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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Everyday on Ikorodu Road, I have to cross the zebra crossing to get to the BRT stop.

Now I really don't understand what our people's problems seem to be. Is it that they can't see the white lines or they just assume they will never have to cross the road in their lives?

I assume Zebra crossings were invented so cars can stop for pedestrians to cross to the other side of the road. Since the beginning of this year, I will like to confidently state that nobody. I repeat NOBODY. Has stopped for me to cross at that bus stop.

Definetly not the Okada and Danfo drivers or the LASUCOM(why is this tinted anyway?) bus that passes there every evening. This really makes us suck as Nigerian. So we cannot even spend 5 seconds for our fellow humans to cross?

Please continue to add #lightupnigeria at the end of every tweet.

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