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Monday, October 4, 2010

Aphrodite and Appollo [2]

This is a continuation of Aphrodite and Appollo. If you haven't read it please click here

..."Why are you looking like that?" Mark asked
And you know what i did? I just kept staring at him, wanting to talk but not wanting to subject him to the odour of my mouth.

"Let me just take these, So I shoved the package into his arms and bolted out. i ran wildly wanting to get out of there ASAP and I didn't stop till I reached the safety of my room even almost pushin gmy mum out of the way in my hurry. Once in my room all sorts of thoughts assailed me. The first of which is"OMG I have got apollo as my new neighbour" followed by others like "He must have thought I was demented or something", "I wonder which school he attends" and naturally "I hope his room is the one opposite mine so I can spy on him"

Time for conference. I picked up my phone and called my best-friends. We are a 'clique' and it consists of moi, Lisa,Fiona, Seyi Fiona Ibiyemi and Bj. I am the funny and adventurous one. The dare-devil always wanting to try stuff which means that I give the worst advice. But, I am the fairest of them all obviously since I am Aphrodite....duh

Lisa is the smart one, tres serious in school but also knows how to have a good laugh and she is hot too I think cause all the guys want her. Now note that when i say all the guys I mean the ugly and razz ones. But there are a lot of razz and ugly guys in this world.

Fiona is the quiet one, who tries to be fashion-conscious. I think she has the best ward-robe amongst all of us. The gentle and quiet one. She does have the best character which explains why she always has a boyfriends while the rest of us roast.

Seyi is the pretty one but she is smart too. She too is fashion-gagaish. Down-to-earth loves too go out.

Iby is the last, very smart adn she gives the best advice, tres school-oriented which is why she needs to have fun. Also the bustiest. I mean how on earth do people get basoomas like that?

"Why did you wake me up this early. Its not even morning yet." Seyi asked I glanced at the time on my wall its 1000 hours.

"this gurl has problems" Lisa says

"So what do you have to say I have got chores to do." Iby is the only child so she really has to pull some weight in her house

"Exactly, I have still got to wash and clean"Fiona endorsed

"This is definately worth it. You guys OMG, the most mortifying thing has just happened. The new neighbours just moved in and there is this teenage boy there. seventeenish and eighteenish"

"are you serious?Femi says I could tell that she was fully awake


"Is that why you called us?" Iby asks

" I dont understand either" Lisa puts in

" theres more" I quickly related the early morning events to them

"OMG so what are you going to do?

"are you asking me? why do you think I calledyou?"

" i think you should wash-up, wear a stay -at -home t-shirt wash your hair n put that glossy hair product thingie i gave you. I f you like forget to wash your mouth" seyi volunteers

"Wouldnt that seem fake?" Iby replies

"Thats is what I thought."Lisa adds

"I think you should just wash your mouth and go back right now tell him you felt a bit sick and had to go and take care of it" Iby advices

"I like that idea"Fiona puts in

"I still think mine is the best" Seyi retorts

And the winner is Iby-as always. Call you back later to tell yuo how it all goes down." The line clicks and i went to the bathroom, washed my mouth and added just a bit of a minty mouth spray-ok maybe a lot but dont judge me he guy is an hottie. I held my head high and walked over to Marc's house. Did I neglect to add that I might have taken a bit of Seyis advice. I changed from my Pj's to a stay at home outfit and I might and might not have put on some mascara,eyelinerr and some lipgloss and lipstick and an itsy-bitsy layer of Foundation. I swear I didnt put too much make-up.. I mean lip-gloss mascara eyeliner............. and foundation is basically not make-up right? Turned out that I made a colossal mistake.....

This post will be continued soon....