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Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was inspired to write this after I checked out Lagos’ temperature on windows live and it turned out it was 31°C but it felt like 39°C. The following tips should save you from going crazy!

Go white: The colour for the season is white, white, white, white is the best reflector of light and heat so all the heat from the sun gets reflected away. Do not wear black. Black will absorb all the heat from the surroundings and you’ll be sweating like the legendary Christmas goat.

6 glasses of water + extra. You should drink at least 6 glasses of water a day to prevent dehydration. You should also take along with you a bottle of water or two every where you go so you don’t sweat to death. You want to be careful the brand of water you buy in traffic.

Go to the mall: Eventually NEPA will strike and your gen will one day die from overheating.At this point you should find your way to the nearest mall or supermarket near you. They should have their air conditioner on. This will help a lot.

The classic white handkerchief: Also acting as a heat reflector is the white handkerchief. The white handkerchief absorbs just the right amount from the surface of your skin. You do not want to try a black handkerchief ooh.

Go out in air-conditioned vehicles: This is probably the worst time to go in a danfo because everybody else is sweating and smelling. You want to take advantage of the new airconditioned BRTs and private cabs. If you think private cabs are too expensive, take the regular cab. At least other people’s smell won’t be all over you by the time you get off.

Leave before/after noon: At noon the sun is at its highest altitude. This means the sun is right above your head and is ready to burn our skin off. Leaving before the sun is up at noon means you leave at lower temperatures. Do I have to explain what going out in the evening does?

Shades on: To protect your eyes from Ultraviolet Rays from the sun,  you want to wear dark shades. Please, please, and please do not wear shades in a building except if you are in a music video!

Sunscreen for light people: It is no longer a myth that UV rays from the sun will damage the skin of light people. If you’re light or white you need to apply sun screen to protect yourself from UV rays which could lead to skin cancer!

The deodorant/anti-perspirant: Anti perspirants reduce the amount of sweat from the under arms while deodorants kill that awful smell. Most brands are a combination of both. You really want to use this if you’re going with the danfo or the non-airconditioned BRTs.

Stay off the suit, sweater, pashmina and all the rubbish. Sometimes I try to understand why some people wear suits and sweaters on the road. If you have to wear a suit at your office, you want to leave it behind when you’re going out. If you have to take it with you I advise you just hold it up with a hand.

Hold an umbrella: I don’t know what gives people the impression that umbrellas are just for the rains. Umbrellas are also for protection from the sun and will save your head from getting burnt.

Go out with friends: Going out with one or two friends is probably the cheapest advice. At least all of you won’t go crazy from the heat (you could start seeing mirages) and there is always someone around to call the emergency lines when there is a problem.

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