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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's take a look at the new Windows Phone 7 handsets[IMAGES]

At an event a few weeks ago, microsoft announced the new Windows Phone 7 platform to us. We had been hearing about it before but there were no phones in the market at that time.

Before the event, 2 Windows Phone 7 handsets were leaked and we got some insight. Now Microsoft has announced 10 phones for 30 countries including European and Asian countries.Microsoft got Dell, HTC, LG, and Samsung to deliver the  handsets and the carrier list includes AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Vodafone, TELUS, América Móvil, Deutsche Telekom AG, Movistar, O2, Orange, SFR, SingTel, and Telstra.

So let's take a look at the phones shall we:

Dell Venue Pro

HTC 7 Mozart

HTC 7 Surround

HTC 7 Trophy


HTC Pro 7

LG Optimus 7

LG Quantum

Samsung focus

Samsung Omnia 7
What do you think about the design and look of these phones?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PlayStation has a Phone!

Yes, Yes according to  these images are true(we don't think anyone will spend so much time creating this anyway), then Sony has a Playstation phone coming to stores soon. Armed with a 5.0 megapixel camera, 512MB ROM and 1GHz processor, will run on Android 3.0(Gingerbread). The device also has a slide out Gaming Pad, multi-touch touchpad and a Micro SD card slot.
According to Engadget, this gadget is currently being built by Sony Ericsson and will probably not be released until next year.

What do you think? Is this a great device from Sony or this is gonna end up like the N-Gage?
Images: Engadget

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

VLC Media Player comes to iPhones

You know VLC right? The small app that let's you play almost every media file on your PC. Well, VLC has arrived in the iTunes store. 

VLC launched for the iPad a few weeks ago and they've got a version for the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone4 and the recent versions of the iPod touch.

This version lets users play almost every video format, and also features landscape and potrait playback. Even more intriguing it lets you delete files directly from VLC. Watch a video review here

It is currently available in the iTunes Store.

Source: Mashable, 9to5MAc

Saturday, October 23, 2010

' The Social Network' hits Lagos in November

We've been tracking The Social Network movie for a while now. We started from the website launch to the interactive-trailer launch and we've been screaming 'WHEN IS THIS MOVIE COMING TO LAGOS!'.

Yesterday, I went to one of the cinemas, spoke to one of the members of staff and she said 'It launches in Lagos two weeks after it launches in the UK'. So we're looking at the movie launching in the first week of November and yes! we'll post the review here.

If you can't wait till November, we suggest you buy from Amazon[affiliate link]

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mo'Cheddah - Ko Ma Roll[VIDEO]

This is the video for Mo 'Cheddah's Ko Ma Roll. Mo'Cheddah's Album 'Franchise Celebrity' dropped yesterday.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interview with a non-facebooker

So I finally found a non-facebooker a few weeks ago. In fact I'll call him a non-socialnetworker because this dude has no Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo or any kinda network he uses.

The following are questions and answers from our discussion:

UN[UPNEPA]: Why are u not on facebook?
DU[DUDE]: Its shitty

UN: Okay, What e-mail service do you use?
DU: Yahoomail

UN:So How do you connect with your friends. Especially those who have gone for further studies abroad.
DU:I don't really have any friends.

UN:Why do you think facebook is Shitty?
DU:Because I checked it out one time and most of what people post is crap!

UN:Do you know facebook made billions last year?[we know its off-point but we had to ask]
DU:So F$#K What

UN:Do you e-mail regularly?

UN:Do you have friends you talk to using yahoo's connect services?

UN:Alright. So why yahoomail?
DU:Oh. Someone opened it for me

UN:So what do you do online?
DU:I google stuff

UN:Thank You.

Your comments are highly appreciated.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Skype 5.0 comes with facebook integration and group video calling.

Skype has introduced a new version of the software for windows. Skype has integrated the facebook news feed and phonebook into the new version, making it easier for users to stay connected with their friends.

They've even changed the look and they've made it easier to navigate. The new skype even has group calling.

With the new facebook integration, users can:

  • see your Facebook News Feed in Skype
  • post status updates that can be synced with your Skype mood message
  • comment and like friends’ updates and wall posts
  • call and SMS your Facebook friends on their mobile phones and landlines
  • make a free Skype-to-Skype call if your Facebook friend is also a Skype contact

Download it here

ASA - Be My Man[VIDEO]

This is the first video off Asa's new album 'Beautiful Imperfections'. The album has been released for purchase on iTunes stores in France, Belgium and Switzerland . We're not sure about the editing and production of the video....we smell South Africans though.

*Tell us what you think about the video. Your comments are highly appreciated*

There are 1.72 million Nigerians on facebook[REPORT]

A total of 1.72 million Nigerians are members of Facebook as at August 31st. According to statistics released by Internet World Stats. This shows that 1.1% of our populatin of 150million
are members of the social network. By this rating, Nigeria is listed among top users of facebook in Africa.

The african continent  on the whole had 17,607,440 facebook users as at August 31st.The report said:

"Nigeria's internet sector has been hindered by the country's underdevelopeed and unreliable fixed-line infrastructure, but this is changing as competition intensifies and new technologies
are able to deliver wireless broadband access. More than 400 ISPs have been licensed as well as a number of data carriers, Intenet exchange and gateway operators. Voice over Internet protocol
is already carrying the bulk of Nigeria's international voice traffic. The current deployment of the country's first Next Generation Networks will drive further convergence of voice, data and Video/TV,
enabling the provison of triple-play services that will ultimately also involve the country's already competitive broadcasting sector."

The report also states that Nigeria has overtaken South Africa to become the continent's largest mobile market with now over 75 million subscribers and market penetration stands
at around 50 percent in early 2010.

What do you think about this development? Your comments are highly appreciated.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Aphrodite and Apollo[3]

......"so you went to change huh?" was the sentence that met with me when I went back to the Somefun's place.

After a second of processing the shock-I mean really most guys would have ignored my new outfit. I guess the transformation from the Kim Possible pjs to a whole new outfit is too much to ignore- I went "DUH, you are an apollo" At least I had to try.
Marc burst otu laughing and well I had to laugh with him.

"Apollo huh? Well I think you looked better with out all this stuff on. It was cute." He gestured at my face.

"That's because you didn't smell my breath" I muttered under my breath allthe while blushing intensely. All I have to say is that I thank God I'm black. All those white people when you say something nice to them and then they turn to pepperishtic colour. I think I already said that I make yup my own words right?

"What?" Marc enquired

"What?" Of course I knew what he was asking for but sometimes, this reverse psychology thign works as I will prove.

"Oh never mind, you obviously don't want me to hear" Marc says letting me off the hook. And maybe the reverse psychology thign doesn't work so well- sue me. I'm sticking my toungue out right now.

" Oh and he gets it! A standing ovation fro him evrybody, lets clap for him" I reply sarcastically. Realising that I was talking to this love-god in such manner, I back-pedalled saying " Oh My Gosh i am soo sorry....."

I break off because Marc is laughing. Most guys would have been offended by my little joke. Not Marc. Then I thought thank you Jesus because I fell a little more in love.

"We should better go and get the rest of the boxes" Marc says when he finally calms down.

"Right" I say and we start towards the front door. I try my beautiful hands at small conversation. "So what school are you going to?"

" St. Mary's" he says and then I am so estactic because that school is just a street away from the school I go to.

" What grade are you at?" I ask

" Grade 11" He is 2 years above me. I have always been in love with older guys.

"Your house is absolutely fantastic. I just love it! Why the move?"

"Thank you I think" and witha frown he says " You dont want to know"

And of course I do. I want to know everythign about this hottie

" Yes I do" But because I am so sensitive, I let it go at that. I realised much later that I should have maybe probed a little more. Maybe I wouldn't have been in such a bind (pun intended) be continued

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marriage, this! Marriage, that!

And so she said we were starting a new topic. The society & marriage, co-habitation, and divorce. I got excited because finally, "Childhood" was over. I've had quite a hectic time with the childhood section in Sociology and so I felt great knowing that we were living it. Up until exam time anyway. As usual, first lessons tend to be discussion lessons and so you can tell how it went. Everyone is entitled to their opinions so I tried to respect this and respect the speakers but you know, sometimes, some people just have ridiculous ideas and you want to jump up and slap the damned tongue out of their mouth. Yes, I felt that way. And other times, I just felt like entering the ground when I found it hard to express myself in some ways.

Basically, the big idea was to sell marriage to the teacher. She's married but she wanted us to tell her why on earth we want to get married hence "Sell Marriage to Me."

O, what a class. She asked "who would like to get married?" and then she asked who wouldn't. Hands were raised in response to both questions and then she decided who she'd pick on. Lovely. So a girl said she wouldn't like to get married because she doesn't see the point in getting married if the man is just going to cheat and walk out. She said she'd like to date but she'd just never ever get married. She said it with inspiration, mind you. And then we moved on. I was asked if I'd like to get married and silly young me said "definitely."

Why definitely? Well, I said I would want to get married because there's something about waking up to someone who has contributed something to your life in terms of shaping who you turned out to be. There's also something about knowing that you're going back to the one that was made for you. Or the one you believe was made for you (better put). I also said that I would love to get married because then I know I can be with the one I love, the one I want, the one I want by my side, the one I kiss before I sleep and when I wake, the one I get in a fight with knowing that after it all we would still be by each other no matter what, the one that... Just the one. All these are based on romantic love in a way but I know that it's not all about the romantic love. I want to marry my friend. My friend knows when I am taking a dump, my friend knows that I fart because I'm human, my friend knows that morning breath is normal and would still hug me or kiss me regardless. But most of all, my friend wants the best for me and supports me in the race and watches me up until the finish line. My friend loves me and loves my flaws. My friend will always be my friend because death would be the only one doing us part.

Of course I got questioned as to why I believed this so much and why I chose not to pick out the dark side of marriage. Well, I know someone who told me once never to go into a relationship with the worst at the back of my mind because if I keep thinking about the worst that could happen, there is no way in hell that that relationship will work.

So definitely, I know that in a marriage, there are chances of one person feeling overwhelmed by the level of 'ownership' leading them to feel uneasy thus breaking the marriage or the woman feeling as though her husband doesn't provide enough emotional gratification thus feeling the need to look elsewhere but if I marry someone, I know I am marrying them because somewhere deep down in our relationship, there is trust. There is a friendship. There is compatibility and there is a happiness that knows no bounds because I want to live my life in such a way that whatever I start, I must finish so I will make the right choices.
If I meet any obstacles on my way to the top, I would try my best to fight it and hopefully, I win. If I don't, there would always be something because we can't cross the bridge if we are 3 hours away from it.

I know a lot of people that have given up on love but I don't ever see me giving up on love because apart from romantic love, God is love so loving someone can also mean knowing God. I'm a loooooong way away from marriage but I believe that if I know what I want and if I ask God for it every morning when I wake and every night before I sleep, the chances of me getting are extremely high. ;)

So, I want to know; do you wish to get married someday? And why?
I want you to sell marriage to me.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Launch Event Live Stream

Microsoft and AT&T have begun the launch event for Windows Phone 7. Click the play button to watch it live.
Watch live streaming video from attshare at

Samsung and LG Windows 7 phones leak ahead of Schedule

We know Microsoft is supposed to officially launch the Windows 7 phones later today, but these phones have leaked ahead of time.

The Samsung Omnia 7 and LG Optimus 7 were leaked earlier today on the different company blogs. The LG  Optimus leaked on LG's UK blog while the Samsung Omnia leaked on the company's russian blog.

The Optimus 7 comes with a 3.8 inch touchscreen, 5 Megapixel camera with LED flash, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-fi and 16GB internal memory. While the Omnia 7 also comes with a 5 megapixel camera, its got a larger screen of  4 inches coupled with 8GB internal memory. Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-fi and HD recording at 25fps. the Samsung Omnia 7 is also packed with a 1GHZ processor

These phones are clearly in the range of the android phones we've been seeing recently. So what do you think about these phones? Have they got what it takes to battle it out in the smartphone market?

[sources: mashable, samsung russia, lg UK]

Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Justin Bieber is 51' Video hits the web[VIDEO]

Well, Justin Bieber is on top of the news again  and its really bad this time. I must say I almost believed this until I watched the video again and read the onion's wikipedia page. According to this video, Justin Bieber is really a 51 year old sex-offender named Michael Cote who has orchestrated his road to stardom so he could lure teenage girls to him. On the down side, many people actually believed this video. Please share this with your friends. This is just a joke!

So what do you think about this development? Let us know in the comments section below  

Soundcity Music Video Awards Full Nominees List

Source: Soundcity Website.

Now in its third year, Soundcity Music Video Awards (SMVA) is an award aimed at setting a standard in the industry of music videos in Africa. As a prestigious award, it takes into cognizance all the appropriate elements and forms that make the composition of genuineness in musical value, through music videos without undue favor. 

This year’s event is scheduled to hold at the all new Eko Hotel Expo Hall on the 20th of November 2010 with a live broadcast to over 50+ African countries.


Best Male video
Tinashe - Zambesi
2Face Idibia - Implication
DaGrin - Pon Pon Pon
Sarkodie - Lay Away
BankyW - Strong Ting
Don Kikas - Continua Assim

Best Female Video
Airis - Without you
Becca - Fire Music
Goldie - You Know it
Dama Do Bling - Moza Girl
Ibiyemi - Don't leave me
Lizha James - Estilo Xakhale

Best Choreography
Wande Coal - Who born the maga
Curtiz - You got me like
Banky W - Strong Ting
Styl Plus - Ready to Go
Fally Ipupa - Sexy Dance
Dama do Bling - Moza Girl

Best Special Effects
Djinee - overkillin
Jozi - Party time
Catch Fire - Nigeria
KC Presh - Ginger Your swagger
Liquid Deep - Fairy Tale
JR - Show Dem

Best Editing
PSquare - Danger
Banky W - Lagos Party
Fally Ipupa - Sexy Dance
Dama Do Bling - Moza Girl
TearGas - Mhlobo Wami
Cartiar - Owo ati Swagger[remix]

Best Duo or Group Video
Deep Level - We run the city
PSquare - Danger
Show Dem Camp - Tell me nothing
V.I.P - I think i like am
Styl Plus - Ready to Go
Teargas - Mhlobo Wami

Best Cinematography
PSquare - E no easy
FreshlyGround - Fire is low
Tinashe - Zambesi
Teargas - Mhlobo Wami
Banky W - Strong Tin
Stella Mwangi - Favorite

Best Hip Hop Video
sarkodie - Lay away
Jozi - Wild Life
Show dem camp - Tell me nothing
DaGrin - Pon Pon Pon
Taygrin - Moto
Sasha - Put it down

Best R&B Video
Mike Anyasodo - fine Fine lady
Urban Reign - Addicted
Banky W - Strong tin
Yvonne - Be Happy
Ibiyemi - Don't leave me
Darey Art Alade - Let you know

Best Pop video
Toniks - Nzewuwo
2Face Idibia - Implication
Jon German - Love Zone
Djinee - Overkilling 
Samini - Sweet Mistake
Omawumi - Today na today

Best Collaboration in a Music Video
D'Black - Somebody
Sarkodie - Lay Away
Terry Da Rapman - Sample[remix]
JJC - We are Africans
Catiar - Owo ati Swagger
Knighthouse - Won beri

Discovery of the year
Liquid Deep - Fairy Tale
JR - Show dem
Mike anyasodo - Fine fine lady
Mo' Cheddah - If you want me
Jaywon - Gbon gbon gbon
Jesse Jaggz - Pump it up

Best Video
Freshlyground - Fire is low
Dama do bling - Moza girl
Tinashe - Zambesi
Djinee - Overkilling
Banky W - Strong Ting
Psquare - Danger

Viewers Choice
DaGrin - Pon Pon Pon
Bufallo Soulja - Ezandhla Phezulu
Wande Coal - You Bad
Wande Coal - You Bad
M.I - Safe 
Tear Gas - Party 101
Banky W - Lagos Party

Hit Producer of the year
Don Jazzy/ Wande Coal - Bumper to Bumper
JR - Show dem
M.I. Safe
Fally Ipupa - Sexy Dance
Sossick/Dagrin - Pon Pon Pon
Jay sleek/ 2face Idibia - implication

Best Western
Adiouza - Senegal
Samini - Ghana
2face Idibia - nigeria
emmerson - Sierra Leone
Wande Coal - Nigeria
PSquare - Nigeria

Best Eastern 
Nameless - Kenya
Marlaw Tanzania
XOD - Uganda
Amani - Kenya
Wahu - Kenya
Wyre - Kenya

Best Southern
DJ Cleo - South Africa
Proverb - South Africa
PRO - South Africa
The Dogg - Namibia
Black Coffee - South Africa
Lizha James - Mozambique

Best Central
Nabede Mbadou - Gabon
Awilo Longomba - D.R. Congo
Fally Ipupa - D.R. Congo
Jumo Selesao - D.R. Congo
Ba 'Ponga - Gabon
Barbara Kanam - D.R. Congo

SoundCity fresh video
DBlack - Believe
Mokobe - Mali Debout
Rotimi - Beautiful Music
Ikechukwu - Critical
Tania Tome - Nhi Ngugu Haladza
D' Banj - Mr. Endowed

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We got access to New Twitter[SCREENSHOTS]

A few weeks ago, twitter announced that they were gonna redesign the site. At that time, only a few users got access. Earlier this week, twitter began rolling out the new features to lots of users. We've got access and we'll like you to see the new features. 

Wizkid - Holla at your boy[VIDEO]


This video starts up with BankyW dropping Wizkid off at school. Banky acts as their father figure here and he even says 'No partying'. Directed by Patrick Ellis.
*Enjoy and comment* Your comments are highly appreciated

DISCLOSURE: This video was shot at Dowen College, Lekki.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Aphrodite and Appollo [2]

This is a continuation of Aphrodite and Appollo. If you haven't read it please click here

..."Why are you looking like that?" Mark asked
And you know what i did? I just kept staring at him, wanting to talk but not wanting to subject him to the odour of my mouth.

"Let me just take these, So I shoved the package into his arms and bolted out. i ran wildly wanting to get out of there ASAP and I didn't stop till I reached the safety of my room even almost pushin gmy mum out of the way in my hurry. Once in my room all sorts of thoughts assailed me. The first of which is"OMG I have got apollo as my new neighbour" followed by others like "He must have thought I was demented or something", "I wonder which school he attends" and naturally "I hope his room is the one opposite mine so I can spy on him"

Time for conference. I picked up my phone and called my best-friends. We are a 'clique' and it consists of moi, Lisa,Fiona, Seyi Fiona Ibiyemi and Bj. I am the funny and adventurous one. The dare-devil always wanting to try stuff which means that I give the worst advice. But, I am the fairest of them all obviously since I am Aphrodite....duh

Lisa is the smart one, tres serious in school but also knows how to have a good laugh and she is hot too I think cause all the guys want her. Now note that when i say all the guys I mean the ugly and razz ones. But there are a lot of razz and ugly guys in this world.

Fiona is the quiet one, who tries to be fashion-conscious. I think she has the best ward-robe amongst all of us. The gentle and quiet one. She does have the best character which explains why she always has a boyfriends while the rest of us roast.

Seyi is the pretty one but she is smart too. She too is fashion-gagaish. Down-to-earth loves too go out.

Iby is the last, very smart adn she gives the best advice, tres school-oriented which is why she needs to have fun. Also the bustiest. I mean how on earth do people get basoomas like that?

"Why did you wake me up this early. Its not even morning yet." Seyi asked I glanced at the time on my wall its 1000 hours.

"this gurl has problems" Lisa says

"So what do you have to say I have got chores to do." Iby is the only child so she really has to pull some weight in her house

"Exactly, I have still got to wash and clean"Fiona endorsed

"This is definately worth it. You guys OMG, the most mortifying thing has just happened. The new neighbours just moved in and there is this teenage boy there. seventeenish and eighteenish"

"are you serious?Femi says I could tell that she was fully awake


"Is that why you called us?" Iby asks

" I dont understand either" Lisa puts in

" theres more" I quickly related the early morning events to them

"OMG so what are you going to do?

"are you asking me? why do you think I calledyou?"

" i think you should wash-up, wear a stay -at -home t-shirt wash your hair n put that glossy hair product thingie i gave you. I f you like forget to wash your mouth" seyi volunteers

"Wouldnt that seem fake?" Iby replies

"Thats is what I thought."Lisa adds

"I think you should just wash your mouth and go back right now tell him you felt a bit sick and had to go and take care of it" Iby advices

"I like that idea"Fiona puts in

"I still think mine is the best" Seyi retorts

And the winner is Iby-as always. Call you back later to tell yuo how it all goes down." The line clicks and i went to the bathroom, washed my mouth and added just a bit of a minty mouth spray-ok maybe a lot but dont judge me he guy is an hottie. I held my head high and walked over to Marc's house. Did I neglect to add that I might have taken a bit of Seyis advice. I changed from my Pj's to a stay at home outfit and I might and might not have put on some mascara,eyelinerr and some lipgloss and lipstick and an itsy-bitsy layer of Foundation. I swear I didnt put too much make-up.. I mean lip-gloss mascara eyeliner............. and foundation is basically not make-up right? Turned out that I made a colossal mistake.....

This post will be continued soon....