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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Interview with a non-facebooker

So I finally found a non-facebooker a few weeks ago. In fact I'll call him a non-socialnetworker because this dude has no Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo or any kinda network he uses.

The following are questions and answers from our discussion:

UN[UPNEPA]: Why are u not on facebook?
DU[DUDE]: Its shitty

UN: Okay, What e-mail service do you use?
DU: Yahoomail

UN:So How do you connect with your friends. Especially those who have gone for further studies abroad.
DU:I don't really have any friends.

UN:Why do you think facebook is Shitty?
DU:Because I checked it out one time and most of what people post is crap!

UN:Do you know facebook made billions last year?[we know its off-point but we had to ask]
DU:So F$#K What

UN:Do you e-mail regularly?

UN:Do you have friends you talk to using yahoo's connect services?

UN:Alright. So why yahoomail?
DU:Oh. Someone opened it for me

UN:So what do you do online?
DU:I google stuff

UN:Thank You.

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