he deserves some recognition from the board as regards to the breach in security. Zuck gets 6 months academic probation as a warning. He walks out of one of his classes and he meets Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in the hallway. They introduce themselves and they tell him about themselves as they walk into the Porcelian House.
There he meets the third member of their 'Idea' Divya Narendra. They talk about his past projects, Facemash, Coursematch a website that lets users see who signed up for what courses at harvard and Synapse, an app for MP3 players that lets you listen to the music you like most. Microsoft offered to buy Synapse but zuckerberg didn't sell. Then they tell him about 'Harvard Connection' and they explain how it should work and the exclusivity behind it.They explain that if he works for them, they could help him rehabilitate his damaged image due to facemash.

The movie then goes back and forth between proceedings from a future law suit with Eduardo, his current progress and a lawsuit with the Winklevosses.Mark approaches Eduardo at a party at Alpha Epselon Pi, a jewish fraternity, and he talks to him about taking the 'college experience' online a place where you can find friends, browse through their pictures. He also explains that it's not a dating site. Mark asks for $1000 from Eduardo and tells him they'll split the ownership 70/30 and Eduardo will get to be the CFO. Then we see Mark putting down his thoughts and the desing for 'thefacebook' on white boards and Eduardo makes the second cut for the Phoenix.

At this point Mark and The Winklevoss/Narendra team exchange a couple of e-mails and IMs as Mark continually postpones a face-to-face meeting with them. Then on February 4, 2004, Mark's roommate Dustin Mokovits asks if he knows if a certain girl in Mark's Art/History class has a girlfriend. Mark says people don't just go around with a sign on them that says if they're single or not. He doesn't quite finish the sentence before he runs out of the Computer Science lab, to Kirkland where he adds a 'relationship status' to profile pages on 'thefacebook'.He also adds 'Eduardo Saverin' as the co-founder of thefacebook to the masthead.The site finally goes live and they send a link to every member of the phoenix.

Divya is sitting beside his girlfriend at a relatively small event where some guys are singing love songs 'cos its february. His girlfriend gets a link on her laptop, complains about it and opens it up, and Divya is pissed! The link is for He rushes out of the event and runs to meet the Winklevosses at their Crew training. The Winklevosses then call their dad's lawyer to get advice on what they should do to Mark. Thefacebook continues to go viral. After 2 weeks on the harvard campus, 'facebook me' became the common expression.

A few months later, Bill Gates gives a speech at harvard and Eduardo and Mark are in the audience. 2 girls introduce themselves to Eduardo, Christy Lee and Alice. Christy says 'facebook me' and asks if they can grab a drink later.
they get back to Kirkland and Eduardo says its time to monetize the site. Mark says no monetization yet because they don't know what the website could be. Eduardo goes 'so when will it be finished'Mark says 'It wont be finished, The way fashion is never finished'.Eduardo then stumbles upon a Cease-and-desistletter Mark got 10 days before from the Winklevosses. Mark tries to explain how the letter isn't really a big deal and that he had written them back.

The movie moves forward in time to the proceedings of the Winklevoss-Zuckerberg law suit and he disses the lawyer saying his mind is at the headquarters of facebook where him and his friends are trying to do something nobody in the room is intelectually capable of doing.Back in 2004, Eduardo and Mark go out with Christy[Brenda song] and Alice and according to the movie, they had sex. Yeah I still don't believe the Disney girl did that. while waiting outside for the girls, Mark spots Erica and asks her if he can talk to her alone. She says no and says that everything written on the internet is not in pencil, its in ink[which is totally true] and she says 'Goodluck with your video game'. He then tells Eduardo they need to expand.

Back at Kirkland, Mark brings Dustin Mokovits and Chris Hughes into the team. Dustin will help do some coding and Chris will be in charge of Outreach and Publicity. Mark also restates the splitting of their stake in the company. Eduardo gets 30%, Dustin 5%, Chris will get compensation depending on the amount of work he puts in and Mark's stake goes down to 65%.

The movie then switches back to the law suit and then for the first time we see Sean Parker.He's just waking up from a bed with a babe from Stanford. He explains to her that he's an entrepreneur she says 'unemployed' and he explains that he started Napster for free music and Napster was getting sued by practically everybody who had been to the grammys. He opens up her laptop to check his e-mail and thefacebook was opened on the computer. She says thefacebook is cool and really addictive.

We switch back to the Winklevosses who get audience with Larry Summers, the president of Harvard.Their father's counsel had setup the meeting. Cameron explains that they want Mark Zuckerberg punished for stealing their idea.Mr. Summers says students enter into a code of conduct with the university, not with each other. Larry Summers says 'Harvard Undergraduates believe that creating a job is better than getting a job'.then he goes on to say the meeting is wrong because they don't deserve any special treatment.

Then we're back at the lawsuit proceedings between Eduardo and Mark and he gets to the point where Mark and him go to New York to get advertisers and Mark was sleeping throughout the meetings. In New York they have a meeting with Sean Parker and Eduardo explains that Sean came across to them as a wildcard. At the meeting, Sean talks to them about his days at Napster and Plaxo and how he got kicked out of both of them. Sean says how Venture Capitalists were tracking his phone and following him around.

Sean says he brought down the record companies with napster to make the VCs suffer too.Eduardo says he didnt bring down the record companies because they won in court and Sean explains how they did bring down the record companies. Because no-one wants to buy CDs anymore. At this meeting Sean also talked about how important it was that Mark went down to California. They also talked about their strategy and how facebook didn't need ads at the moment because they don't know where facebook is going yet.

At the end of the meeting, Sean advises them to drop the 'the' and leave it at just 'facebook'. Back at the lawsuit proceedings, Eduardo is asked if he's ever done anything to embarass the company. He says no and the lawyer reminds him that he was accused of animan cruelty after he got into the Phoenix. After being accepted into the Phoenix, he had to carry around a chicken for a week. Dining hall was serving chicken for dinner and Eduardo gave the chicken a chicken. After that, Mark tells Eduardo that he had decided to move to California and he'll need more money to pay interns for the summer.

The next day Mark sets up an interview for interns at the Computer Science lab. To get the internsip, the students had to hack into a website and every 3 minutes they had to take a shot. Also Eduardo opened an account and put $18,000 into it.

In California everyone on the facebook team is having a great time in their pool-side house. Someone cuts a zipline on the chimney and the chimney breaks apart. The neighbours come to check what the problem is and guess who shows up? Sean Parker. Eduardo couldn't come over to California because he had an internship in New York and he was also looking for advertisers for facebook.

Meanwhile in Henley, England, The winklevosses and the Harvard team come second at a crew rowing event. They meet a Mr. Kenwright and he tells the twins that he just talked to his daughter and she already knew about the race because she had already seen it on her computer via a new website called facebook. His daughter is at Cambridge and facebook just opened to Oxford and the London School of Economics. Cameron finally agrees that they should sue him in a federal court.
Back in California, at facebook's headquarters, Eduardo gets back from New York and Mark was supposed to pick him up at the airport but he didn't. Mark shows explains to Eduardo that they've setup something called 'The Wall' and that Peter Theil wants to make an investment. Mark forgets that Eduardo had quit the internship on his first day and Eduardo says that Christy is crazy, insanely jealous and irrational. Eduardo also says he doesn't want Sean Parker as a part of the facebook team.

Eduardo then froze their accounts while Mark and Sean meet Peter Thiel and they talk about a restructuring and re-registration of facebook as a Delaware corporation. Back at harvard one night, Christy walks into Eduardo's room and asks why he didn't reach her as soon as he got back. She also asks why his relationship status is still 'single' on his facebook page. Eduardo explains that he doesn't know how to change his relationship status. He gives her a silk scarf he got her as a gift and she puts it on fire while he receives a call from Mark and Mark is pissed because Eduardo froze the account. Mark also tells him that Peter Thiel made an investment of $500,000 and they're getting a new office. Eduardo breaks up with Christy and heads back to California.

When Eduardo gets to california for the corporate restructuring, he's informed by the lawyers that his stake in facebook is up to 34% because it'll be diluted as facebook gets more shareholders. Mark also took his stake down from 60% to 31%. Dustin owns 6.81% and Sean Parker owns 6.47% and Peter Thiel 7%. After the new share agreement, Mark tells Eduardo that he has to come back when they get 1million members. Eduardo goes back for the millionth member party and he says it was like an ambush. He met with the lawyers and they gave him more contracts to sign. His stake in facebook had been dropped to 0.03% without any of the other original shareholders' stake being diluted. Eduardo calls mark a 'Pretentious Douchebag!' tells him he's coming back to sue him and then he walks out. Mark then tells Sean he didn't have to be that rough on him by diluting his shares.

At the millionth member party, Sean and some guys are caught with cocaine by the police. Mark tells Eduardo he has to leave because his acts damaged the company's reputation.

Sean Parker still owns 7% of the company. Mark settled the Winklevosses and Narendra with $65million. They came 6th at the olympics for the U.S rowing team. Eduardo got an undisclosed amount of money as settlement and his name has been returned to the facebook masthead as co-founder. Facebook has over 500 million members in 207 countries. It is valued at $25billionErica Albright at the end of the movie had not accepted Mark's facebook friend request. Mark Zuckerberg is the world's youngest billionaire.

'The Social Network' is based on 'Accidental Billionaires' by Ben Mezrich and a whole of what you see is fiction. They even say it at the end of the credits of the movie. Of course, you didn't wait to see that.

Favorite Quotes from the movie

Mark Zuckerberg and Lawyer after Ad-board meeting
Lawyer Babe: The site got twenty-two hundred hits within 2 hours?
Mark: Thousand
Babe: What?
Mark Twenty-two thousand
Babe: Wow!

Law suit proceedings
Zuckerberg to Winklevosses: If you guys were the inventors of facebook, you would have invented facebook.

Post bill-gates speech
Stewart: Excuse me, Mark, I'm Stewart singer i'm in your OS lab.
Mark: Sure
Stewart: Awesome job with thefacebook
Bob: I'm Bob
Mark: How are you doing?
Bob: I can swear he was looking at you when he said the next Bill Gates could be here right in this room.
Mark: I doubt it
Bob: I was a little bit late, I dont even know who the speaker was
Mark: It was Bill Gates
Bob: Shit that makes sense

Mark speaking to Eduardo at kirkland, post-billgates speach.

Mark: We dont even know what it is yet. We dont know what it is. We don't know what it can be. We don't know what it will be. We just know that it's cool. That is a priceless asset im not giving up.

Sean Parker and Stanford Babe

Babe:So what do you do?
Sean: I'm an entrepreneur
BAbe: You're unemployed
Sean: I wouldn't say that
Babe: What would you say?
Sean: I'm an entrepreneur
Babe: okay what was your latest preneur
SEan: I founded an internet company that lets folks download and share music for free
Babe: Kinda like Napster?
Sean: Exactly like Napster
Babe: What do you mean?
Sean: I founded Napster
Babe: Sean Parker founded Napster
Sean: Nice to meet you

Sean and Eduardo at the New York meeting
Sean: A million dollars isn't cool.
Sean: You know what's cool?
Sean: A billion dollars.

Eduardo to mark after diluting his shares

Eduardo: You better lawyer up asshole, 'cos i'm not coming back for 30%. I'm coming back for everything.

Sean parker before he got busted by the police
We lived on farms, we lived in cities and now, we're going to live on the internet!

Final Conclusions

This is the most inspiring movie I've seen this year! It's important to note that a whole lot of scenes from this movie are fictional. So before you quit facebook....

Monday, November 29, 2010

M.I'S MI2 leaks online

So we've been following MI2 closely. From the release of Undisputed Champion to the album launch and now the album leak.

We went around the webs and found files from the MI2 album. Of course, we're not telling you where they are!

All we know is that the album has leaked[I personally have some files], and is already getting downloads. The files were uploaded on saturday the 27th and the album launched on the 25th. Tisk, Tisk, Tisk.I'll still buy the album!

I remember a discussion I had with a friend a few weeks ago and I specifically said Nigerian artistes should forget Alaba and focus on the internet. With the increasing ability to upload files and share them with friends and non-friends, Nigerian artistes will have to come together and work with a payment platform company[like interswitch] so people can buy songs and full albums.

We know notjustok allows you buy songs. But how many people have dollar accounts?

For now, you can download Undisputed, at least you know this was put online by the guys at Chocolate City.

You wouldn't steal a car, you wouldn't steal money, you shouldn't steal intellectual property!

Hands-On with Rockmelt[PICS]

Based on Google's Chromium, rockmelt hopes to make social networking fun and increase productivity too.

Rockmelt's landing page requires a facebook login[users can only get rockmelt via facebook for now] and there's a small twitter icon to login to your twitter account. It also  allows you to add multiple twitter accounts and view the timelines and replies on various accounts. There's also an update button on the top left corner where updates can be posted.

*Click images to enlarge*

Rockmelt has got this google search bar[like in chrome] that shows up instant results on the current page you're viewing.

Chat with all your online friends on the left side of rockmelt and you can even add your favorite friends to a 'favorites' list.Your newsfeed is on the right bar. You can click to view your current news feed and comment or like updates or you can checkout your notifications and comment or like from there too.
You can also write on your friends' walls and send them messages and links by clicking their profile icon and clicking the 'Write on Wall' icon.


Clicking the twitter icon shows up your timeline and mentions. You can retweet, reply or share a tweet.


Rockmelt allows you subscribe to your favorite sites by clicking the add feeds button. There rockmelt automatically recommends feeds for you to add based on your recent website visits and most visited websites.

You can get an early access to Rockmelt at

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Videos from the MI2 Album Launch

So MI's MI2:The Movie was the Movie shown at the Listening party for the Album. I must say this album really got a lot of controversy in school. 'It's a movie like Kanye's Runaway', 'No It's a movie for the album'. Well.. It was a movie/listening party for the 'MI2' album.

Source: oyeakd YouTube

Darey - The Way You Are[VIDEO]

This is the video for darey's 'The Way You Are'. The song was written and produced by Darey and Cobhams Asuquo. I must say it's a really really 'clean' video. The video was directed by Mark Hofmeyr.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

M.I - MI:2 Trailer[VIDEO]

The trailer for MI2: The movie has been released. MI2 is actually an M.I movie and premiered in cinemas yesterday, the 25th.The movie stars Timaya, Jesse Jags, Iceprince, Waje, Loose Kanyon and a host of others.


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Soundcity Music Video Awards 2010 [WINNERS]

The Soundcity Music Video Awards were held on Saturday, the 20th of November 2010.....and the winners are

Best Male Video
Banky W – Strong Ting – Nigeria

Best Female Video
Goldie – You Know It – Nigeria

Best Choreography
Dama Do Bling – Moza Girl – Mozambique

Best Special Effects
Djinee – Overkillin’ – Nigeria

Best Editing
P-Square – Danger – Nigeria

Best Duo Or Group Video
Deep Level – We Run The City – South Africa

Best Cinematography
Teargas – Mhlobo Wami – South Africa

Best Hip Hop Video
Jozi – Wild Life – South Africa

Best R & B Video
Mike Anyasodo – Fine Fine Lady – Nigeria

Best Pop Video
2Face Idibia – Implication – Nigeria

Best Collaboration In A Music Video
Sarkodie Feat. Sway & Jayso – Lay away – Ghana

Discovery Of The Year
JR – Show Dem – South Africa

Best Video (Voting)
Banky W – Strong Ting – Nigeria

Viewers Choice (Voting)
Buffalo Souljah – Ezandlha Phezulu – Zimbabwe

Hit Producer Of The Year (As Used In A Music Video)
Sossick/Da Grin – Pon Pon Pon – Nigeria

Best Western
2Face Idibia – Nigeria

Best Southern
PRO – South Africa

Best Eastern
Wyre – Kenya

Best Central
Fally Ipupa – DR Congo

Soundcity Fresh Video
Tania Tome – Nhi Ngugu Haladza – Mozambique

Etisalat brings the Samsung Galaxy Tab at N125,000

A few days ago, Etisalat announced the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Tabs on its network. The Galaxy Tab is an Android 2.2[froyo] powered tablet PC.
Let's just say its your laptop as a smaller device. Etisalat is selling the Galaxy Tabs at N125,000 with 25minutes free talk, 25 texts and 250MB data for a 12-month duration.

Shall we take a look at the specs of the Galaxy Tab.

Dimensions              190.1 x 120.5 x 12 mm
Weight                      380 g
Display                     TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size                          600 x 1024 pixels, 7.0 inches
                                  - Gorilla Glass display
                                  - TouchWiz UI
                                  - Multi-touch input method
                                  - Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate
                                   - Three-axis gyro sensor
                                   - Touch-sensitive controls
                                   - Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
                                   - Swype text input
Sound Alert types        Vibration; MP3, WAV ringtones
Speakerphone              Yes, with stereo speakers
                                     - 3.5 mm audio jack

Phonebook                   Practically unlimited entries and fields, Photocall
Call records                  Practically unlimited
Internal                         16/32 GB storage, 512 MB RAM
Card slot                       microSD, up to 32GB, buy memory
DataGPRS                    Yes
EDGE                           Yes
3G                                 HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
WLAN                           Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth                         Yes, v3.0 with A2DP
Infrared port                     No
USB                                Yes, v2.0 (proprietary)
Camera                            3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Features                           Geo-tagging
Video                              Yes, 720x480@30fps
Secondary Camera          Yes, 1.3 MP
OS                                  Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)
CPU                               ARM Cortex A8 processor, 1 GHz processor; PowerVR SGX540 graphics
Messaging                       SMS(threaded view), MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM, RSS
Browser                          HTML
Radio                              No
Games                            Yes
Colors                            Black and Grey
GPS                               Yes, with A-GPS support
Java                               Yes, MIDP 2.1
                                     - Social networking integration
                                     - Digital compass
                                     - Full HD video playback
                                     - Up to 7h movie playback
                                     - TV-out
                                     - MP4/DivX/WMV/H.264/H.263 player
                                     - MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player
                                     - Organizer
                                     - Image/video editor
                                    - Thinkfree Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)
                                    - Google Search, Maps, Gmail,
                                    - YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa integration
                                    - Readers/Media/Music Hub
                                    - Adobe Flash 10.1 support
                                   - Voice memo/dial/commands
                                   - T9
Battery                        Standard battery, Li-Po 4000 mAh

Looking at the price of N125,000 and you know 25minutes and 25texts and 250MB are too little for that price. I would rather stick to my 4GB ram HP Pavillion dv6.Oh! You also get a free 'platinum' number.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Lets do Lagos Traffic Reports on twitter!!!

We know traffic sucks, except from the part that you can buy a lot of stuff in traffic, traffic is generally a waste of time and energy.

Therefore [like in a math textbook], we've come up with a great plan to ease traffic and increase your productivity.

No it's not a flying car. We've decided to create a twitter[twitter label here] account @LagTraffReport that automatically posts all twitter updates with the hashtag #lagostrafficreport. So how does this work? Very simple. When you see traffic building up or traffic ahead of you on the road you tweet your current location and the report with the hashtag #lagostrafficreport.

For example: '#lagostrafficreport Traffic on thirdmainland bridge towards the island' or '#lagostrafficreport Traffic on Ikorodu Road towards Maryland'.

Everyfriday we'll add all the people who consistently tweet the hashtag to our follow friday list.

We strongly advise you do not tweet while you're driving. We count on you[the reader] to do this.

*Your comments and retweets are highly appreciated*

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Google Launches '20 things I learned about browsers and the web' e-book

Put together by the google chrome team, this book is for people who are new on the web and old webbies too who want to know a lot more. The book explains web terms in a very simple and easy to understand language.

This short book has 20 pages and explains web terms such as apps, HTML, cookies and IP addresses. It was created using HTML5 and illustrated by German Illustrator, Christoph Niemann. It has also got links to other pages that might help users.

This book is intended to explain web basics to people who know absolutely nothing about the web a.k.a My Daddy. There's also a print button at the buttom of the page so you can print it for all your parents!!! The book is available at

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