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Saturday, June 26, 2010

9 reasons you shouldn’t join twitter

One of my favourite blog topics has to be social networking and online etiquette. This blog post is about reasons you shouldn't join twitter. So Twitter is not for you if……

  1. You don't have a life… of my favourite things to tweet about is what's going on in my life with the common hashtags #nowplaying and #noweating or I just generally tweet about stuff that's been happening to me or stuff I'm doing.
  2. You do not constantly engage in conversations. Hashtags were developed for conversations about certain events or topics e.g. #worldcup for the ongoing worldcup.
  3. You spend all your internet time on the real-web. Statistics show that most tweeps {what we call twitter users} use more mobile applications than the twitter site.
  4. You do not stumble on a lot of interesting stuff online. I just love to share fun and interesting stuff I find online with other tweeps.
  5. You do not like to share or keep-up with news. Twitter has become a news finding and sharing tool. With the new trending topic algorithm, only important and currently important stuff trend.
  6. You do not watch TV, videos or listen to Music or Read. I really wonder if anyone can have a life without doing any of the 4 aforementioned stuff. The hashtags #nowplayin, #nowwatching and #nowreading are very important hashtags we use to share information.
  7. You do not have friends on twitter. Apart from tweets about my life. I constantly tweet my friends to know what's going on in their lives and how they are faring generally.
  8. You do not greet people! With the simple 'GOOD MORNING TWEEPS' tweet, I announce to everyone that I'm awake and ready to start a new day!
  9. You don't like a limit or conserving space. Twitter's 140 character limit continually limits the amount of characters per tweet. If you don't like to save space or you tend to talk too much on social network updates, twitter is definetly not for you
If the reasons above do not apply to you….then join twitter and follow me

Do you have any other reasons why you think twitter is not for certain people…Please add your reason in the comments section below.

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