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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No More Bieber

It's amazing how the Internet can turn a formerly unknown teenager into a world phenomenon. Well, Thanks to twitter's new trending topics algorithm. Justin Bieber is no longer trending. 

I have no problem or hate for Justin Bieber, Its just that twitter has become a place where a lot of us go to get information about what's happening around the world. But for the past weeks and months everytime we go to, Justin Bieber is trending. Most times people trend when they do something spectacular of when something happened to them. Like Kathryn Bigelow winning many Oscars for the Hurt locker. 

So in the beginning when I saw Bieber trend I actually clicked the search term so I could find out what had happened to him again. Then I get disappointed. All these jobless girls and a few pedophiles tweeting their love.

The incredibly smart guys at twitter realized this wasn't going to make twitter a breaking news site anymore, So they changed the algorithm which stopped Bieber from trending. Now only things that are immediate will trend. Thank You for keeping sanity BizStone.

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