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Saturday, April 10, 2010

FACEBOOK MIDDLE NAMES....(Yes! I have come again)

So it seems to be the trend now adays. 75% of my facebook friends have a middle name. So I wen't back in time to 2008 when the middle name started.

Many people had 'sensible' middle names. Like: Asiwaju or Otunba or Party Rider or One of their funny nickmaes sha.

The point is when you fill out facebook registration, IT DOESN'T ASK YOU FOR YOUR MIDDLE NAME because facebook is not a UNI or the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT. So imagine if all them top brands and brands had nickames. We'll have Linking 'Sick Rock Group' Park , Coca 'World's Favorite drink' Cola, Jay 'Jigga' Z, Barrack 'World's Most Powerful Man' Obama, the list could be endless.

I know some people are crazy so they have crazy nicknames. Like Yosola(this girl cannot keep a facebook name for a week!)

So I decided to check out my friends list for the oddest first name, middle name and last name combinations i could find..and they are:

Ohi 'remses' Akharume

Debbie 'bussie' G

Sharon Dizzy Dottie

Abimbola 'rooney' Yusuf (Zack Yusuf) (I've actually seen this guy play soccer before and he's an oja! whats with the bracket anyway?)

Adeniran Eyitaryour Onaswaggamiepo   (He's my cousin ooh, but seriously dude, onaswaggamiepo?)

Adepeju R Adebayor (R stands for..........)

Aniekan Steven Uchiha Etuk (Calabar and Japanese dont go in one name ooh)

Aniebiet-carter Ekpro (I can't blame her! everybody wants to marry Jay-Z and Lil Wayne)

Ayo Oni III (Ayo Oni III) (We got your name the first time!)

Badero Adedayo (Deewun Baddie) (No brackets now....luv ur profile pic though)


  1. LOL!!
    I see me!
    But OBJ, you know I'm not on facebook anymore and see the way you're exaggerating! Haba.
    A week? :p

    Haha Folarin's own - the girl just has issues so yeaah "price tag" - ki lode?
    And the bracket thing is a facebook setting.
    They either choose to show their "real" name on their profile - like if you go to setting, there's a part where you have to choose a name for people to be able to search for you by.
    So yeah.
    Silly boy

  2. I wanted to tag u ooh....why did you leave facebook anyway?

  3. Haha could have tagged my twitter - silly.
    No reason oh. It just lost its meaning to me so I left.