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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

50 Years of What?

They say time is money but I beg to differ. In some cases anyway.
I spent time with my mother one Sunday afternoon and we went in-depth on some issues I wouldn't have insight on because not many people sit down to discuss such topics. And when they do, you know there's something odd about it. Why? Most times, people just want to talk and talk without any knowledge of the issue at hand. From the time spent with my mother, I didn't receive any amount of money. No. Something better. 
The ability to think is a good thing. When I say think, please know that I understand that everyone thinks. Those in poverty think of their situation. Those who lack job satisfaction think of moving higher some day. But in this case, thinking is exploring. Why and How? Why and How
Now, in a few weeks, our dear country Nigeria will be 50. Everybody wants to celebrate. Everybody wants to jubilate. You know something, your parents won't spend money on you if you weren't producing juicy fruits for their labour. Tell me something, you go to school for 11 years at the least and you write your WAEC or GCSEs and pass with broken colours. Are your parents going to give you what you want? I highly doubt it. So put that into the issue of celebrating Nigeria at 50. Don't get me wrong folks, I wish Nigeria good things in the years to come but let us face it. When something is bad, it is bad. When something is unfruitful, it is unfruitful. I always used to say I'm proud of Nigeria and this and that but that conversation with my mother opened my eyes. 50 years of what I ask you, 50 years of what? I go to school in the UK so presently, I reside in the UK. Most Nigerians my age are obviously here for educational purposes but how many people want to go back? I don't think you'd find that many. For obvious reasons. And besides obvious reasons, a lot of people tend to cuddle up to the good life. I'm sorry but life is not good if you have not worked for a good life. Before I carry on, I would like to apologise if I digress in this post. I tend to do that a lot as new ideas pop up in my head in the process of discussing one topic.

Now I don't want to point out the negativity in Nigeria and the negative attitude of Nigerians but it's a tad hard not to. Living in the UK for 3 years+ now has exposed me. Positive and negative exposure, of course. More positive than negative though. I spent my summer in Nigeria this year as I do every year. I discovered a lot of things and I noticed a lot of changes since my last visit. Change is constant. Anyway, I planned not to compare life in Nigeria to the kind of life I have been exposed to in the UK but as much as I tried to avoid it, the more I found myself comparing. It was terrible. Do you know that feeling when you tell yourself that you are not something repeatedly but when you face that thing, you find that you have just been lying to yourself? 
That was the feeling. I kept saying to myself and others "I'm not janded. I'm not janded" only for me to return to Nigeria to find that I can't cross Nigerian roads anymore as I am used to crossing orderly roads where people drive in their lane. It was terrible, believe. Anyway this is not the point.
The main reason I'm discussing this which I hardly speak about because people are quick to say "Can you do it, you that you're complaining?" is because I see no reason for people to celebrate when  truly and honestly, there is nothing to be celebrated. 
A number of Nigerians who reside in Nigeria have small minds. Small minded people can't go too far in life hence the hindrance in Nigeria's development. Everyone feels like they are ogas therefore, you have no right to tell them what to do. But in reality, life doesn't work this way. Learning is a continuous process. No one ever really knows all and this is a bad attitude Nigerians have. I have this attitude as well but I take others into consideration before bursting open my bag of ignorance. 6 in 10 Nigerians like to show off. I find this irritating as what they have is empty pride. Don't boast of that which you do not have.I had more serious issues to discuss but I decided not to bring them up because of mixed responses from people and criticism is something some people find hard to take. 

All I want to say though, is that we young ones of today attending schools all over the world; this is an opportunity. I believe Nigeria is in our hands. I'm so sure our parents put us out here to be able to gain something that you can't receive in Nigeria in order to have a bright future. Most people don't know this and they come here to party their lives away and become useless. Especially those who can't balance their play time and study time. If we all study our different and new environments, I am so sure we would gain something so that one day, when and if we make it back home, we can all join our hands to make a better Nigeria for those to come.
Everybody complains but nobody wants to share ideas on the change we want to see and how we can go about it.
This year, I am not celebrating Nigeria at 50 because I would be a hypocrite. Celebrating that which I believe shouldn't be celebrated yet.
Time, they say is money. But once again, I beg to differ. Time is a teacher. Time inspires. Time allows. Time is given to us for different reasons. But I believe that the most important reason is to sit down and think of ways to improve certain aspects of the world. You go to school for say 4 years. This is a period of time. You are supposed to use your time well and in the process of using your time well, you are not only gaining academic knowledge, but you are gaining general knowledge on worldly issues.

If we all use this opportunity out parents have given us to do great and go back home to do even greater, then I see Nigeria celebrating a 70 of almost perfection. 
And really, it is in our hands; the future.


  1. Personally I've never loved Nigeria, and I always get called out for it. The truth, however, is plain. Nigeria sucks. All you have is friends and family. Cherish them, and if you feel you're called to serve Nigeria, do it well and things may change.

  2. I have serious mixed feelings about this post, from what I read, I came to an understanding that the writer is a deep thinker but clearly doesn't believe in today's Nigeria cos of previous leaders. As we are entitled to our opinion, in as much as we haven't gotten to where we suppose to be,its 50 years and we have to celebrate. Whether or not you admit it,this country has also helped your life