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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lagbaja - Did I[VIDEO]

this is the video for one of the tracks to Lagbaja's new album. I must say the quality is so high. The video was shot in NewYork

Kanye West is on Twitter!!!!

I know this sounds so clicheish but I'm one of Kanye's biggest fans. Well for all the other Kanye Fans out there. Kanye West is on twitter!!! Follow Kanye on Twitter. And he already has over 300,000 fans. The guys at twitter showed off their awesomeness by inviting Kanye to TwitterHQ where he did a performance.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Back-Up Plan [Movie Review]

Starring : Jennifer Lopez, Alex O’Loughlin, Michaela Watkins, Eric Christian Olsen
Release Year: 2010
Directed by: Alan Poul
Genre: Romantic Comedy.
City: New York

Zoey, a middle-aged Pet Store owner has decided she’s ready to have a baby. In order to do this she gets pregnant for CRM 1014 a collection of sperm cells donated anonymously. Yes! She tried Artificial Insemination. Just after this she bumps into Stan in a taxi, they argue over who hailed the taxi 1st and the taxi driver goes away.

Zoey and Stan start dating after a few weeks of re-meeting each other at the Farmers’ Market (He sells cheese}. One night they finally do it and after Zoey tells Stan she’s pregnant!!! And he’s like “I’m sure it doesn’t happen that fast!”. Then she explains the whole story of how she wanted to have a baby so bad she got artificially inseminated.

She immediately expects him to get pissed off but he doesn’t [ah! That must be love]. He decides to stick with her and they go through the pains and ‘thrills’ of childbirth together.

My Best Part
It has to be the part where Stan and Zoey have to watch this woman[a member of Zoey’s Single Mother’s Group] give birth in a really really weird situation where Stan has to hold a mirror and they look totally devastated after the scene.

J-lo is still hot jooo
Dear future wife, whether you have 2 or 4 children for me, You still have to look as hot as you were before I married you ooh. Infact this is going to be the only clause in our pre-nup.
In Summary
The Back-up plan is a really funny and awesome[I only blog about awesome movies!] movie everyone should see.
Buy The Back-up Plan{amazon affiliate link}

Kajola -Trailer

You've probably heard about 'Kajola' well if you haven't Kajola is a $1million budget Nigerian movie. Kajola is set in 2059 as the government plans to demolish the mainland. Kajola is a complete sci-fi movie with hollywood like action scenes.*Watch the Trailer Below* Kajola premieres this friday[30th July] at the Cinemas Read more...
Checkout the Kajola facebook page

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nobody Test Me[VIDEO] - M.I, Jesse Jags and Ice Prince.


The choc boiz have brought it back in the video for 'Nobody Test Me' by Jesse Jags, M.I and Ice Prince. Choc boiz meen!

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Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.

So I've been scratching my head for a couple of days thinking what do I rant about? Just what? and I got angry this morning when I saw a few tweets by a very small minded person. I don't follow him but someone I follow re-tweeted him and so I checked his page and read a couple other tweets. After scrutinizing his page, I realised that I know this guy. And not only do I know him, I know his sister and to be honest, these people aren't the best looking of the bunch.
One thing I can't stand is pointing out the unnecessary things of life. I mean, I'm so sure everyone notices those things but those people know not to point them out because ... well just because. But it takes quite a sensible person to understand that if someone points out a negative thing in another, when that same thing happens to them, they aren't likely to take it well. And this is where all those sayings about karma and such come in. You know. There is nothing wrong with having opinions on a subject but sometimes, not everyone wants your opinion and if you can't learn to keep your mouth shut at time, then I'm sorry, you're not guaranteed a very happy life.

Like I said, he and his sister aren't exactly the best looking people in the world but I respect his sister because she understands this and she doesn't disrespect her kind but her *insert negative word here* brother thinks he is all that and then thinks he has the right to disrespect his kind. I came to the conclusion that he doesn't know his kind, in that case. He doesn't know he belongs to the ape family so every next person that doesn't meet his expectations deserves an insult. Then again, I might be wrong. Maybe he knows what he looks like but he's at that stage where everyone expects him to get married so he's looking for a pretty lady to bring forth more beautiful people to the world.
Even if this is the case, it's not necessary to insult people who don't know you on twitter. It's wrong in so many ways. It's rude. Disrespectful and all sorts of negative words.

I know there's not much of a reason it's pissing me off so much but when you think about it, it is wrong. People like to do silly things to others, they like to say things to upset other people and they don't like it when these things are done to them. We aren't children so we should know this already. 
And then people have the guts to complain about how the world is messed up and things. If we sit down and think of what we do daily, we'd understand that most of the things wrong with the world are as a result of moral evil and moral evil is the evil of human beings.
Bad things don't have to be extreme like death before they are called evil. There is evil in every little bad thing and people want change. I know that one person can't change the world but if one person changes their attitude, there is no doubt someone somewhere noticed that change and decides that well, everything has a starting point. Everything goes from small to big so a small change in the way we handle things people, can one day result in a big change in the world sometime in the future. Say 2050.

Unnecessary is unnecessary for a reason. If you don't understand what it means, spend sometime with a dictionary till you realise it.

Thank you.

About The Author________________________________________________________
A teen... physically in the diaspora with her heads in the skies. She loves love, among all things and gaining knowledge on different areas of life. Checkout her other blogs:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kick-Ass[Movie Review]

Have you ever wondered why with all the comic books we have and TV superheroes, Nobody has tried to be a superhero? Well David did and he tried to be a superhero. Wait! What am I saying? He became a Superhero!

Kick-Ass is about 4 humans who become super heroes. At least 3 of them did. Starring: Aaron Johnson, Garrett Brown
Release Year:2010
City: New York, USA
Director: Matthew Vaughn

Kick-Ass is about 4 humans who become super heroes. At least 3 of them did.

First is Dave, a high school student who wondered why there were no superheroes in real-life, bought a costume online and called himself Kick-Ass [which is a pretty kick-ass name]

Second is BigDaddy, A few years before BigDaddy’s wife was killed by this Mafia Don guy and BigDaddy seeks revenge. Yes! His name makes him sound like a pervert.

Third Is HitGirl, Big Daddy’s daughter. At about 11 years old, hit girl has knowledge on every kind of weapon you can think of. Plus she killed 8 grown-ups at the beginning of the movie

Fourth is RedMist. The Mafia guy’s Son. Real name – Chris Demico. RedMist’s job is to pretend to be a superhero so he can get Kick-Ass to his Dad. Well, ‘cos everyone thinks Kick-Ass killed the 8 afore-mentioned peeps.

After a few super-hero stunts, Kick-Ass becomes a household name. With YouTube hits at over 9million, Kick-Ass’s website becomes the most visited website and merchandise sales go through the roof and into space. So kick-ass really like’s this girl but she thinks he’s gay so they become friends. One night Kick-ass tries to help her out by talking to some Drug dealers [who work for the Mafia Don] and he gets in trouble. HitGirl and BigDaddy show up saving his non-kicking-ass and HitGirl kills 8 people!

The Mafia Don gets vexed and orders a manhunt for kick-ass. His Son comes in with the brilliant idea to act as RedMist another fan base growing superhero. So RedMist asks to be kick-ass’s sidekick and Kick-Ass agrees. RedMist drives[in the MistMobile] kick-ass to this unknown place and by the time they get there the whole building is on fire and a lot of the Mafia guys die. RedMist’s dad finds out BigDaddy is behind the warehouse fire and he gets pissed. He immediately orders a capture of Kick-Ass and BigDaddy. Meanwhile Kick-Ass gets to go out with the hotchick he likes. So RedMist convinces Kick-Ass they need to get to the other Superheroes and Kick-Ass unknowingly leads all the Mafia guys to BigDaddy’s hideout where BigDaddy and Kick-Ass are captured.

Next morning, All the mafia guys stage an unmasking of BigDaddy and Kick-Ass and stream it live online. Just as Kick-Ass and BigDaddy are about to be set on Fire, HitGirl busts in, Engaging in a cross fire with the mafia guys and killing them all. But she’s not on time to save BigDaddy who gets caught in a fire.
So Continuing the revenge, Kick-Ass and HitGirl stage this awesome break-in plan at the Mafia Headquarters. HitGirl goes through the entire security and is faced with the Mafia Don[Demico]. 1,2,3,4,5 we see Demico throwing HitGirl across the room. Bam! And on the Glass Table. Bam! As RedMist and Kick-Ass slug it out in the hallway. Just as Demico is about to fire the last shot into HitGirl’s body we see Kick-Ass with this Big-Ass(ah cliché) bazooka and he blasts Demico out of the windooooowwwww.
Im so sure this movie has a part 2 ‘cos at the end, RedMist has this whole new orange costume and says “Wait till they get a load of me” and he shoots us.

Believe me you want to see this. My rating: 9/10. Buy Kick-Ass(Amazon affiliate link)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Official MoHits Statement on Wande Coal's Picture

Last week, we saw a picture of Wande Coal [allegedly naked]all over the internet.The Mohits crew have stated that the picture was Photoshopped This picture was posted on Twitter and #WandeCoal trended for a while.
the press release states that some people are trying to make Wande Coal look bad

Mohits Official Press Release:
It has come to our notice that a purported nude picture of Wande Coal is being circulated on social networking site, Twitter and that made him a trending topic yesterday and early hours of today.
Wande is very grateful to those who have shown him love and as well to those who were constructive in their criticisms. He is saying a massive THANK YOU.

We also want to state categorically that there is nothing wrong or to be ashamed about being naked BUT THE PICTURES IN QUESTION ARE NOT THOSE OF WANDE COAL, the multiple Hip Hop World Award winner. That is not him and that can never be him.

It is worthy of note to let you know that the rising star has been a target of orchestrated attacks in past months. Few months ago false reports of him being treated in a psychiatric home were widely circulated even when he was busy performing in shows in Nigeria and around the world. Later, another report of him slapping a fellow in a club was initiated by some faceless people as well, a report which was false in its entirety. Last year it was also reported that he slapped 9ice during an argument, a report 9ice himself denied. Now, it is a false naked picture that is being used.

We have reason to believe that the person behind these nude pictures is the same person(s) behind earlier negative and false stories. Therefore, we are no longer taking the matter lightly. Appropriate security agencies have been briefed and investigations are on-going so as to ascertain true identity of the culprit and bring him or her to book.

Wande would also like to appeal to his numerous fans to keep calm and assure them that he won’t stop making good music, love them and keep right in all his doings.

Hashtags are not for facebook.

Hashtags were developed on twitter to enhance discussions. For example the hashtag for the world cup is #worldcup and the hashtag for times when all you can do is sleep is #natocrashbethat. Clicking hashtags on twitter opens up the search for that hashtag and shows all public tweets about that hashtag. Blogger has used this to track tweets about the new blogger template designer and settings with #bloggerindraft. Basically bloggers with problems or ideas include this in their tweets and the guys at google see what they can do about it.

Why hashtags are not for facebook

Hashtags are not for facebook because cannot be clicked! Therefore they are not really about discussions. Facebook already allows users comment on updates and ish. I was really surprised when I saw #dead on facebook. I’m like “dudes what the hell!!!”.

Please keep our newsfeed sane

This is going to all my friends who seem to love creating their own hashtags so much, they post them on facebook and fill already messed up newsfeed with crap! Please, Please stop the facebook hashtags so I don’t write another blogpost. Pretty please……Thank You!.

UPDATE: September 7 2013. Facebook eventually enabled Hashtags and now allows users search through them. I mean, every social network allows hashtags now. They didn't have a choice. Crap

Saturday, July 17, 2010

African Time

You are invited to our Prestigious event
Time: 2pm Prompt
Venue: Extremely expensive to rent hall in Lekki or Ikeja
Its 3:30 and I’m sitting at this Prestigious event and it’s not looking like they’ll start by 4.  

You are invited to our Prestigious event

Time: 2pm Prompt

Venue: Extremely expensive to rent hall in Lekki or Ikeja

Its 3:30 and I’m sitting at this Prestigious event and it’s not looking like they’ll start by 4. Because I’m an advocate of gettoplacesearly I’ve been here since 1. I left my house early because I live in Lagos and I have to expect the unexpected. One time oil spilled on half of Ikorodu Road and it set everyone back 2 hours. Many people didn’t even get to this event until around 3:10. They’ll tell you they knew the programme would start late and when you ask why they’ll tell you “We knew the program won’t start early” and the organizers tell you “We knew people won’t come till 4” and I still wonder if all these people are psychic

What exactly is African Time
African time is the excuse Africans have used for decades to delay basically everything. This middle class man watches SuperSport till 1am, he wakes up at 7:30, gets to his office at 9am and blames traffic!! I always tell people “You know there’ll be traffic, so live your house one freaking hour early.” The Senate delays the budgetary thingy till it’s the beginning of the exact year, and the President doesn’t sign it on time because he still needs to go through it. I don’t think Nigeria’s 2010 budget has been approved. Its July already!!!!

The GOD excuse
These set of late comers enjoy using out-of-context bible passages as excuses for everything. Like “All things work together for good…..” and they forget “…for those who love the Lord”. My response for this people is “So, God wants you to lose your job and reduce you to poverty?”.

Early to bed early to rise….
The saying goes “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” This is so simple because doing stuff late is like a big cycle. It goes round and round and never stops. If you sleep late, you’ll wake up late, you’ll get to class late, you’ll not have enough time left to copy the note…….and you’ll fail your exam. Then you’ll now be fasting and asking God why. Its not rocket science…You didn’t keep to time!. Another saying goes “Those who snooze lose”.

Nelson Mandela said….
One time Nelson Mandela was asked by a journalist “When do you think It’ll be Africa’s time to be at the center of the world” and Nelson Mandela said “It’ll be time when Africans all by watches and keep to the time on the watches”. Okay I didn’t quite get the quote right….but you get my point

Drake has a quote sef….
“Better late than never, Never late is better”

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shoprite – the highest prices for the otherwise cheapest things! Always!

So I decided to check out the new shoprite a few days ago (Yes, its true they opened shoprite at Adeniran Ogunsanya). The outside looked so freaking crappy and they had thugs controlling traffic and I’m like... So I decided to check out the new shoprite a few days ago (Yes, its true they opened shoprite at Adeniran Ogunsanya). The outside looked so freaking crappy and they had thugs controlling traffic and I’m like “kay, they just opened up and the building is still incomplete”. I forgot to mention I went wiv my aunt and she’s a caterer. Turns out for all the stuff she wanted to buy they were relatively cheaper than the other shops in Surulere. So we bought all her stuff and I decided to buy myself some munchies.

Munchies? Glad you asked! Munchies is my word for all the stuff I constantly enjoy eating. Munchies includes(but is not limited to) all manner of chewing gum, biscuits, sweets and chocolates. So I checked out the line where they had Pringles and the one pack of the big Pringles was like 360 and I’m like “Its 300 at the store near my house”. So I assumed there was a labeling mistake and I walked on (Do you really want me to waste 60 naira on some South African company?). Then I saw this stick of sweets without a label and their attendant tells me its 100 naira. What’s it made of? Gold? I said to myself at least Sugarfree gum should be cheap…So I walked over to the checkout counter and they were selling ORBIT at 270!. I would like to have you know that the mallam near my house sells orbit at 170!!!!
Yes! I didn’t buy anything ooh…..I will not contribute to some rip-off’s pocket!!! Walking out of the store I’m still looking at the sign “Shoprite – Lowest Prices you can trust Always” and I’m like “Slimy Bastards”. The small things that should be cheap are almost 50% more expensive than anywhere else…..Bastards!
What’s with all this South African companies anyway?
From MTN (Yes this is what you get for stealing my 200 bucks last week) to DSTV these South African companies are constantly ripping us off…….well….because we like foreign and ‘imported’ stuff.
My MTN Beef
A few weeks ago I loaded my mum’s phone with 200Naira hoping to do some blogging. I decided to check my twitter page first and the stuff was loading for about 10 minutes. So I gave up! Checking my credit about 5 minutes later, I discover I have 16Naira left!!! I mean how does that bloody happen……..The text didn’t even come up and Instead of them to tell me their network had a problem, their bloody network decided to pretend it was loading, while slowly stealing my credit…..Bloody multinational corporation!!!!
But it’s just 200 naira na.
First of all, you are a big fool for saying that (So, what if I’m blunt). If MTN swipes 2naira from more than 5 million subscribers in one day…that’s 10million Naira unworked for profit. And if they do that everyday for a week that’s 70 million naira. You’re probably one of the stupid bankers that works for one of the blue banks in trouble and you take small money from your customers knowingly…..and you charge them 50bucks to use your ATM in your premises (bloody Intercontinental Bank).
This is what happens when there’s no regulation
Our government has constantly failed to regulate service providers and they have turned Nigeria into a quick money making venture and they go to spend all the money on their home economy. For example, at Starcomms, the first set of phones they import for any model are usually inspected. So at that point they import the good and workingwell phones. A few months later they sell all the good batches and they start importing the fake and substandard phones from China. Yes! That’s the reason your Huawei phone develops a sound problem after 3 weeks.
If any of the companies I’ve blacklisted above think I’m lying about them, they should hold a press conference dismissing my truthful allegations and get me some freaking traffic, ‘cos I need it!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quit facebook day is a big joke!

As I write this, Its July 10th, 2010 and according to only 36,944 people have actually committed to quitting facebook. It is also important to note that committing to quit isn’t actually quitting. I waited for June to be over just so I could be sure people were not going to quit.
Many facebook users actually have concerns about their privacy but feel facebook is too much of an important tool to quit. Checkout Mashable’s poll.
Facebook seems to have scaled through this round of anti-facebook warfare unscratched. At least for now. Read 10 reasons you shouldn’t quit facebook
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