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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WARNING: Fake Interswitch e-mail making rounds.

So the yahoo boys are at it again. This message tells interswitch users to enter their details in a fake website. Looking at the e-mail address you see its not from interswitch and the website is on a free host. Please share it with others.Tracking this e-mail address I found out its from Ireland Below is the e-mail I got: Dear ATM Card User,

This is to hereby notify you of the recent Central Bank of Nigeria
Directive to all banks to switch to the new and secured chip ATM cards.
With this directive,all old ATM cards shall be inactivated.

With the new Cards,there shall be no more transaction charges when you use
your ATM cards and it is more secured.go to the website below to register for your new card;

You are getting this mail because you have not updated.


Mr.Tony Ede
Assistant Director,
Office Address:Tinubu Square,Lagos
Postal Address:P.M.B. 12194,Lagos.
Fax: +234(1)882 617
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