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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Inception [MOVIE REVIEW]

Inception Image

After 3 failed attempts at seeing this, I finally watched this movie alone. Just because I had to pay enough attention.

Before you read my review we have to go through certain definitions just so you understand what I’m talking about. I’m also going to explain some parts of the movie for all those who still don’t understand what it’s all about.

First up is inception. An inception is a thought or an idea. An idea can be so little, yet it can spread through your mind like wild fire and change who you are. So in this movie an inception is planting an idea in a person’s mind without actually giving the target the idea. If the subject is given an idea his mind can tell he got it from someone else so he can discard the idea. All this is done within a dream or dream levels. Dream levels are dreams within dreams.

Extraction. Extractions are usually done by extractors. An extractor knows how to find his way around your thoughts and makes you divulge information to him.
For an extraction to occur, Four people are needed

The point man: The point man acts as a guardian or a security force if you will. The point man stays awake in one of the dream levels to plan ‘the kick’. The kick is the action that wakes anyone in the dream up. It can be a shot, a stab or a fall. Anything that feels like free fall or would cause pain really.

The extractor: The extractor is the man who makes the subject give information. The extractor makes the subject do stuff that involve actually giving up or using information in the subject’s mind. The action can be entering a PIN code or opening a vault. Basically he lets the subject trust him enough to give information.

The architect: The architect basically designs the dream levels or realms. The architect makes sure the buildings, rivers, trains, e.t.c seem real enough to the subject so he doesn’t realize he’s dreaming.

The tourist: His name speaks for itself. The tourist is the person who just comes along. He doesn’t necessarily have to be part of the dream even though he is in it. The tourist can act as a helper in times of emergency.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb, the Extractor, a professional thief who specializes in conning secrets from his victims by infiltrating their dreams. Cobb leads a team consisting of Arthur, Ariadne, Eames, Saito, and Yusuf, with the goal of influencing Fischer's actions via his dreams.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur, the Point Man, Cobb's partner and the man responsible for researching the team's targets.
Ken Watanabe as Saito, the Tourist, a businessman who employs Cobb for the team's mission, and insists on being a member.
Ellen Page as Ariadne, the Architect, a graduate student who is recruited to construct worlds in which the dreams take place. Ariadne alludes to the daughter of King Minos who aided Theseus by giving him a sword and a ball of string to help him navigate the labyrinth.
Tom Hardy as Eames, the Forger, a sharp-tongued associate of Cobb's. Eames uses his ability to take the form of others in order to manipulate Fischer in Fischer's dreams.
Dileep Rao as Yusuf, the Chemist, who formulates the drugs needed to sustain the team members' dream states.
Marion Cotillard as Mal Cobb, the Shade, Dom Cobb's deceased wife and a frequent, malevolent presence in Dom's dreams. Dom is unable to control these projections of her, challenging his abilities as an extractor.[16] She serves as the film's main antagonist.
Cillian Murphy as Robert Michael Fischer, the Mark, the heir to a business empire and the team's target.
Tom Berenger as Peter Browning, Fischer's godfather and fellow executive at the Fischers' company.
Pete Postlethwaite as Maurice Fischer, Robert's dying father.
Lukas Haas as Nash, an architect in Cobb's employment who is replaced by Ariadne.
Michael Caine as Miles, Cobb's mentor and father-in-law, and Ariadne's college professor who recommends her to the team.

Release Year:2010
Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan
Locations: Tokyo, Japan; Cardington, England; University College London, England; Warner Bros Studios;

So In this movie, Dom Cobb gets hired by Saito to plant an inception in a Rival’s mind so Cobb gets to go back to his children. Cobb’s wife, Mal had died because she believed the reality they were in was not really reality. The rival is Robert Fisher, The Mark. Fisher’s father recently died so Cobb puts together a team with an Architect, A pointman, A tourist[Saito], A forger[Eames], A chemist[Yusuf], and himself[ the extractor]. The plan is to place an idea in Robert Fisher’s mind so he decides to split up his father’s companies which rival Saito.

To do this the team needs to create and penetrate 3 dream levels.

In the first level, This is the original dream the team actually creates. They sedate Fisher while he’s on a plane to Los Angeles. In this stage they pick Fisher up in LA, kidnap him and Eames pretends to be his father’s right hand man[Peter Browning]. While in a van they sedate Fisher again, placing him in a second dream level. Meanwhile Fisher thinks this first level is reality.

In the second level, Cobb walks up to Fisher at a bar and convinces Fisher he’s been sent to protect him. Fisher tries his best to remember where he was before he got to this dream and he realizes he’s been given a code to something. Fisher agrees and decides to dream with Cobb and his team mates. At this point fisher thinks they’re all trying to protect him from his Peter Browining.

In the third level, Fisher and Cobb’s team have to help Fisher break into a secret vault in the Alps with an army protecting it. Fisher finally opens a vault and sees his father. Fisher after a very short conversation with his father believes his Father wants him to start and do his own thing. But before Fisher escapes, he’s shot by Mal, a result of Cobb’s subconscious projected into his dream. To save him, Cobb and Ariadne must go into a fourth level.

In the fourth level, Cobb finds his wife and begins to talk to her in an attempt to get Fisher back, because she already captured him in the third level. She stabs Cobb and the Ariadne shoots her. The dream begins to collapse so the Architect sets in her kick and Fisher’s kick leaving Cobb behind to find Saito who was shot in the first level.

Other Inception lingo
Projections: A projection is something out of a person’s mind. Most projections come out of the subconscious. The dreamer doesn’t plan to create them in his dream, but they are there. Projections can also arise from a dreamer’s memories.
Subconscious: The stuff that happens around a subject’s dream that seem out of his control. Like the people that walk on the streets, eat at restaurants, e.t.c. When the subconscious realize there’s someone else other than the subject in the dream, they attack the person, giving the visitor a kick .
Totem: A totem can be any object. A totem is something you choose before entering your dream. The totem is balanced in reality. For Cobb it was a spinning. When it wobbled he wasn’t in reality and vice-versa.

Final thoughts
Nobody is really sure if Cobb ended up in reality because his Totem was about to wobble but the camera zoomed in and the screen went blank! After the movie, I slapped myself about 3 times just so I was sure I was awake. For me my totem is my phone. I checked my To-Do list and I saw ‘Write blog post; Write blog post; search; search; download; download; tweet;’ Yep! This is definitely my life. If you had to choose a totem what would you choose? Add your totem to the comment section below.


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  1. You're right about the amount of concentration you have to put in order to see this movie. all in all i believe that once you put your mind to it, this is a great movie, as convoluted at it may be. definetly one of the movies i'd recommand to my friends