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Monday, November 29, 2010

Hands-On with Rockmelt[PICS]

Based on Google's Chromium, rockmelt hopes to make social networking fun and increase productivity too.

Rockmelt's landing page requires a facebook login[users can only get rockmelt via facebook for now] and there's a small twitter icon to login to your twitter account. It also  allows you to add multiple twitter accounts and view the timelines and replies on various accounts. There's also an update button on the top left corner where updates can be posted.

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Rockmelt has got this google search bar[like in chrome] that shows up instant results on the current page you're viewing.

Chat with all your online friends on the left side of rockmelt and you can even add your favorite friends to a 'favorites' list.Your newsfeed is on the right bar. You can click to view your current news feed and comment or like updates or you can checkout your notifications and comment or like from there too.
You can also write on your friends' walls and send them messages and links by clicking their profile icon and clicking the 'Write on Wall' icon.


Clicking the twitter icon shows up your timeline and mentions. You can retweet, reply or share a tweet.


Rockmelt allows you subscribe to your favorite sites by clicking the add feeds button. There rockmelt automatically recommends feeds for you to add based on your recent website visits and most visited websites.

You can get an early access to Rockmelt at