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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shoprite – the highest prices for the otherwise cheapest things! Always!

So I decided to check out the new shoprite a few days ago (Yes, its true they opened shoprite at Adeniran Ogunsanya). The outside looked so freaking crappy and they had thugs controlling traffic and I’m like... So I decided to check out the new shoprite a few days ago (Yes, its true they opened shoprite at Adeniran Ogunsanya). The outside looked so freaking crappy and they had thugs controlling traffic and I’m like “kay, they just opened up and the building is still incomplete”. I forgot to mention I went wiv my aunt and she’s a caterer. Turns out for all the stuff she wanted to buy they were relatively cheaper than the other shops in Surulere. So we bought all her stuff and I decided to buy myself some munchies.

Munchies? Glad you asked! Munchies is my word for all the stuff I constantly enjoy eating. Munchies includes(but is not limited to) all manner of chewing gum, biscuits, sweets and chocolates. So I checked out the line where they had Pringles and the one pack of the big Pringles was like 360 and I’m like “Its 300 at the store near my house”. So I assumed there was a labeling mistake and I walked on (Do you really want me to waste 60 naira on some South African company?). Then I saw this stick of sweets without a label and their attendant tells me its 100 naira. What’s it made of? Gold? I said to myself at least Sugarfree gum should be cheap…So I walked over to the checkout counter and they were selling ORBIT at 270!. I would like to have you know that the mallam near my house sells orbit at 170!!!!
Yes! I didn’t buy anything ooh…..I will not contribute to some rip-off’s pocket!!! Walking out of the store I’m still looking at the sign “Shoprite – Lowest Prices you can trust Always” and I’m like “Slimy Bastards”. The small things that should be cheap are almost 50% more expensive than anywhere else…..Bastards!
What’s with all this South African companies anyway?
From MTN (Yes this is what you get for stealing my 200 bucks last week) to DSTV these South African companies are constantly ripping us off…….well….because we like foreign and ‘imported’ stuff.
My MTN Beef
A few weeks ago I loaded my mum’s phone with 200Naira hoping to do some blogging. I decided to check my twitter page first and the stuff was loading for about 10 minutes. So I gave up! Checking my credit about 5 minutes later, I discover I have 16Naira left!!! I mean how does that bloody happen……..The text didn’t even come up and Instead of them to tell me their network had a problem, their bloody network decided to pretend it was loading, while slowly stealing my credit…..Bloody multinational corporation!!!!
But it’s just 200 naira na.
First of all, you are a big fool for saying that (So, what if I’m blunt). If MTN swipes 2naira from more than 5 million subscribers in one day…that’s 10million Naira unworked for profit. And if they do that everyday for a week that’s 70 million naira. You’re probably one of the stupid bankers that works for one of the blue banks in trouble and you take small money from your customers knowingly…..and you charge them 50bucks to use your ATM in your premises (bloody Intercontinental Bank).
This is what happens when there’s no regulation
Our government has constantly failed to regulate service providers and they have turned Nigeria into a quick money making venture and they go to spend all the money on their home economy. For example, at Starcomms, the first set of phones they import for any model are usually inspected. So at that point they import the good and workingwell phones. A few months later they sell all the good batches and they start importing the fake and substandard phones from China. Yes! That’s the reason your Huawei phone develops a sound problem after 3 weeks.
If any of the companies I’ve blacklisted above think I’m lying about them, they should hold a press conference dismissing my truthful allegations and get me some freaking traffic, ‘cos I need it!

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  1. Man I feel your pain..I loaded 1500 naira once..made a 5 min call to the philippines..n 200 was left..Bloody hell

    Lmao @ ''you are a big fool for saying that'' Haven't heard that in a while.