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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Just in case you don't know, after the inception of the BRT scheme in Lagos, the State government gave a directive to support students. So now, BRT rides are supposed to be free for primary and secondary school students (yeah, like in jand) but the BRT ticket sellers and the ticket collectors(in the buses) have connived so the ticket collectors do not allow eligible students(even in uniforms) board BRT buses without tickets.

So? The ticketers sell more tickets thereby increasing their commission and they share a little of this with the ticket collectors and bus drivers (If they deny this allegation, they should call a press conference).

One particular day, I was (shockingly!) allowed into a BRT bus free on my way home and we got to Anthony, these girls in their uniforms wanted to board but the guy collecting the ticket said:

"Ticket yin da? Awon eleyi ti won ni boyfriend. E lo so fun boyfriend yin ko lo ra ticket fun yin" To the driver : "E ma lo jare".

I think the ticket collectors and bus drivers are extremely mean because they do not imagine their children (or relatives) in the same conditions. Lagos State Government please fix this problem. Eko o ni baje!

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  1. OMFG so so funny....u're a genius what language is that though?!!!!