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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Apple Launches Ping: A Social Network For Music

At the last Apple Event in San Francisco, we knew apple was adding something new to itunes. We didnt just know wha tit was. Apple announced iTunes 10,
an upgrade to itunes9 and they also introduced a new feature in the software- PING: A social network for music.

Steve Jobs says: "Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes" and he added 'But it's not facebook, it's not twitter"
"Its a social network all about music". And immediately it launcehd it has 160miilion users in 23 countries! It is also available on iPhones and iPod touches from the itune sstore.

Stevejobs says its all about music discovery. Users can follow artists and their friends and it allows users to also be followed. With ping, users get constum album charts to find new music and users can post their thoughts on their favourite music.
the album and songs chart shows what the people you follow are listening to. Download iTunes 10 here

Source: TechCrunch

This seems to be a great idea from the guys at Apple. What do you think?