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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.

So I've been scratching my head for a couple of days thinking what do I rant about? Just what? and I got angry this morning when I saw a few tweets by a very small minded person. I don't follow him but someone I follow re-tweeted him and so I checked his page and read a couple other tweets. After scrutinizing his page, I realised that I know this guy. And not only do I know him, I know his sister and to be honest, these people aren't the best looking of the bunch.
One thing I can't stand is pointing out the unnecessary things of life. I mean, I'm so sure everyone notices those things but those people know not to point them out because ... well just because. But it takes quite a sensible person to understand that if someone points out a negative thing in another, when that same thing happens to them, they aren't likely to take it well. And this is where all those sayings about karma and such come in. You know. There is nothing wrong with having opinions on a subject but sometimes, not everyone wants your opinion and if you can't learn to keep your mouth shut at time, then I'm sorry, you're not guaranteed a very happy life.

Like I said, he and his sister aren't exactly the best looking people in the world but I respect his sister because she understands this and she doesn't disrespect her kind but her *insert negative word here* brother thinks he is all that and then thinks he has the right to disrespect his kind. I came to the conclusion that he doesn't know his kind, in that case. He doesn't know he belongs to the ape family so every next person that doesn't meet his expectations deserves an insult. Then again, I might be wrong. Maybe he knows what he looks like but he's at that stage where everyone expects him to get married so he's looking for a pretty lady to bring forth more beautiful people to the world.
Even if this is the case, it's not necessary to insult people who don't know you on twitter. It's wrong in so many ways. It's rude. Disrespectful and all sorts of negative words.

I know there's not much of a reason it's pissing me off so much but when you think about it, it is wrong. People like to do silly things to others, they like to say things to upset other people and they don't like it when these things are done to them. We aren't children so we should know this already. 
And then people have the guts to complain about how the world is messed up and things. If we sit down and think of what we do daily, we'd understand that most of the things wrong with the world are as a result of moral evil and moral evil is the evil of human beings.
Bad things don't have to be extreme like death before they are called evil. There is evil in every little bad thing and people want change. I know that one person can't change the world but if one person changes their attitude, there is no doubt someone somewhere noticed that change and decides that well, everything has a starting point. Everything goes from small to big so a small change in the way we handle things people, can one day result in a big change in the world sometime in the future. Say 2050.

Unnecessary is unnecessary for a reason. If you don't understand what it means, spend sometime with a dictionary till you realise it.

Thank you.

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