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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 12: Mass Anti-IBB tweets

It is no longer news that IBB {Yes, Ibrahim Babangida} has announced plans to contest in the 2011 general elections. In fact, my sources say the PDP has endorsed IBB has its candidate. This just goes to show the kind of people in the PDP. Power to the people my left foot! More like power to the hungry and greedy old people!

Also, A few weeks ago, IBB in an interview said that Nigerian youths are not capable of running Nigeria. I would like to have IBB know that according to the last census 45% of voters are in the Youth Bracket. Before I continue I would like us to take a trip down memory lane. 1993 to be precise.

In what was Adjudged the freest and fairest election in Nigeria, M.K.O. Abiola emerged winner in the General Elections. 24 hours later IBB and his assholes {yes im pissed!} decided to annul the elections. Throwing the entire populace (except the assholes} into confusion and chaos.

Why Am I pissed?

At this time in 1993 my mother was heavy with me. 7 months to be precise. She recalls that at that time they couldn't go out. They couldn't work and they couldn't make money. Thank You IBB for the pain you put my parents and other parents through.

But its in the past now

Before you let me finish your life online (yes you the reader!} I know you're already saying its in the past. Well, the past affects the future. Post 1993, corruption rose its ugly head because people had to make money somehow no thanks to the falling Naira-Dollar rate. Yes that's why its N150 to $1. Its IBB's fault.

We cannot sit and watch this happen

As patriotic Nigerians, it is time for us to stand up and talk about this crap IBB is about to do. If IBB wants to come back and fix the problems he created, well…he can return all the money from the Swiss banks and appear at another Tribunal sitting. IBB can also publicly apologise to Nigerians and M.K.O's family for all his rubbish and then hang himself on a tree. Better still he should jump off the third mainland bridge!!!

So….we're organizing tweets

Thanks to the guys behind twitter and the trending phenomenon, on June 12, 2010, We'll be taking IBB online. Basically, We want you to say exactly what you feel about IBB's election campaign and all with the hashtag #saynotoibb. If you're really pissed, As I am, you can use the hashtag #ibbsucks or #noassholesinnigeria or #leaveusaloneibb or #nigeriansdontwantibb.

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