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Saturday, May 15, 2010


On my way to school that morning, my dad's car broke down and I ended up in a Danfo stuck in Maryland traffic. We suddenly passed by a man reading THE PUNCH in his car and I read the headline 'Yar'Adua is dead'.

After months of hiding, hanky panky and political gibberish Yar'Adua finally passed on on the 5th of May, 2010. School was cancelled and I missed my last math class before my exam next week! (That sucks).


I got home a few hours later and tuned In to NTA and saw the military tributes to Yar'Adua and I began to think about how his wife hid him for a long time and how she'll probably not get anything more than a few condolence visits and signing of the condolence register. This is because in general, Nigerians are happy. As far as some people are concerned Yar'Adua had been dead since last year! Nigerians are happy because there is no longer an uncertainty over who is president or acting president? Or whether Yar'Adua is going to be impeached or declared unfit for Presidency.


I put 'befitting' in inverted commas because as the ex-president of a country, I think Yar'Adua deserved a better burial than the flag wrapped body on a bamboo stick they put him on. They even had to carry the body for about 6 kilometres to the burial ground. And I'm like "Where are the military helicopters?" Maybe this happened because of the circumstances surrounding his death. Maybe Not. The people that should have done this probably thought "So that woman finally brought her husband out abi? We won't have a hand in his burial. He'll be buried like a pauper" and they glasses clanked as they drank fine wine and closed up the meeting.I'm just saying.


This means Goodluck Jonathan is now the President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander of the Armed Forces (I like this title too ooh). I'm seriously hoping in the next year , he's going to do something about power generation. Because as I type this on my laptop I'm running on battery because NEPA (PHCN what's the difference?) seized power a few minutes ago.


Thinking about it people with the name 'Goodluck' might have to be forced to change their name. Because I don't want a vice named Goodluck in my life! It is no longer news that Goodluck was governor after Alamieseigha (it was so hard to type this) was arrested for money laundering. Now, Goodluck is president after Yar'Adua suffered multiple organ failures. There are rumors going round that Goodluck has been at this taking-over-game since he became Head Boy at his secondary school. Nigerians are funny oooh.

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