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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aphrodite and Apollo

I have always wanted to put my story on paper or online (by-the-by who the heck names their blog UP NEPA?) It only makes sense that I Lara, am Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality while the hero is Apollo is god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; medicine he is rumoured to be hot. My story began on Febuary 23rd 2007. I can never ( as in I'm not able to) ever ever ever ( and in case you didn't get it the first time) ever forget this day. Before I go on, lemme just say that if you dont recognise a word, its not in the dictionary as I tend to make up words.

It was a saturday in my last year in secondary school. You know I was at the stage where you just want to get out of the hellhole called high school and move on. In retrospect, it seemed like a normal Saturday. I was to wash, clean my room and hang out at Grandview- a restaurant my clique and I used to hang out. Why did people use the word 'clique' a lot in 2007? You kept hearing stuff like "so you have joined a new clique' or something bizarre like "you can't join MY clique, go get YOURS,"like people can buy friends-that is assuming the people in your clique are your friends.

I woke up on that fateful Saturday feeling the sun on my face. The sunrays streaming into my room had a special feel to it. It was warm-not that it isn't warm on other days. It just felt really good. I didn't know it was an omen. I'm not a suspense or thriller writeriy person so lemme just tell you that it was actually a good omen.

So caught up in the warmth and peace of the early morning sunshine that my heart skidded to a stop when suddenly my annoying, cabbage skinned, shitheaded brother barged into my room shouting " the new neighbours are moving in" and because he gave me such a valuable piece of information, instead of shouting at him, I ran out to the balcony. And indeedy, I could see three of those big truck movers use.

A shrill voice which I recornised as my mothers came from behind me " Lara, the new neighbours are here, would you help the settle in please?"

"Don't you think that they would think that I was rubbing juju on their stuff" Some people are just paranoid or should i say superstitious. But seriously, where in Nigeria have you ever heard of people helping their neighbours.

"Do not be ridiculous and go help them out" I am naturally a nosy person but I didn't want to seem too eagar. I couldn't hide my curiousity any longer which is why I ran as fast as my legs would take me. Forgetting two vital things: 1. I still had on my Kim Possible PJs 2. I had forgotten to wash my mouth whish meant that I had morning breath. And lemme tell you that my morning breath is nothing to joke about.

On getting there, I went straight to a pretty woman who seemed to me like a mother or a wifey type and introduced myself

"Good morning ma'am, I'm Hadassah. Your new neighbour, my mother -Mrs Oluwaseyitan- will be visiting you later in the day. But, she has sent me to help you move in."

"Thank you so much and I'll need all the help I can get. I'm Mrs Somefun. I will be expecting her. Please take those boxes to my son- Marc."

"OK ma'am" As I was leaving, Mrs Somefun started screaming at one of the movers "Oloriburuku eniyan, Olosi is that where i told you to put that box ? I told you to....." Her voice drifting off as I move out of earshot. I smiled to myself. She and my mum were going to be great friends if what I just experience is anything to go by.

It was as I was thinking this that I slammed into someone- I know what you are thinking. You're going like "Oh that is such a cliche" . Let me just clarify this. It really did happen this way

"Oh sorry. I'm so sorry. Mrs Somefun sent me to give these to her son..........." I looked up into the face of a sex-god, a living Apollo- tall, fair, light brownish eyes and most importantly he was the answers to my prayers. I'm not shallow so I'm not going to continue enumerating the assets of this sex-god. Notice that I didn't say features, I said assets because if Marc's eyes or sexy pink mouth could be sold, he'd make millions. It's however is important to tell you that Apollo was not a sex-god he was the god of light( obviously since this hottie is fair) and truth- as you will see as my story continues.

"Never mind, I'm her son anyway so I'll just take these.............." Its here that Marc finally notices my expression of awe mixed with a dash of mortification. Just try to imagine that. My awe because Marc's beauty and mortification because while I was talking earlier, I smelt my own breath and lemme tell you that it was no joke. Awe and mortification occurring simultaneously is not a pretty sight. I looked like a deer caught in headlights..........

This post is to be continued in a few weeks......