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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Bounty Hunter{Movie Review}

Starring Jennifer Aniston (Nicole) and Gerard Butler (Milo). The Bounty Hunter (Amazon affiliate link) is a Romantic Comedy about an ex-cop (Milo) who after being dismissed from the force now works as a bounty hunter. Searching for people who jump bail and bringing them to justice. His ex-wife Nicole works as a reporter for a Newspaper.

At this particular time of the movie, Milo becomes broke and is offered $5000 to bring Nicole (his ex-wife) back to jail. It's supposed to be an easy task. All he has to do is go to her house, pick her up and drop her off at the jail but a whole lot of people won't make it easy.

First there's this group of goons Milo owes money. They follow him around the country and they even kidnap Nicole. Second is this guy who's trying to stop Nicole's investigation about a suicide. Turns out the guy has kidnapped the tipper and Nicole has to save him to get the news. Finally there's this guy at Nicole's office, that is totally obsessed about her. He thinks they are in a relationship because she kissed him when she was drunk.

They solve almost all their problems and both end up in Jail and like almost all American Romantic Comedy they kiss at the end.


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