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Saturday, March 27, 2010


No I didn't spell happiness wrong. A few days ago, I saw THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS unusually late. The 2006 movie that shows us a phase in Chris Gardner's Life. Chris Gardner played by Will Smith and his son Christopher Gardner played by Will Smith's son whose name is also Christopher(coincidence?).

This movie really got me thinking a lot. About all the things I take for granted in my life, like the house I live in, the ability to go to the fridge and get something to eat at anytime,e.t.c. I am proud to say that this movie got me to CRY. Last year my friends told me to watch Seven Pounds and that I would cry after that. I watched seven pounds twice and didn't even yawn. Titanic couldn't get me either. But this movie showed so much poverty that one time Chris Gardner needed $14 just so he could pay rent.


  • Never EVER spend all your money on a product or a line of business. You should always diversify and have some money saved up for the rainy day. Chris Gardner spent all his savings on this bone scanner device then had problems selling them because doctors felt it was an unnecessary luxury.
  • Be determined and work hard. After solving the rubix(I have to get one of these) for an executive at Dim Witer Chris Gardner was offered an internship (without pay) after which only 1 out of 20 intern gets the job they applied for. Chris Gardner had only a high school degree.


At some point in this movie, Chris Gardner's wife, Linda left him for work at a restaurant in New York because he couldn't sell the scanners and all. If this was a Nigerian movie, after his wife left him, his son would have fallen sick and died and he would have walked the streets of LAGOS at the oddest places.

THIS WAS A GREAT MOVIE, you should see it if you haven't.

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