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Friday, October 15, 2010

Aphrodite and Apollo[3]

......"so you went to change huh?" was the sentence that met with me when I went back to the Somefun's place.

After a second of processing the shock-I mean really most guys would have ignored my new outfit. I guess the transformation from the Kim Possible pjs to a whole new outfit is too much to ignore- I went "DUH, you are an apollo" At least I had to try.
Marc burst otu laughing and well I had to laugh with him.

"Apollo huh? Well I think you looked better with out all this stuff on. It was cute." He gestured at my face.

"That's because you didn't smell my breath" I muttered under my breath allthe while blushing intensely. All I have to say is that I thank God I'm black. All those white people when you say something nice to them and then they turn to pepperishtic colour. I think I already said that I make yup my own words right?

"What?" Marc enquired

"What?" Of course I knew what he was asking for but sometimes, this reverse psychology thign works as I will prove.

"Oh never mind, you obviously don't want me to hear" Marc says letting me off the hook. And maybe the reverse psychology thign doesn't work so well- sue me. I'm sticking my toungue out right now.

" Oh and he gets it! A standing ovation fro him evrybody, lets clap for him" I reply sarcastically. Realising that I was talking to this love-god in such manner, I back-pedalled saying " Oh My Gosh i am soo sorry....."

I break off because Marc is laughing. Most guys would have been offended by my little joke. Not Marc. Then I thought thank you Jesus because I fell a little more in love.

"We should better go and get the rest of the boxes" Marc says when he finally calms down.

"Right" I say and we start towards the front door. I try my beautiful hands at small conversation. "So what school are you going to?"

" St. Mary's" he says and then I am so estactic because that school is just a street away from the school I go to.

" What grade are you at?" I ask

" Grade 11" He is 2 years above me. I have always been in love with older guys.

"Your house is absolutely fantastic. I just love it! Why the move?"

"Thank you I think" and witha frown he says " You dont want to know"

And of course I do. I want to know everythign about this hottie

" Yes I do" But because I am so sensitive, I let it go at that. I realised much later that I should have maybe probed a little more. Maybe I wouldn't have been in such a bind (pun intended) be continued