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Monday, August 30, 2010

Modenine DaVinci Mode [Album Review]

So when i bought this album I first turned to the back to see the track list and I saw '22!'. Ah! Modenine definitely wants to kill some wack rappers.Modenine finally brings some party beats to this album. I know that makes a
lot of people happy. Everytime I talk about Modenine people are like 'why do you like this guy sef?'. Well its because modenine has some sick rhymes and he has stuck to his strictly hip hop ish.there's no dispute to Modenine's lyrics 'cos he won lyricist on
a roll at the Hip Hop World Awards because he's won Lyricist of the year at every single Hip Hop World Awards. If you don't like this guy, I sorry for you.

Intro - (Black Eyed Peas)
We at it again
So fly
Badman ft. A1
Black Rap Messiah
We dey vex ft. Tuface Idibia
My Life
Muzik Lives
What you want ft. Mocheddah
Rhyme tight
Thinking About You
Tears of Pain ft. Ososensi
Top Eleven
Loke ft. YQ & OD
Down ft. Blaise, Kraft & Tha Rapman
Tales of the pots
Love Jones
Taking comedy money
Soul to Keep
Death Blow pt.2

We at it again --- 'First name Sege, 2nd name wale, not the one in the single with lady gaga, but I can make  babies go googoo gaga. Search the net to decipher that google gaga.

We Dey Vex ft. Tuface --- I punch lines like people queuing up for mixed drinks [get it Punch lines, when you queue up to buy punch]

So fly 'I'm a sky exploding. Supernova.Move over.You just paper planes. Take the blame.You fakes are lame.Shake the game. No dice.

Badman ft. A1 'Pardon me for being the best, but im a little vain and you're just a generic version of lil wayne....I am not a star I'm a bigger planet than jupiter'

Black Rap Messiah 'Y'all just pharisees, I'll take u out without even burning a calorie. Put it on the house exterminate you for charity."

Death Blow Pt.2 - really funny guy trying to do a freestyle

Rhyme tight.'You try to cast a shadow on my limelight, you get hit on your blind side *Gbow!* now get your mind right.Your defeat forecast I turn hindsight, I spit dynamite 'cos i rhyme tight'

Down ft. blaise, tha rapman, kraft " Im an ET, Extra terrestial. i think i phone home. Now give me the skills of David, the strengh of King Kong. Help me destroy the haters who attack my queendom" -Blaise

Okokomaiko "Ah modenine baba, alaye mi ton rin lori tara ono tadro. 2 biros lofi smoke garri elepa. Won o poto. O ri e wan be gan.Ah! Ninemode olenu bi ejo.O lenu bi kettle baba.Ah back and forth niwo.Won da wamo ni gbogbo faaji.."

Taking Comedy Money "Robbing teju babyface will not be hard, If he tries to beg his face will end up scarred.Julius Agwu's living large from Crack your ribs. Told him to give me the cash or I'll crack your ribs. He got sober. Gave me the keys to his cribs.The Don's getting bashed up like a crash dummy. I aint robbing for one reason. him no funny.

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