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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon (Movie Review)

Hiccup is supposed to be like other Vikings (Yes, his name is hiccup) in Burk. But he's not. You see all Vikings are born to kill Dragons..well..except hiccup. Everytime the dragons raid and the older Vikings attack, Hiccup comes along and causes a hiccup. During one of the raids, hiccup uses a kind-of catapult and shoots down a Night Fury: the most dangerous dragons known. Hiccup's Father (the chief of the clan) has to go on an expedition so he leaves Hiccup in the hands of a Dragon Trainer who teaches kids how to kill Dragons because that's what all Vikings on Burk are born to do.

Before Hiccup's first Dragon-killing-training session, he roves around in the woods and finds the Night-Fury he hit tied up beside a rock. He tries killing the Night-fury with a knife and realizes he cannot just do it. So he releases the Night-fury and it flies away. After more failed Dragon-killing sessions, Hiccup stumbles upon the Night-Fury stuck in a valley from a broken wing and decides to keep the Night-Fury as a pet and names it 'Toothless'

Hanging out with the Night-fury, Hiccups learns a lot of tricks to tame Dragons or send them away. He shortly becomes the Talk-of-the-town thanks to his dragon taming tricks. One of his mates in the dragon-killing camp follows Hiccup after one of the sessions and discovers the Night-Fury. She immediately wants to kill the Night-Fury but hiccup takes her for a ride and they find out there is this really really big dragon hiding in the mountains and all the smaller dragons drop off all they steal to this dragon. 

The Chief finally comes back from his expedition and hears all the word about Hiccups recent tricks in taming dragons. Hiccup comes tops of his dragon-killing class and faces his first test. To kill a real life Dragon. On the day of the Dragon killing, the whole town gathers round and hiccup starts by taming the dragon but his father retorts and jumps into the ring. The dragon chases hiccup and holds him to the ground, about to go for the kill. Toothless hears hiccups shouts and flies to the rescue. Toothless tries to rescue Hiccup and gets chained by the Viking clan.

The Vikings then follow toothless's trail to the huge dragon's lair. Then an epic battle begins. The dragon turns out to be as huge as the mountain and burns all the Viking boats preventing them from escape. Hiccup and his friends come in with a couple other dragons and save the day. At the end of the movie, Everyone at Burk has dragons for pets and have fun and all.

What do I think about the movie

The animation was superb and I like the Viking accent. It seems to be a mixture of Scottish and Irish. The camera work was also really good for the parts where the dragon has to go between hills and through caves.

Buy How To Train Your Dragon.

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