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Saturday, March 27, 2010

RE: What's with Naija?

A few days ago I came across this article in one of my favorites new newspaper 234 next with a title ‘What’s with Naija?’ Now in this article, the writer talks about how the word’Naija’ has replaced Nigeria. In fact in the image used, Nigeria in ‘The Federal Republic of Nigeria’ was replaced with ‘Naija’.
  Tam Fiofori  seems to like his ‘harmless’ SouthSouth slangs(which are now used outside their states of origin but dislikes the ‘Southwest/Lagos’ jargon such as ‘were’, ‘oloriburuku’,’ole’, e.t.c. He also states before this that the 1st lesson in Lagos is ‘you must be street and word wise’. Abeg is that not true?

Reinventing Naija
Tam Fiofori says Naija was originally used to condemn unruly behavior in public but Mr. Fiofori hates the fact that Naija has replaced ‘Nigeria’ as the good word. I’ll like to share with Mr. Fiofori the statistics between Nigeria and Naija
140,000,000 people (2006 elections, I know some people that were not counted oooh
2700 megawatts of electricity (A sector of Johannesburg produces 6,000
Years of military dictatorship before 1999, but can we say ‘NIGERIA’ has a democracy?
Thousands of avoidable deaths every year( The foolish FRSC come and tells you to drive safely, Can you drive safely on a bad road? On my way to Ife one time, there was a sign ‘Bad Roads Ahead’ I hear the Oba was paid to fix the road!’
About 20 million unemployed Youths (70 percent of them university graduates)
Nigeria is also one of the countries on the US terror list, thanks to its government’s negligence in anti-terrorism
Nigeria. That country where a Vice President cannot see his Boss for a hundred days

5 million of the 20 million youths have decided the government cannot run them
Naija. That place where the maddest artistes come from.
Naija.What my friends in the university in the UK wear on their shirts. ‘Cos they get more respect than the ‘Proudly Nigerian’ that used to be on their shirts.
The man is too old and biased Jare
Sincerely that’s what all my mates thought when we did a review of this in class. Mr. Fiofori has to realize that with time, words change in meaning. Also Mr.Fiofori likes his ‘SouthSouth slangs’ and dislikes ‘Lagos jargons’. Why is someone screaming tribalism in my head now?
By the way U can call me on my 080 -9ja for life!

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