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Friday, November 12, 2010

Dead Whale washes up on Lagos' shore[VIDEO]

On the 4th of November 2010,STV news got reports that a Whale had washed on the shores of the beach between Elegushi and Oniru beaches. This happened a few years ago and the whale died also. This is the report Vivienne Irikefe, the reporter got:

One of the men interviewed in this video says 'Its not an ordinary whale, It's a sea-pork, we have a sea-elephant. Everything you have on land is in the water'. Really funny right? Another man thinks it's a sign for the forthcoming elections. Seriously a dead whale is a sign?

On the 6th of November, she went back to the scene and found out that people were selling the different parts of the whale and some were using the whale parts as floats. A medical doctor says consumption of of any dead proteinous organism can lead to death.

I seriously wonder what the guys at PETA would do about this concerning whale extinction and all.
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