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Sunday, May 9, 2010


One day, {like a village folkore} we had an extremely boring double period math class. We needed to transfer files and chat badly. So I and @joulesdakid came up with this great idea.

Basically following the steps below allows you to chat with members of a network using notepad as an IM tool.

  1. Turn your wireless on.
  2. Go to Start >Click "Connect to".
  3. Click 'Set up a connection or network'
  4. Scroll down to setup a wireless ad-hoc network. Highlight this option. Click next.
  5. Click next again.
  6. Fill in the network name and choose a security type. (The 'open' option allows anyone to connect to your network without a password while the other 2 require passwords to connect)
  7. Select 'Save this network'. Click next.
  8. The network will be setup.
  9. Click 'Network and Sharing Centre to configure file sharing options'
  10. Tell your friends or other users to connect.


  1. Click network and sharing centre
  2. Click the file sharing options and select file sharing without passwords allowing all users to edit, modify and create files.
  3. Open your username folder (the name you use to setup the computer). And on the right sidebar in explorer click the public folder.
  4. In the public folder, Right click an empty space.
  5. Go to new>Text document.
  6. This opens up notepad.
  7. You can name it anything you want and type anything you want.
  8. Other users can also open the document by accessing your public folder in 'Network'.

I strongly advise you use usernames to chat as this makes it easy for all users.

YOUR NETWORK TEXT CHAT IS TURNED ON! J Please share this with the buttons above or below this post.

I'm working on instructions for windows 7 users.


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