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Monday, June 7, 2010

Jesse Jagz – Jag of All Trades (Album Review)

An 18 tracker album by upcoming (If its still applicable) Jesse Jags, I must say Jag of All Trades is a mad album!!!! But then I'm thinking mad albums are hereditary because Jesse Jagz is M.I's brother and Talk About It was/is mad!!! Also think Jesse Jags also has this Kanye West influence like his brother and….well…….I also love Kanye. This is named Jag of All Trades because Jesse Jags cuts across different genres of music from Dancehall to Hip-Hop and all those slow songs that get you thinking. By the way, he also speaks different languages on his tracks like Naeto C which is so awesomely awesome…Abeg buy this album. I'm listing the full track list below so I can be sure I bought the original. Please post your comments about the album in the comments sections below and please answer me: 'Did I buy the original copy?'
Full Track List:
  1. Take Over ft. Ice prince
  2. Pump It Up
  3. Intoxicated ft. Whizkid and Soul E.
  4. Jargo ft. Jago
  5. Number 1
  6. Greatest
  7. Jesse Swag
  8. Sugar Cane Baby
  9. Dis Jagged Life ft. Lindsey
  10. Chocolate ft. Munachi
  11. My Brother ft. Ene
  12. L-O-V-E you ft. Brymo
  13. Wetin Dey
  14. Inhale Out ft. Skales
  15. Shorty
  16. Pussycat
  17. Bend Down Low
  18. Nobody test me (Choc boi Anthem) ft. M.I and Ice Prince


My most favourite tracks and lines
*Pump it up – "DJ Pump it up! The way u dancing's got me going woooohooo wooohooo wooohooo woohhhoooo"
*Inhale Out (I love the irony…can u inhale out?) "….How the hell you're flashing with an unknown number, Imma call you back I'm not telepathic, Hope you understand its simple mathematic. J Jags stand out like a pot belly…."
*Jargo – "Where's the stash so we can throw a bash, She got the %^sh I got the Cash"…."My flow sicker than the president"
*Greatest - "Y'all know who the greatest is, turn on the radio, hear me oh, know what the latest is, God knows I was saved for this. I can't go against nature I was made for this"
*Jesse Swag "These are the words from J.Jagg Abaga, I'm so fly that my name rhymes with swagger"
*Nobody Test Me "…don't test me even if you got Testes I'm a P$#ck……Gossipers like Garri. Bring it and we smoke am…"
*Take Over "…Rapper music lomo gan, Ice Prince got my back M.I legbon. I remember those days when we dey chop pomo, Now my album don drop buy 2 omo"
*Chocolate "Do you want the chocolate? I want the chocolate"……."Samurai Jack, this samurai is black"……"So tell me what I gotta do to press you, press you, *sigh* Sorry impress you"
*Wetin Dey "Chauffeur you driving me loco, I got the chocolate, You say I'm the Cocoa(koko).Back in the days baby I had no dough. I was rejected like the kobo. Now chicks go crazy like Jojo, ….."


After typing this, I'm listening to the whole abum again. Track by Track. If you don't have this album yet, Go and Buy it now, listen to it and tell me what you think.

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