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Sunday, May 23, 2010

No flashing please

'No flashing please' the 3 words after the 080 - ******** under almost every column written in the punch. Turns out Nigerian people like to flash. They flash you on New Year's Day meaning happy new year, they flash you on your birthday, they even flash you on May 1 and you wonder what they all mean.

Conditions for flashing

  1. We have an agreement: Sometimes I tell my friends to flash me when they get home so I can know their safe and well. Sometimes I tell them to flash me at the end of SMSes so I know the message went through and my information has been gotten.
  2. There's an emergency: I flash my parents so they can know they need to call me back urgently!
Those are the only two circumstances under which you should flash people.

Master Flashers

You probably have a friend in this category. They flash you and your phone vibrates, then the call terminates and you're like "Wow!" Some people have mastered the art of flashing so much, the lights of your phone come up for half a second and the lights go off almost immediately. I really megaloathe people who do this. I understand some of this people just want you to call them.

No-reason Flashers

A lot of No-reason flashers are under the category of Master Flashers. They just felt like flashing you. Flashing is the new "Hello". So every time they flash you, It means they're thinking of you. Wow! I really wonder when the vibration of a mobile phone means "Hello".

Flashing is against the law!

In certain 'advanced' countries, Flashing is against the law and your service provider bills you for this. This is because we have to face the truth. Your flash means a lot to the network. Congestions. By flashing a certain number, you're not allowing other calls to go through to the number and you're congesting the networks for no apparent reason. Therefore certain ISPs will charge you for flashing and congesting their networks.

A word is enough for the wise!.

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