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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


On the coast of West Africa lies Nigeria. A country of 140 million people and 923,768 square kilometres. Nigeria is blessed with human resources and natural resources alike. From the long discovered petroleum to the recently discovered Uranium, all resources lie on the earth waiting to be properly utilised.

This portfolio is in resemblance to a country that should be a world superpower. Saying this at a United Nation's general assembly will grossly embarass anyone among the other 149 representatives of other nations. This is because with all the human and natural resources, Nigeria and Nigerians continue to rot in developmental and infrastructural decadence. Epileptic power supply, the lingering fuel scarcity and corruption are just a few of the issues that rock our nation today.

Could the present leaders be the problem? I remember a video I saw on the internet about a year ago. This video was recorded in the 1980s and the youth of the decade asked for an opportunity to turn the nation around by getting rid of the 'Old Brigade'. Fast forward time and a few years later you land in 2010. Where the Young Brigade of the '80s have become the heads of government.

The media claims the problem from the top is eating down to the common citizen. The common man won't queue up in line like everyone else at a branch of a fast food chain five blocks away from my house. The Government tries to 'Keep Lagos Clean' by placing bins at intervals of a few hundred metres. Yet this same government still has to employ people to clear dirt off our streets. The media even put instructions of how to make a bomb on the front page of their newspaper. What Irresponsibility.

Maybe when the technology savvy and knowledge driven youth of today grow up. Perhaps they'll work hard to improve the image of our Nigeria. We could call the last statement wishful thinking. Last year the West African Examination Council(WAEC) canceled more than 500,000 results due to examination malpractices. These knowledge driven youths have earned us a list on Transparency International's Corruption Index as one of the most corrupt nations in the world. No thanks to advance fee fraud. Recently one 'lonely' youth earned us a place on the United State of America's terrorist support countries. This 'dude' wasn't even trained near the shores of our country but like our people say he's nigerian sha.

What shall we do? We definitely shouldn't stop talking, writing, blogging, preaching or whatever is the right to do. The few sane elderly people and religious groups should talk to the youth. They might as well say "We have failed but you don't have to". Nigeria: Good People Great Nation.

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