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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Turn your twitter page into a dasboard-style application

This feature only works on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome using the extension/add-on monkeyfly.
This extension allows you to:

*Shorten urls
*Add lists columns
*Add mentions column
*Collapse certain columns
*Upload photos directly
*Save draft tweets for updates later
*Add a Direct Messages column
*Edit retweets

For Chrome users
1.       1.Go to the chrome extension page and install monkeyfly
2.       2.Click the settings icon {the spanner} and click extensions. Check that monkeyfly is enabled.
3.       3.Sign out and back into twitter if your page is already open.
4.       4.Watch the tutorial below to learn how to customize your page

For Firefox users
1.       1.Go to the Firefox add-on page and install monkeyfly.
2.       2.Restart Firefox (close and open it again.
3.       3.Go to Tools > Add-ons and enable monkeyfly {If it  is not already enabled}.
4.       4.Sign in to twitter

5.       Watch the tutorial below to learn how to customize your page

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