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Monday, May 24, 2010


At times like these, I wonder what is wrong with us Nigerians. Therefore I decided to write my thoughts on the word ‘swagger’ or ‘swag’ because I am sick of guys wearing cargo pants and white t-shirts in 5000 naira videos telling us they have swagger. I’m also sick of all the posters about ‘swag’ filled shows and parties with ‘full swag’ that only 8 boys end up going for (Unmask your swag!).
So I did some online research and this is what I came up with (thanks to Before you mention ‘swagger’ in that sentence, you want to read these ten definitions.
1.      How one presents him or herself to the world. Swagger is shown from how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person's walk.

2.      A person's style- they way they walk, talk, dress.

3.      Swagger is to conduct yourself in a way that would automatically earn respect
To dress in a very stylish and quirkily fashionable way would suggest one is swagger.

4.      Swagger is the embodiment of swag. The way you walk, talk, and incorporate body language in the art of making yourself intriguing

5.      A demeanor of confidence, coolness, and togetherness. Someone with Swagger gives of an aura of comfortability with his/her self. Swagger is commonly referred to as Swag or Swagga. Swagger is not to be confused with cockiness.

6.      To captivate others in a negative or positive way; To obtain instant attention; To be praised or hated on due to your style of dress, walk, talk, and/or looks. 

7.      A person with confidence and sophistication that earns respect from everyone around them and is basically just really cool. UNFORTUNATELY one can lose their swagger, and instead have a not as cool, schwagger.

8.      A load of sperm in the pants. It’s an insult.

9.      A whale's vagina.

10.  Carrying oneself in a very confident and arrogant way.

Sweet sensation’s pay off line used to be – ‘one visit and you’re hooked’ which was fairly true. I don’t know what got into their publicist’s head but they came up with ‘I’ve got swagger’ in the most ridiculous font ever!. I didn’t quite get the font but it’s something like this:

The first time I saw it I’m like  “What?! This aint no swag!”.

What do you think about the misuse of swag?

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  1. Lmao this is really funny, yea the 5000 naira videoz r getting really annoying