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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kick-Ass[Movie Review]

Have you ever wondered why with all the comic books we have and TV superheroes, Nobody has tried to be a superhero? Well David did and he tried to be a superhero. Wait! What am I saying? He became a Superhero!

Kick-Ass is about 4 humans who become super heroes. At least 3 of them did. Starring: Aaron Johnson, Garrett Brown
Release Year:2010
City: New York, USA
Director: Matthew Vaughn

Kick-Ass is about 4 humans who become super heroes. At least 3 of them did.

First is Dave, a high school student who wondered why there were no superheroes in real-life, bought a costume online and called himself Kick-Ass [which is a pretty kick-ass name]

Second is BigDaddy, A few years before BigDaddy’s wife was killed by this Mafia Don guy and BigDaddy seeks revenge. Yes! His name makes him sound like a pervert.

Third Is HitGirl, Big Daddy’s daughter. At about 11 years old, hit girl has knowledge on every kind of weapon you can think of. Plus she killed 8 grown-ups at the beginning of the movie

Fourth is RedMist. The Mafia guy’s Son. Real name – Chris Demico. RedMist’s job is to pretend to be a superhero so he can get Kick-Ass to his Dad. Well, ‘cos everyone thinks Kick-Ass killed the 8 afore-mentioned peeps.

After a few super-hero stunts, Kick-Ass becomes a household name. With YouTube hits at over 9million, Kick-Ass’s website becomes the most visited website and merchandise sales go through the roof and into space. So kick-ass really like’s this girl but she thinks he’s gay so they become friends. One night Kick-ass tries to help her out by talking to some Drug dealers [who work for the Mafia Don] and he gets in trouble. HitGirl and BigDaddy show up saving his non-kicking-ass and HitGirl kills 8 people!

The Mafia Don gets vexed and orders a manhunt for kick-ass. His Son comes in with the brilliant idea to act as RedMist another fan base growing superhero. So RedMist asks to be kick-ass’s sidekick and Kick-Ass agrees. RedMist drives[in the MistMobile] kick-ass to this unknown place and by the time they get there the whole building is on fire and a lot of the Mafia guys die. RedMist’s dad finds out BigDaddy is behind the warehouse fire and he gets pissed. He immediately orders a capture of Kick-Ass and BigDaddy. Meanwhile Kick-Ass gets to go out with the hotchick he likes. So RedMist convinces Kick-Ass they need to get to the other Superheroes and Kick-Ass unknowingly leads all the Mafia guys to BigDaddy’s hideout where BigDaddy and Kick-Ass are captured.

Next morning, All the mafia guys stage an unmasking of BigDaddy and Kick-Ass and stream it live online. Just as Kick-Ass and BigDaddy are about to be set on Fire, HitGirl busts in, Engaging in a cross fire with the mafia guys and killing them all. But she’s not on time to save BigDaddy who gets caught in a fire.
So Continuing the revenge, Kick-Ass and HitGirl stage this awesome break-in plan at the Mafia Headquarters. HitGirl goes through the entire security and is faced with the Mafia Don[Demico]. 1,2,3,4,5 we see Demico throwing HitGirl across the room. Bam! And on the Glass Table. Bam! As RedMist and Kick-Ass slug it out in the hallway. Just as Demico is about to fire the last shot into HitGirl’s body we see Kick-Ass with this Big-Ass(ah cliché) bazooka and he blasts Demico out of the windooooowwwww.
Im so sure this movie has a part 2 ‘cos at the end, RedMist has this whole new orange costume and says “Wait till they get a load of me” and he shoots us.

Believe me you want to see this. My rating: 9/10. Buy Kick-Ass(Amazon affiliate link)

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