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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

She's Out of My League [MOVIE REVIEW]

WARNING: This review could mess up your whole movie experience. Watch She's out of My League first, then come back here. Buy She's out of My League

Starring: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, T.J. Miller, Mike Vogel,
Release Year:2010
Directed by:Jim Field Smith
Written by: Sean Anders and John Morris
Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Kirk(Jay Baruchel), an airport security worker at Pittsburgh broke up with his girlfriend 2 years ago and now he wants her back. Only now she’s with Ron. A few days later, Kirk is doing his usual airport security rounds when he finds an iPhone belonging to Molly. So he agrees to drop the phone off at this party and they (Kirk and his friend) get thrown out. Molly thinks she should make it up to them and she asks him to come see the Islanders game with her friend Patty. During the game Kirk finds out she’s into him.

After that, Molly asks Kirk out on a date at this fancy restaurant and they run into Molly’s ex-boyfriend Kim. The date goes well and Kirk drops Molly off at her house and before she gets down, she kisses him.
A few days later, Kirk takes Molly to his house to meet his family. When his mom sees her she suddenly becomes nervous and starts giggling and his dad says “Nice”. His mom even jumps up in excitement ‘cos she’s shocked Kirk got a hot girlfriend. At dinner, Kirk’s ex (yep! She is part of the family) wears a really tight dress so everyone thinks she’s hot also. Then she goes on to talk about how people don’t treat ‘them’ pretty women well and everyone else is like ‘you pretty women?’. At the end of dinner, Kirk’s mum asks if Molly would like to come with them on their vacation to Branson. After Dinner Kirk and his brother play this mini hockey thing like penalties in soccer. And for the first time Kirk wins.

Kirk goes to Molly’s house after dinner that night, they start making out and then something happens which you have to watch the movie to see. Suddenly, Molly’s parents enter the room and Kirk being too ashamed because of the incident, runs off. They don’t talk for weeks until Kirk summons up the courage to tell her about the incident the night they were making out. After getting back together, Molly tries doing it with Kirk again after her sister’s birthday party, then Molly decides to show Kirk a defect she has….and she has webbed toes…and they move into an argument about how Kirk is not a 10 and Molly is using him because she thinks she’ll be safe and bla bla bla.

Next thing we see is Kirk and his ex both wearing ‘Branson bound’ t-shirts, at the airport. While seated on the plane preparing for take-off, Kirk realizes he should go after Molly all thanks to his friend Stainer. Kirk suddenly switches to ranting mood, Dissing everyone in his family and telling them how stupid they are, etc, etc until a member of the cabin-crew tells him he can’t get off. So now he’s stuck on the plane with all the people he dissed.< Stainer calls up Patty and gets her to bring Molly to the airport. The plane gets delayed thanks to one of Kirk’s friends and we see Kirk running out of the plane and into the airport’s terminal for Molly. Through small duty free shops and on transport carts. Finally Kirk finds Molly and they discuss their issues and bla bla and they kissed.

If you’ve seen She’s out of my league, please post your comments in the comment box below this post. Thank you.