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Saturday, May 22, 2010

10 Reasons you shouldn’t quit facebook

So there's been this thing going on about quitting facebook due to privacy reasons. Basically, once you like a page, the Admin manager(s) get to see all your profile information, photos and all the stuff you think you've secured. Top web developers and Internet industry people have called for every facebooker to quit facebook and move to other social networking sites or Project Diaspora coming in the last quarter of the year.

I've put together a list of reasons you shouldn't quit facebook.

  1. Friends and Family: You know how long it took you to find that guy from your high school or that friend you lost contact with when he moved abroad. Now if you delete your facebook account, you might want to think about how you'll reconnect with all these people again. Will they all move to the new alternative?
  2. Photos, videos and notes: Moving to a new social network means going through the whole process again. You have to upload your photos from Spring '09, Summer '09, Winter 09 and Spring '10 all over again. Then you have to reload the videos of the silly things your kids do or the silly rap you and your friends formed when you were bored at school.
  3. Apps: Does your new social network have killer apps and games. Does your network have connection privileges to almost every website and blog in the world? Will you be able to continue your ranking in Vampires? Will you still be the Boss in Mafia wars? Will you be the top sister in Sorority Life?
  4. Celebrities and Companies: Are all your favorite celebrities and brands going to switch to whatever alternative you choose?
  5. Third party applications: Facebook has got so many 3rd party applications for uploads and updates. You want to find out if your new network has as many 3rd party applications as Facebook.
  6. Is online privacy real?: If Privacy is your biggest worry, you want to ask if there's really anything like online privacy. Websites get your IP address on their analytics once you visit, Your ISP saves everything you do for a few hours or days before they are deleted. Every IM you send, Every facebook update, Every Twitter tweet, Every stumble stumbled and every digg dugged.
  7. Is it by force: Remember facebook does not force you to 'like' or 'allow' certain applications. You do so at your own jurisdiction and risk
  8. Isn't it too late: You've already made Mark Zuckerberg the world's youngest billionare. He'll just buy something else and promote it or even create another web innovative.
  9. Facebook has enough privacy options: All you have to do is checkout Account>>Privacy Settings
  10. Seriously dude or chick, There's no need to leave facebook just fix your privacy and application settings.

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