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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who is the Maga

A few weeks ago I posted Maga No Need Pay [the video] on this blog. Now someone [jahborne?] did a video of the reply. I couldnt really get what he was tryna say except "M.I na maga, Omawunmi na maga, Banky W na maga".

Watch the original Maga No Need Pay Video

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Everyday on Ikorodu Road, I have to cross the zebra crossing to get to the BRT stop.

Now I really don't understand what our people's problems seem to be. Is it that they can't see the white lines or they just assume they will never have to cross the road in their lives?

I assume Zebra crossings were invented so cars can stop for pedestrians to cross to the other side of the road. Since the beginning of this year, I will like to confidently state that nobody. I repeat NOBODY. Has stopped for me to cross at that bus stop.

Definetly not the Okada and Danfo drivers or the LASUCOM(why is this tinted anyway?) bus that passes there every evening. This really makes us suck as Nigerian. So we cannot even spend 5 seconds for our fellow humans to cross?

Please continue to add #lightupnigeria at the end of every tweet.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Facebook helps you connect when there are no phones

So, I'm blogging at the premises of this private nigerian school where phones are not allowed, but there's internet sha...I had to find a few of ma friends so i posted this update on facebook:

"Im @privatenigerianuniversity. im so happy to see Anonymous 1, 2,and 3 cant seem to find Anonymous 4 and 5  though"

And the responses I got were awesome:

Person 1: watchu doin there?

Me:ma parents av dis conference fing here, so i came wivem

Person 2:Hope no BusyBody has harassed you yet??

Me:haha no oooh........where r u sef? need 2 charge ma laptop

Me: im at dat new cybercafe near laptop is an hp dv6

Person 2: pple should be there watching Arsenal get's m' at my hall atm, Biblenamehall how long you staying, check arwd the caf, there shud be socket arwd.

Me:i know...theres a socket buh i 4got ma chaga @home......ppl are there though

Person them Anonymous 3 over there?
shame, your charger mouth is different from the one's on my floor.
How's you tho??...hope after sec. sch. life been fun?

Me:yeah...been gud? dv6 is dat new hp laptop wiv d hp behind avn lite....left Anonymous 3 @her hostel....


Me:kay..........................Person 2 ill b dere in lyk 15

And I metup with them and we had fun..and here i am blogging 'bout it

NOTE:If Facebook wants to use this as an ad, they should email me oooh. Abeg

RE: What's with Naija?

A few days ago I came across this article in one of my favorites new newspaper 234 next with a title ‘What’s with Naija?’ Now in this article, the writer talks about how the word’Naija’ has replaced Nigeria. In fact in the image used, Nigeria in ‘The Federal Republic of Nigeria’ was replaced with ‘Naija’.
  Tam Fiofori  seems to like his ‘harmless’ SouthSouth slangs(which are now used outside their states of origin but dislikes the ‘Southwest/Lagos’ jargon such as ‘were’, ‘oloriburuku’,’ole’, e.t.c. He also states before this that the 1st lesson in Lagos is ‘you must be street and word wise’. Abeg is that not true?

Reinventing Naija
Tam Fiofori says Naija was originally used to condemn unruly behavior in public but Mr. Fiofori hates the fact that Naija has replaced ‘Nigeria’ as the good word. I’ll like to share with Mr. Fiofori the statistics between Nigeria and Naija
140,000,000 people (2006 elections, I know some people that were not counted oooh
2700 megawatts of electricity (A sector of Johannesburg produces 6,000
Years of military dictatorship before 1999, but can we say ‘NIGERIA’ has a democracy?
Thousands of avoidable deaths every year( The foolish FRSC come and tells you to drive safely, Can you drive safely on a bad road? On my way to Ife one time, there was a sign ‘Bad Roads Ahead’ I hear the Oba was paid to fix the road!’
About 20 million unemployed Youths (70 percent of them university graduates)
Nigeria is also one of the countries on the US terror list, thanks to its government’s negligence in anti-terrorism
Nigeria. That country where a Vice President cannot see his Boss for a hundred days

5 million of the 20 million youths have decided the government cannot run them
Naija. That place where the maddest artistes come from.
Naija.What my friends in the university in the UK wear on their shirts. ‘Cos they get more respect than the ‘Proudly Nigerian’ that used to be on their shirts.
The man is too old and biased Jare
Sincerely that’s what all my mates thought when we did a review of this in class. Mr. Fiofori has to realize that with time, words change in meaning. Also Mr.Fiofori likes his ‘SouthSouth slangs’ and dislikes ‘Lagos jargons’. Why is someone screaming tribalism in my head now?
By the way U can call me on my 080 -9ja for life!


No I didn't spell happiness wrong. A few days ago, I saw THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS unusually late. The 2006 movie that shows us a phase in Chris Gardner's Life. Chris Gardner played by Will Smith and his son Christopher Gardner played by Will Smith's son whose name is also Christopher(coincidence?).

This movie really got me thinking a lot. About all the things I take for granted in my life, like the house I live in, the ability to go to the fridge and get something to eat at anytime,e.t.c. I am proud to say that this movie got me to CRY. Last year my friends told me to watch Seven Pounds and that I would cry after that. I watched seven pounds twice and didn't even yawn. Titanic couldn't get me either. But this movie showed so much poverty that one time Chris Gardner needed $14 just so he could pay rent.


  • Never EVER spend all your money on a product or a line of business. You should always diversify and have some money saved up for the rainy day. Chris Gardner spent all his savings on this bone scanner device then had problems selling them because doctors felt it was an unnecessary luxury.
  • Be determined and work hard. After solving the rubix(I have to get one of these) for an executive at Dim Witer Chris Gardner was offered an internship (without pay) after which only 1 out of 20 intern gets the job they applied for. Chris Gardner had only a high school degree.


At some point in this movie, Chris Gardner's wife, Linda left him for work at a restaurant in New York because he couldn't sell the scanners and all. If this was a Nigerian movie, after his wife left him, his son would have fallen sick and died and he would have walked the streets of LAGOS at the oddest places.

THIS WAS A GREAT MOVIE, you should see it if you haven't.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

LAGOS STATE GOVT. warns of heavy rainfall

I just got this in my mailbox from a friend and i thought i should share it with everyone.

Dear all, 

Please be guided, you are encouraged to share this with your staff as well as others that are close to you.
The Lagos State Ministry of the Environment has released its findings concerning this year's rainfall predictions.
Findings show that this is going to be a season of heavy down pour. In line with its function, it has warned people residing in drainage areas and flood prone sections of the state to relocate and where possible, clear debris in their drain ways.
On hearing this piece of information, we were immediately piqued by the security and safety implications for staff.
The following are a few of what should be considered:

 1. Within these circumstances, vehicular traffic will increase and people will be made to spend more hours on the road- Ensure you have enough fuel in your car. It will not be funny running out of fuel late at night and stranded in the rain while filling stations have closed.

2. Ensure your cars are in good order; be double sure on the functionality of your batteries.

3. Use alternative routes whenever it rains as against the normal route that may be flooded and present security risks.

4. Wind up your car glasses while in traffic jams, it is an opportunity for hoodlums to rob you of your personal effects, even in the open glare of
other road users.

5. If you live in a flooded area and cannot relocate, even temporarily, remove all documents that can be easily destroyed by water/moisture.

6. Switch off all electrical appliances when flooding is noticed. This will reduce the possibility of electrical accidents (Electrocution).

7. If you find yourself in any situation where you need to walk/step into flood water, DO NOT REMOVE YOUR FOOTWEARS! People are of the habit of removing their footwear when wading through flood water. You don't know what is underneath and your foot wear is your only protection and it's not more expensive than your feet.

8. Always keep a nylon bag handy in case you need to protect your wallet, phones and other personal items that could be damaged by water.

9. Be very careful with the source of water you drink. During this season, the spread of water borne diseases like Cholera, Diarrhea, is very rampant.

10. Houses with leaking roofs should be immediately mended.

11. Also, this is the right time to purchase accoutrements like rain coats, rain boots and umbrellas.

We hope this will be disseminated to people within Lagos state and to loved ones that may find themselves in this predicament.
Remember safety is your personal responsibility, watch out!

A word is enough for the wise

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Normally I blog about going-ons(or is it goins on) in Nigeria and all. Last week I posted a video for the first time. I'm talking about Djinee's video for overkillin'. So my head went on thinking(as usual) and I thought I should deviate and make this blog random. Not random as in razz or rad but random. I'll talk about different stuff I find cool and interesting. I'll like you(the reader) to comment on this post…..BEFORE I DEVIATE

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Djinee - Overkillin Video

Because I know Chocolate City Boys do good and high quality videos. I didn't even have to watch it to post it here


Just in case you don't know, after the inception of the BRT scheme in Lagos, the State government gave a directive to support students. So now, BRT rides are supposed to be free for primary and secondary school students (yeah, like in jand) but the BRT ticket sellers and the ticket collectors(in the buses) have connived so the ticket collectors do not allow eligible students(even in uniforms) board BRT buses without tickets.

So? The ticketers sell more tickets thereby increasing their commission and they share a little of this with the ticket collectors and bus drivers (If they deny this allegation, they should call a press conference).

One particular day, I was (shockingly!) allowed into a BRT bus free on my way home and we got to Anthony, these girls in their uniforms wanted to board but the guy collecting the ticket said:

"Ticket yin da? Awon eleyi ti won ni boyfriend. E lo so fun boyfriend yin ko lo ra ticket fun yin" To the driver : "E ma lo jare".

I think the ticket collectors and bus drivers are extremely mean because they do not imagine their children (or relatives) in the same conditions. Lagos State Government please fix this problem. Eko o ni baje!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


OK I'm in school rite now and my friend Anonymous just gave me 500 naira. As in this is the most awesomest cool thing Anonym has ever done!


1.We haven't seen Yar'Adua
2.Nobody else has seen Yar'Adua except some 'aides' that we haven't been told about.
3.Goodluck Jonathan didn't see Yar'Adua.  Dora Akunyili said and I quote "The Vice President (Ag. President) will speak to the President's wife and he will then call us for another meeting to brief us"
4. The 6 ministers didn't see Yar'Adua, by the time they got there they were informed by the Saudi authorities that Yar'Adua was back home.
5. The videos from the Airport show that they didn't want you to know what's happening.
6. If you think Yar'Adua is back and you believe so,  the question is have you seen Yar'Adua.