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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Style your facebook page with facebook styler

This browser extension, Facebook Styler for Google Chrome allows you to modify certain parts of your facebook page.

*Position your sidebars anywhere you want

*Edit transparency options for the top and bottom menus

*Remove the ‘facebook’ icon

*Highlight Events and Birthdays

*Display large images of thumbnails when your mouse hovers above them

*Select a custom filter on your news feed for applications or groups

*Change the colour of the top menu

*Hide certain parts of the facebook page including {but not limited to } the footer, chat, home. Profile, friend   requests and notifications.

To install and use this application you have to:
*      1. Go to the google chrome extension page and install facebook styler
*      2. Click the settings icon (the spanner). Click extensions and check that facebook styler is enabled
*      3. Click options to customize your facebook page as you wish.

I’m still looking for a customization extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer users.

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