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Monday, November 1, 2010

Facebook announces Friendship Pages to show Friends' relationships.

Facebook lastweek announced a new Friendship Pages feature that shows users all content and connections shared by two people who are friends on facebook. The friendship page will include photos, wall posts, mutual friends, events they're both attending or attended and mutual likes.
This feature was developed during a recent Facebook Hackhaton and these friendship pages will make it easier to see how 2 people interact on facebook.

You can however only view friendship pages if you are friends with one of the people and if you've got permission to view the other persons profile.

To visit a Friendship Page, you click the 'Browse Friendships' box which prompts you to enter your name and a friends name into 2 different input boxes.

Clicking 'See Friendship' will take you to the Friendship Page. When you land on the friendship page, you'll see the 2 peoples' names you entered int the previous box and their networks, photos they're both tagged in, mutual likes and a list of their mutual friends.

In the centre of the Friendship Page is 'Wall-to-Wall', Events they both attended and posts in which they both commented on.This feature is still being tested and is only available to a few users at the moment.

This new feature will surely make it easier to go through facebook profiles. Before now, you'll have to go through photos, wall-to-wall and check multiple profiles to find out how 2 friends are connected.Yes Lakunle, it is now easier for you to stalk all those babes' facebook profiles. Assuming you've got permission of course.

What do you think about this new feature, Is it gonna affect facebook privacy in anyway? Is it going to change how you interact with your friends on facebook?

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