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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is spontaneous! A few minutes ago, A friend posted a randomly sad and irritating update...and 3 minutes later she posted yet another one...and as usual I commented: "This is not twitter oooh, you're all over my news feed. Ahn Ahn". Hence my update: "People should stop posting stuff about their sad life on facebook! WE DONT CARE!" and[as always] I got so many likes in a few seconds.

Now this chick followed my updates and commented " something about growing up" I don't remember crap jare!

And about 30 minutes later I check my replies on twitter and I see a reply from this chick(she's not even following me ooh]. Meaning she took her time, searched for me on twitter and then sent me a tweet.

Internet paparazzi is on the prowl ooh.BEWARE!

To read the useless thing she wrote Click Here. This is someone u want to unfollow ooh

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