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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hashtags are not for facebook.

Hashtags were developed on twitter to enhance discussions. For example the hashtag for the world cup is #worldcup and the hashtag for times when all you can do is sleep is #natocrashbethat. Clicking hashtags on twitter opens up the search for that hashtag and shows all public tweets about that hashtag. Blogger has used this to track tweets about the new blogger template designer and settings with #bloggerindraft. Basically bloggers with problems or ideas include this in their tweets and the guys at google see what they can do about it.

Why hashtags are not for facebook

Hashtags are not for facebook because cannot be clicked! Therefore they are not really about discussions. Facebook already allows users comment on updates and ish. I was really surprised when I saw #dead on facebook. I’m like “dudes what the hell!!!”.

Please keep our newsfeed sane

This is going to all my friends who seem to love creating their own hashtags so much, they post them on facebook and fill already messed up newsfeed with crap! Please, Please stop the facebook hashtags so I don’t write another blogpost. Pretty please……Thank You!.

UPDATE: September 7 2013. Facebook eventually enabled Hashtags and now allows users search through them. I mean, every social network allows hashtags now. They didn't have a choice. Crap

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  1. I feel like hashtags are developing their own syntax for humor. It's almost like a parenthetical afterthought