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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marriage, this! Marriage, that!

And so she said we were starting a new topic. The society & marriage, co-habitation, and divorce. I got excited because finally, "Childhood" was over. I've had quite a hectic time with the childhood section in Sociology and so I felt great knowing that we were living it. Up until exam time anyway. As usual, first lessons tend to be discussion lessons and so you can tell how it went. Everyone is entitled to their opinions so I tried to respect this and respect the speakers but you know, sometimes, some people just have ridiculous ideas and you want to jump up and slap the damned tongue out of their mouth. Yes, I felt that way. And other times, I just felt like entering the ground when I found it hard to express myself in some ways.

Basically, the big idea was to sell marriage to the teacher. She's married but she wanted us to tell her why on earth we want to get married hence "Sell Marriage to Me."

O, what a class. She asked "who would like to get married?" and then she asked who wouldn't. Hands were raised in response to both questions and then she decided who she'd pick on. Lovely. So a girl said she wouldn't like to get married because she doesn't see the point in getting married if the man is just going to cheat and walk out. She said she'd like to date but she'd just never ever get married. She said it with inspiration, mind you. And then we moved on. I was asked if I'd like to get married and silly young me said "definitely."

Why definitely? Well, I said I would want to get married because there's something about waking up to someone who has contributed something to your life in terms of shaping who you turned out to be. There's also something about knowing that you're going back to the one that was made for you. Or the one you believe was made for you (better put). I also said that I would love to get married because then I know I can be with the one I love, the one I want, the one I want by my side, the one I kiss before I sleep and when I wake, the one I get in a fight with knowing that after it all we would still be by each other no matter what, the one that... Just the one. All these are based on romantic love in a way but I know that it's not all about the romantic love. I want to marry my friend. My friend knows when I am taking a dump, my friend knows that I fart because I'm human, my friend knows that morning breath is normal and would still hug me or kiss me regardless. But most of all, my friend wants the best for me and supports me in the race and watches me up until the finish line. My friend loves me and loves my flaws. My friend will always be my friend because death would be the only one doing us part.

Of course I got questioned as to why I believed this so much and why I chose not to pick out the dark side of marriage. Well, I know someone who told me once never to go into a relationship with the worst at the back of my mind because if I keep thinking about the worst that could happen, there is no way in hell that that relationship will work.

So definitely, I know that in a marriage, there are chances of one person feeling overwhelmed by the level of 'ownership' leading them to feel uneasy thus breaking the marriage or the woman feeling as though her husband doesn't provide enough emotional gratification thus feeling the need to look elsewhere but if I marry someone, I know I am marrying them because somewhere deep down in our relationship, there is trust. There is a friendship. There is compatibility and there is a happiness that knows no bounds because I want to live my life in such a way that whatever I start, I must finish so I will make the right choices.
If I meet any obstacles on my way to the top, I would try my best to fight it and hopefully, I win. If I don't, there would always be something because we can't cross the bridge if we are 3 hours away from it.

I know a lot of people that have given up on love but I don't ever see me giving up on love because apart from romantic love, God is love so loving someone can also mean knowing God. I'm a loooooong way away from marriage but I believe that if I know what I want and if I ask God for it every morning when I wake and every night before I sleep, the chances of me getting are extremely high. ;)

So, I want to know; do you wish to get married someday? And why?
I want you to sell marriage to me.