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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon (Movie Review)

Hiccup is supposed to be like other Vikings (Yes, his name is hiccup) in Burk. But he's not. You see all Vikings are born to kill Dragons..well..except hiccup. Everytime the dragons raid and the older Vikings attack, Hiccup comes along and causes a hiccup. During one of the raids, hiccup uses a kind-of catapult and shoots down a Night Fury: the most dangerous dragons known. Hiccup's Father (the chief of the clan) has to go on an expedition so he leaves Hiccup in the hands of a Dragon Trainer who teaches kids how to kill Dragons because that's what all Vikings on Burk are born to do.

Before Hiccup's first Dragon-killing-training session, he roves around in the woods and finds the Night-Fury he hit tied up beside a rock. He tries killing the Night-fury with a knife and realizes he cannot just do it. So he releases the Night-fury and it flies away. After more failed Dragon-killing sessions, Hiccup stumbles upon the Night-Fury stuck in a valley from a broken wing and decides to keep the Night-Fury as a pet and names it 'Toothless'

Hanging out with the Night-fury, Hiccups learns a lot of tricks to tame Dragons or send them away. He shortly becomes the Talk-of-the-town thanks to his dragon taming tricks. One of his mates in the dragon-killing camp follows Hiccup after one of the sessions and discovers the Night-Fury. She immediately wants to kill the Night-Fury but hiccup takes her for a ride and they find out there is this really really big dragon hiding in the mountains and all the smaller dragons drop off all they steal to this dragon. 

The Chief finally comes back from his expedition and hears all the word about Hiccups recent tricks in taming dragons. Hiccup comes tops of his dragon-killing class and faces his first test. To kill a real life Dragon. On the day of the Dragon killing, the whole town gathers round and hiccup starts by taming the dragon but his father retorts and jumps into the ring. The dragon chases hiccup and holds him to the ground, about to go for the kill. Toothless hears hiccups shouts and flies to the rescue. Toothless tries to rescue Hiccup and gets chained by the Viking clan.

The Vikings then follow toothless's trail to the huge dragon's lair. Then an epic battle begins. The dragon turns out to be as huge as the mountain and burns all the Viking boats preventing them from escape. Hiccup and his friends come in with a couple other dragons and save the day. At the end of the movie, Everyone at Burk has dragons for pets and have fun and all.

What do I think about the movie

The animation was superb and I like the Viking accent. It seems to be a mixture of Scottish and Irish. The camera work was also really good for the parts where the dragon has to go between hills and through caves.

Buy How To Train Your Dragon.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

9 reasons you shouldn’t join twitter

One of my favourite blog topics has to be social networking and online etiquette. This blog post is about reasons you shouldn't join twitter. So Twitter is not for you if……

  1. You don't have a life… of my favourite things to tweet about is what's going on in my life with the common hashtags #nowplaying and #noweating or I just generally tweet about stuff that's been happening to me or stuff I'm doing.
  2. You do not constantly engage in conversations. Hashtags were developed for conversations about certain events or topics e.g. #worldcup for the ongoing worldcup.
  3. You spend all your internet time on the real-web. Statistics show that most tweeps {what we call twitter users} use more mobile applications than the twitter site.
  4. You do not stumble on a lot of interesting stuff online. I just love to share fun and interesting stuff I find online with other tweeps.
  5. You do not like to share or keep-up with news. Twitter has become a news finding and sharing tool. With the new trending topic algorithm, only important and currently important stuff trend.
  6. You do not watch TV, videos or listen to Music or Read. I really wonder if anyone can have a life without doing any of the 4 aforementioned stuff. The hashtags #nowplayin, #nowwatching and #nowreading are very important hashtags we use to share information.
  7. You do not have friends on twitter. Apart from tweets about my life. I constantly tweet my friends to know what's going on in their lives and how they are faring generally.
  8. You do not greet people! With the simple 'GOOD MORNING TWEEPS' tweet, I announce to everyone that I'm awake and ready to start a new day!
  9. You don't like a limit or conserving space. Twitter's 140 character limit continually limits the amount of characters per tweet. If you don't like to save space or you tend to talk too much on social network updates, twitter is definetly not for you
If the reasons above do not apply to you….then join twitter and follow me

Do you have any other reasons why you think twitter is not for certain people…Please add your reason in the comments section below.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A judge, A child and the Super Eagles!

In a divorce court, A couple is fighting for Custody of their child. The following discussion was recorded between the Judge and the Child.

Judge to Child: Do you want to live with your mom?

Child: No

Judge: Why?

Child: She beats me

Judge: Do you want to live with your dad?

Child: No 

Judge: why?

Child: He beats me too

Judge: Who do you want to live with?

Child: Super Eagles!

Judge{perplexed}: Why?

Child: They don't beat anybody!!!


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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sarcastic Tips to making it in the Nigerian Music Industry

This is almost guaranteed 100% to help up-coming artistes in the music industry. Note: I said Sarcastic tips.

1.       Sign a record deal with Mo-hits, Kennis, Storm 360, Empire Mates, Trybe Records. They’ve been so long in the industry they know everybody from the Grandfathers, to the Fathers and the Sons….yet to be born.

2.       Get Cobhams, TY Mix or Don Jazzy(Again) to do a beat for you.

3.       Knock about 3 women up and sing about it. (2 face – implication)

4.       Do a remix of a Jay-Z or 50 cent song even if it only features them (Banky’s EbuteMetta and Modenine’s Comedy Money) I still love you guys though.

5.       Sing gospel  music first then start singing about booze or money. Better still start from the church choir! (the list is so long…I don’t think I can exhaust it)

6.       Post your videos on notjustok, sturvs and bellanaija.

7.       Sing about the Bentley you don’t have (D-Banj)

8.       Get someone to do a really nice beat and then say rubbish on it (Bracket – No time “No time eh, Better thing no they last eh”)

9.       Make sure all the girls in your videos wear bikinis. If they don’t wear bikinis make sure we can see almost half their boobs. Your song will be  a hit in weeks.(Why are y’all shouting Dbanj now?)

10.   Shoot your videos in England or South Africa and put some white girls in your video!

11.   Create a facebook fan page and invite everyone. If they don’t like your song they’ll unlike you though.

12.   You need a catch phrase. (Naeto C – Yes boss, D-banj – I’m D Banj, Don Jazzy – Don jazzy again, Wande Coal –Wande Coal)

13.   Play CDs at all your event performances. Razz audiences just love this.

14.   Join a road tour with Glo or MTN. You will surely hammer.

15.   Get a foreign (probably American) artiste on one of your track (Tuface ft. R.Kelly – Flex. Even if R.Kelly has never met Tuface before)

16.   Put M.I on your track everyone will listen to it because M.I is on it. All people want to see is ft. M.I and they will surely listen to your tracks.

17.   Start very young. Okay this one is serious.

W   What do you think? Am i right or am i right?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Can the Super Eagles win the South korean Match? {POLL}

Please take part in the poll below

KAITA - New meanings for an old word

So after Sunny Kaita's stupid actions on Wednesday, we have decided to change the meaning of KAITA. Thanks to all the tweeps and facebookers who helped compile this.

Kaita -  A man who single handedly hinder the hope of his country for reason best known to him. "Kaita" can be use in place of words like Jeopardy, Hinder, Sabotage, Disrupt, Antagonist, fool etc. Examples are Don't kaita what we have been building for 11 yrs in one day. Don't be a Kaita, That event was totally kaitaed. 

What do you think? did we get it right?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No More Bieber

It's amazing how the Internet can turn a formerly unknown teenager into a world phenomenon. Well, Thanks to twitter's new trending topics algorithm. Justin Bieber is no longer trending. 

I have no problem or hate for Justin Bieber, Its just that twitter has become a place where a lot of us go to get information about what's happening around the world. But for the past weeks and months everytime we go to, Justin Bieber is trending. Most times people trend when they do something spectacular of when something happened to them. Like Kathryn Bigelow winning many Oscars for the Hurt locker. 

So in the beginning when I saw Bieber trend I actually clicked the search term so I could find out what had happened to him again. Then I get disappointed. All these jobless girls and a few pedophiles tweeting their love.

The incredibly smart guys at twitter realized this wasn't going to make twitter a breaking news site anymore, So they changed the algorithm which stopped Bieber from trending. Now only things that are immediate will trend. Thank You for keeping sanity BizStone.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Jesse Jagz – Jag of All Trades (Album Review)

An 18 tracker album by upcoming (If its still applicable) Jesse Jags, I must say Jag of All Trades is a mad album!!!! But then I'm thinking mad albums are hereditary because Jesse Jagz is M.I's brother and Talk About It was/is mad!!! Also think Jesse Jags also has this Kanye West influence like his brother and….well…….I also love Kanye. This is named Jag of All Trades because Jesse Jags cuts across different genres of music from Dancehall to Hip-Hop and all those slow songs that get you thinking. By the way, he also speaks different languages on his tracks like Naeto C which is so awesomely awesome…Abeg buy this album. I'm listing the full track list below so I can be sure I bought the original. Please post your comments about the album in the comments sections below and please answer me: 'Did I buy the original copy?'
Full Track List:
  1. Take Over ft. Ice prince
  2. Pump It Up
  3. Intoxicated ft. Whizkid and Soul E.
  4. Jargo ft. Jago
  5. Number 1
  6. Greatest
  7. Jesse Swag
  8. Sugar Cane Baby
  9. Dis Jagged Life ft. Lindsey
  10. Chocolate ft. Munachi
  11. My Brother ft. Ene
  12. L-O-V-E you ft. Brymo
  13. Wetin Dey
  14. Inhale Out ft. Skales
  15. Shorty
  16. Pussycat
  17. Bend Down Low
  18. Nobody test me (Choc boi Anthem) ft. M.I and Ice Prince


My most favourite tracks and lines
*Pump it up – "DJ Pump it up! The way u dancing's got me going woooohooo wooohooo wooohooo woohhhoooo"
*Inhale Out (I love the irony…can u inhale out?) "….How the hell you're flashing with an unknown number, Imma call you back I'm not telepathic, Hope you understand its simple mathematic. J Jags stand out like a pot belly…."
*Jargo – "Where's the stash so we can throw a bash, She got the %^sh I got the Cash"…."My flow sicker than the president"
*Greatest - "Y'all know who the greatest is, turn on the radio, hear me oh, know what the latest is, God knows I was saved for this. I can't go against nature I was made for this"
*Jesse Swag "These are the words from J.Jagg Abaga, I'm so fly that my name rhymes with swagger"
*Nobody Test Me "…don't test me even if you got Testes I'm a P$#ck……Gossipers like Garri. Bring it and we smoke am…"
*Take Over "…Rapper music lomo gan, Ice Prince got my back M.I legbon. I remember those days when we dey chop pomo, Now my album don drop buy 2 omo"
*Chocolate "Do you want the chocolate? I want the chocolate"……."Samurai Jack, this samurai is black"……"So tell me what I gotta do to press you, press you, *sigh* Sorry impress you"
*Wetin Dey "Chauffeur you driving me loco, I got the chocolate, You say I'm the Cocoa(koko).Back in the days baby I had no dough. I was rejected like the kobo. Now chicks go crazy like Jojo, ….."


After typing this, I'm listening to the whole abum again. Track by Track. If you don't have this album yet, Go and Buy it now, listen to it and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hip Hop World Award Winners

The Hip-Hop World Awards was/were held on the 28th of may, 2010.
The winners are:

Best Vocals Performance Male - Darey - NoStars

Best female vocal - Lara George for 'Keeper of my dreams'

Best Rap Album - DaGrin 'CEO'

NextRated- 'Skuki' for 'banger'

Song of the Year - 'Yori Yori' by Bracket

Artiste of the year- Wande Coal

Recording of the Year - Heaven Pls -Timi Dakolo

Producer of The year - Don Jazzy {Again!!!??}

Best Music video - Clarence peters for 'The finest' - Knighthouse and Capital hill

Best RnB single. Strong Thing - Banky W

Best Pop single - Wande Coal - You Bad

Best Pop Album. M2M Mushin to MoHits - Wande Coal

Best Rap Single -Sample Remix -Terry tha rapman ft. Sample Ekwe and Pherrowshuz

Lyricist on the roll. Modenine- 'Badman' ....Again!Again!Again! This is clearly modenine's award ooh.

Best Collaboration .Kokoroko -Kefee and Timaya

Best Street Hop - Free madness- Terry G

Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year - Wande Coal

June 12: Mass Anti-IBB tweets

It is no longer news that IBB {Yes, Ibrahim Babangida} has announced plans to contest in the 2011 general elections. In fact, my sources say the PDP has endorsed IBB has its candidate. This just goes to show the kind of people in the PDP. Power to the people my left foot! More like power to the hungry and greedy old people!

Also, A few weeks ago, IBB in an interview said that Nigerian youths are not capable of running Nigeria. I would like to have IBB know that according to the last census 45% of voters are in the Youth Bracket. Before I continue I would like us to take a trip down memory lane. 1993 to be precise.

In what was Adjudged the freest and fairest election in Nigeria, M.K.O. Abiola emerged winner in the General Elections. 24 hours later IBB and his assholes {yes im pissed!} decided to annul the elections. Throwing the entire populace (except the assholes} into confusion and chaos.

Why Am I pissed?

At this time in 1993 my mother was heavy with me. 7 months to be precise. She recalls that at that time they couldn't go out. They couldn't work and they couldn't make money. Thank You IBB for the pain you put my parents and other parents through.

But its in the past now

Before you let me finish your life online (yes you the reader!} I know you're already saying its in the past. Well, the past affects the future. Post 1993, corruption rose its ugly head because people had to make money somehow no thanks to the falling Naira-Dollar rate. Yes that's why its N150 to $1. Its IBB's fault.

We cannot sit and watch this happen

As patriotic Nigerians, it is time for us to stand up and talk about this crap IBB is about to do. If IBB wants to come back and fix the problems he created, well…he can return all the money from the Swiss banks and appear at another Tribunal sitting. IBB can also publicly apologise to Nigerians and M.K.O's family for all his rubbish and then hang himself on a tree. Better still he should jump off the third mainland bridge!!!

So….we're organizing tweets

Thanks to the guys behind twitter and the trending phenomenon, on June 12, 2010, We'll be taking IBB online. Basically, We want you to say exactly what you feel about IBB's election campaign and all with the hashtag #saynotoibb. If you're really pissed, As I am, you can use the hashtag #ibbsucks or #noassholesinnigeria or #leaveusaloneibb or #nigeriansdontwantibb.

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