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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nigerian Senators are the highest paid legislators in the world

Obasanjo at a retreat a few weeks ago called on us to “look closely at the legislature so that they can be more open and transparent in the way they do their work. Nobody knows in details how much it costs us to maintain a senator. I believe it is more than N250million[per annum]. Compare what it cost in 1999 and 2000, it cost about $1.7million compared to a quarter of a million in America…Now let us talk truly and seriously to ourselves; we can’t continue to have a National Assembly that is consuming a disproportional part of our resources and then expect that we would be able to make progress. They pass budget that can’t be implemented because it has to be beefed up to satisfy their whims and caprices. Even what the ministries did not ask for they add in the budget”

No official Response

The House of Reps and The Senate have not officially released a response to Obasanjo’s statement.

What exactly do they earn?

At a recent public event, Prof. Itse Sagay in a well researched paper pointed out that the Senate President “earns N250million quarterly or N83million per month while his deputy earns N50 million monthly and that while N1.024bn was allocated as quarterly allowance to the 10 principal officers in the upper house, each of the other principal officers earns N78million every three months or N26million per month.”

In other words he said Nigerian lawmakers in Abuja are the highest paid in the world! In 2009, a Senator earned N240million in salaries and allowances, while his House of Reps counterpart earned N203 million. Therefore  A senator earned $1.7 million and a member of the House of Reps earned N1.45million per annum. He also compared the Nigerian Senators pay with that of the American Senator who earns $174,000 and the British who earned $64,000 in 2009. It is also important to note that Barrack Obama earns $400,000 in 2009 as the American President. American presidents are known worldwide as the ‘Busiest men in the world’ I still see no reason why any public officer should earn more than Obama.

What do the Senators think?

Since there is no official response from the house, Some senators have taken it upon themselves to speak out.

Roland Owie says “How can he[obasanjo] call the kettle black? He was the creator of corruption. Obasanjo introduced Ghana-Must-Go in 1999 into the National Assembly when he was calling senators into the villa to appeal to us to vote Enwerem instead of Okadigbo. It was the beginning of Ghana must Go.” Ghana-must-go in this case refers to the types of bags used to distribute money. It is believed money was put into these bags and used to bribe senators.

Alli Ndume of the ANPP said “Obasanjo is our father and grandfather in corruption. I cannot sit here and tell you that we are not corrupt… But was it not Obasanjo that bribed every member of the House in 2006 with N50millionto support his failed third term agenda? I want the Press to go and find out what was the asset and bank account of Obasanjo in 1999. Then go and check his bank account now and his assets, then you will understand what I am saying. Obasanjo should have said that all politicians are corrupt.”

What is Obasanjo trying to do?

Basically I think OBJ is trying to make us think he’s a good man. He wants us to think he’s in some kind of apologetic state so he’s been snitching since last year. OBJ has been snitching so many corrupt people since late last year, I’m so sure he has another agenda.

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  1. Nigeria is a joke as a country.....we are not yet serious as a country......wot are those useless old and haggard men doing...they just sit down there and fight for their own