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Sunday, March 21, 2010

LAGOS STATE GOVT. warns of heavy rainfall

I just got this in my mailbox from a friend and i thought i should share it with everyone.

Dear all, 

Please be guided, you are encouraged to share this with your staff as well as others that are close to you.
The Lagos State Ministry of the Environment has released its findings concerning this year's rainfall predictions.
Findings show that this is going to be a season of heavy down pour. In line with its function, it has warned people residing in drainage areas and flood prone sections of the state to relocate and where possible, clear debris in their drain ways.
On hearing this piece of information, we were immediately piqued by the security and safety implications for staff.
The following are a few of what should be considered:

 1. Within these circumstances, vehicular traffic will increase and people will be made to spend more hours on the road- Ensure you have enough fuel in your car. It will not be funny running out of fuel late at night and stranded in the rain while filling stations have closed.

2. Ensure your cars are in good order; be double sure on the functionality of your batteries.

3. Use alternative routes whenever it rains as against the normal route that may be flooded and present security risks.

4. Wind up your car glasses while in traffic jams, it is an opportunity for hoodlums to rob you of your personal effects, even in the open glare of
other road users.

5. If you live in a flooded area and cannot relocate, even temporarily, remove all documents that can be easily destroyed by water/moisture.

6. Switch off all electrical appliances when flooding is noticed. This will reduce the possibility of electrical accidents (Electrocution).

7. If you find yourself in any situation where you need to walk/step into flood water, DO NOT REMOVE YOUR FOOTWEARS! People are of the habit of removing their footwear when wading through flood water. You don't know what is underneath and your foot wear is your only protection and it's not more expensive than your feet.

8. Always keep a nylon bag handy in case you need to protect your wallet, phones and other personal items that could be damaged by water.

9. Be very careful with the source of water you drink. During this season, the spread of water borne diseases like Cholera, Diarrhea, is very rampant.

10. Houses with leaking roofs should be immediately mended.

11. Also, this is the right time to purchase accoutrements like rain coats, rain boots and umbrellas.

We hope this will be disseminated to people within Lagos state and to loved ones that may find themselves in this predicament.
Remember safety is your personal responsibility, watch out!

A word is enough for the wise

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